Affiliate Program Launched


I’ve been looking at software to manage our affiliate program since before we launched WP Migrate DB Pro. It’s a big decision. Should we go with one of the many WordPress plugins, a self-hosted standalone app, or a SaaS? Once you commit to an affiliate system and start loading it up with affiliates, stats, and other data, it can be very difficult to switch.

A friend recommended iDev Affiliate. Another recommended ShareASale. I took a long hard look at iDev Affiliate but wasn’t impressed. I signed up with ShareASale and poked around, but also wasn’t impressed. Another few months went by, then another friend recommended HasOffers. I finally tried it out this week and really liked their system. Their pricing seems good as well.

Starting today, you can sign up for an affiliate account and starting earning 20% for every sale of WP Migrate DB Pro you generate. You can also invite other affiliates to sign up and earn 10% of revenue from sales they generate. Payouts will be handled with PayPal and Payoneer.

Sign up for an affiliate account today!

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Brad Touesnard

As founder of Delicious Brains Inc, Brad has worn many hats. He now spends most of his time managing the product teams and growing the business. Before starting this company, Brad was a freelance web developer, specializing in front-end development.