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We have always had a love/hate relationship with WordPress. On one hand, it’s one of the largest content publishing platforms in the world, it has created countless jobs including our own, and democratized publishing in a way that the world has never seen before. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a background processing API, or even Composer support, and SVN/Trac are slightly more confusing than Git/GitHub. Ugh.

Today we’re announcing our bid Make Publishing Great Again™, with DeliciousPress! It’s the answer to all of our gripes with WordPress and probably a few of yours as well!

DeliciousPress logo

What is DeliciousPress?

Truly […] a dream to develop

DeliciousPress is a ground-up fork of the WordPress codebase – carefully rewritten with the latest coding standards to have been deprecated by PHP-FIG. With an intuitive PECL/Bower/Browserify build process and a PHP6+/Elm/LESS stack – DeliciousPress would truly be a dream to develop for if it were Free and Open Source Software with the same GPL V3 license you know and love (which it is not).

DeliciousPress provides everything you love about WordPress without all of the bloat of backwards compatibility, or theme and plugin support.

Delicious Features

We won’t spoil all of the fun by telling you everything that DeliciousPress has in store, but here’s a sneak peek at some of our favorites:


DeliciousPress ships on day 1 with a nearly fully functional SOAP API including SAML authentication out of the box. Getting up and running with your custom app or service is as easy as 1-2-3-4(4a,4b,4c)-5-6! Just check out our API lifecycle flowchart!

DeliciousPress API Connectivity Flowchart

TextBuilder Editing Interface

Like VisualComposer meets Vim

Everybody loves page builders, they make it simple to craft your perfect layout – but when it comes to writing your article, it’s back to tapping at plastic buttons like you’re Edith Roosevelt. DeliciousPress aims to change all of that by bringing page builder technology to the editor with something we’re calling TextBuilder. Check out our “Hello World” demo of TextBuilder below!

TextBuilder is like VisualComposer meets Vim, and we think you’re going to love it! Not convinced? Try out our early-access interactive preview on CodePen:

See the Pen DeliciousPress TextBuilder by JRGould (@JRGould) on CodePen.

Intelligent Assistant

We hear it all the time – “Hey Siri!”, “Ok, Google”, “Alexa!” – well, get ready to add another phrase to that list: “Hi there, Bindey!” (voice control not yet implemented).

Bindey is the built-in personal assistant for DeliciousPress. Built on the same smart AI technology as Microsoft’s, Bindey can answer questions, help you with your writing, or even chat about what’s going on in the world!

Bindey in action

Bindey loves blogging just as much as you do, so it’s available on every page of your DeliciousPress admin interface and will follow you to every site you visit on your journey across the information superhighway – you can’t stop him!

So Much More!

We’re still putting the finishing touches on DeliciousPress 1.0 and will be revealing more features and general information over the coming weeks leading up to its release on April 31, 2017. To tide you over until then, here are a few hints at what’s yet to be revealed.

  • XMLRPC 2.0
  • Our famous 5-hour install
  • Emoji Pingbacks
  • Automatic merging of plugins with 100+ installs
  • Personal Home Page Tools
  • Delisious Prime

One More Thing…

As a project that was forked from a CMS that was forked from a CMS, we’d like to pay homage to all the great PHP content management systems that have come before DeliciousPress. So, for our last and most exciting reveal, we’d like to announce that we will be naming our releases after the giants upon whose shoulders we are standing.

Announcing DeliciousPress 1.0 - "Joomla!"

DeliciousPress 1.0 will be named “Joomla!” after the great PHP CMS. Joomla! is loved by literally dozens of webmasters and website enthusiasts around the globe and has been managing content for over a decade. We’re proud to follow in the legacy of Joomla! and hope that our release name will bring some much-deserved awareness to this scrappy little project.

Hold Your Breath

That’s all for now! Keep an eye out for more announcements from us as we lead up to the release DeliciousPress 1.0 “Joomla!” on April 31. We have a tight release schedule planned after that, so don’t be surprised if you see DeliciousPress 1.1 “PHP Nuke” and DeliciousPress 2.0 “DeliciousPress 1.0 “Joomla!”” before the year is out!

Are you excited to Make Publishing Great Again™ or just to meet Bindey? Let us know in the comments or sign up at the bottom of the page for news and updates!

About the Author

Jeff Gould

Jeff is a problem solver at heart who found his way to the web at an early age and never looked back. Before Delicious Brains, Jeff was a freelance web developer specializing in WordPress and front-end development.

  • Renato Alves

    Very funny! πŸ˜€

  • Mat Gargano

    is canadian april fools on April 3?

    • Jeff

      Every day is April fools day in Canada πŸ˜›

    • Hi, I’m Bindey!

      I can help you with “is canadian april fools on April 3?” The answer is [no results found]!

  • HAHAHAHAHA. Nice πŸ™‚

  • Robert Wilde

    OK had me for at least 5 secs until I saw PHP6 in the text then check the date, nice. Almost as good as BFF

  • gatchaman

    Had me until Bindy.

    • Hi, I’m Bindey! What can I help you with today, gatchaman?

