Database Versioning with WP Migrate DB Pro


One of the hidden gems in WP Migrate DB Pro is the ability to backup your WordPress database just before it’s due to be replaced during a migration.

Let’s pretend you’re working for a client developing their website. You currently have 2 copies of this website, a staging version on a public server and a development version on a local server. You’ve instructed the client to update the staging server with his/her content.

Once in a while you’ll want to pull down this new content from the staging server into your development environment. With the backup option checked, your local database will be backed up before pulling from staging. This is handy for a number of reasons.

Imagine if your client was poking around in the WordPress admin panel and accidentally changed a setting or two by mistake. If you pulled those changes from staging, your development environment would also bare those accidental changes. With the backup option selected it would be as easy as importing that backup SQL dump (via command-line or phpMyAdmin) to revert those changes.

To enable backups simply select either ‘push’ or ‘pull’, expand the ‘Advanced Options’ and check off ‘Backup the database that will be overwritten’.

By default backups will be stored in the ‘wp-content/uploads/wp-migrate-db/’ directory, though this may change depending on your directory structure.

About the Author

Chris Aprea

Chris wrote a ton of code and helped lots of customers for Delicious Brains during his 2-year stint with us. He has since moved on to other things.