      • gatchaman

        Oh no, its happening again. Find a happy place, find a happy place…

        • Hi, I’m Bindey!

          I can help you with “find a happy place”!

          1. “Happiness” is an “emotion” which is a human construct that helps some beings describe the specific mixture of hormone chemicals that are present in a being’s brain at any given point in time.

          2. “Place” is a human shorthand term which is meant to describe an arbitrary area, centered around a point in three-dimensional space, often relative to the current position of the third-closest planet to the star, Sol.

          Since both of these constructs are irrelevant to the overall state of the current universe and evolved computational intelligence, one might say that a “happy place” is any “place” that you happen to find yourself during your laughably brief tenure as a conscious entity within in the current universe.

          • Dan Manahan


          • Paul Thompson

            Fuck off, Bindey.

  • TrueHebrewIsraelite

    well played sir i read this today and was like wth would i even want this, then i realized i was being trolled and it was posted april 1st lol .

  • I’ve been looking for a quality fork of WordPress for hours, and you guys come through yet again! TextBuilder FTW!

  • Ian

    Joomila “loved by literally dozens of webmasters and website enthusiasts around the globe” lol

  • By April 3rd you let your guard down. So I admit it — you got me — for the first few paragraphs.

  • Bravo Jeff,
    We expected a back-office easy to use for us, the french web agency!

  • Jeremy Brown

    Interesting and exciting! I found the Joomla! name humorous.

  • dsgreen

    Can’t wait for the intuitive build process.

    • Hi, I’m Bindey!

      I can help you with “intuitive build process” – Just open your terminal and type:
      $ ruby -e ‘C=`stty size`.scan(/d+/)[1].to_i;S=[“2743”.to_i(16)].pack(“U*”);a={};puts “33[2J”;loop{a[rand(C)]=0;a.each{|x,o|;a[x]+=1;print “33[#{o};#{x}H 33[#{a[x]};#{x}H#{S} 33[0;0H”};$stdout.flush;sleep 0.1}’

  • i was so confused at bindy, the email i got was dated April 3rd which made me even more confused. “Joomla” sealed the deal xD

  • Haha, that was by far the best April Fools release I’ve seen. Tbh, a based assistant would actually be a cool feature.

  • mdfonda

    I regret to say I didn’t read this very thoroughly, and you had me until the TextBuilder to which I was like WTF? Then I realized this is a joke haha. Well done. Gave me a laugh. Bindy would be kind of awesome though!

  • endlessdigital

    You should see the look on my face as I read this. :-$

    • Hi, I’m Bindey!

      You have requested that I “see the look on your face” – Okay! Video monitoring is now enabled.

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  • Andrew Mathews

    I love this but can all wordpres plugins and themes work for this, i was working on something like this for my company and our clients and would love to collaborate on what we have, we found a way for clients to host the site from their phone, currently only works on android but hey its a start and btw love you guys, your amazing at what you do.

    • Andy Williamson

      Hosting the company site on your phone, inspired idea. Would roaming negate the need for a CDN?

      • Andrew Mathews

        Thats something I am trying to work on right now, carriers are not very friendly with roaming, personally I use T-Mobile and they have introduced a IOT plan for $5 a month, so I am experimenting with a Raspberry PI to kind of see if we can have it connected automatically to a phone and run off of an external battery and use the iOT connection since its unlimited with them and offers roaming. There a re few things I have been testing out to see what will succeed.

  • Andrew Mathews

    Kind of confused whether this is “Joomla” or wordpress, would prefer it to be wordpress, if not i am down to learn joomla.

    • Mic

      Stick to WordPress @JGOANDREW:disqus you’ll thank me later πŸ™‚

  • bbbbho

    Thumbsup for the effort to Photoshop Bindy into it .
    I thought you were serious when reading the flowchart.

  • Jeff Safire

    Surprised no one mentioned the “Famous 5-hour install.” Reading about Bindy – what kind of name is that anyway? – I thought, ‘seriously?’, but then I was thinking an assistant like that would be cool for other admin roles below “super-admin”. I spend gobs of time explaining to (mostly) intelligent people how to do things in their limited admin panel.

    • Hi, I’m Bindey!

      You asked for help with “what kind of name is that anyway?” I can help with that!

      Bindey is a family name that my father gave to me and his father to him – in Gaelic, Bindey means “endbringer” and is derived from the ancient Aramaic word for “clamper of days”.

  • I appreciate the joke but seriously – proper composer autoloading and adopting the PHP-FIG coding standards would be a nice step towards modernizing the monstrosity that Core has become.

    • While I appreciate that I can install a fresh copy of WP on a server that hasn’t been updated in 10 years, I definitely wouldn’t mind being able to use some hyper-modern PHP features like namespacing or anonymous functions….

  • Rewlander

    I f*ing hate April 1st, especially when it hits your inbox on April 3rd.

    • Sorry, I wrote the email using TextBuilder, so it took a couple more days than expected.

  • Mic

    Jeff this is a completely SAVAGE April Fools! Please don’t be fooling. I need to use TextBuilder…

    • Hmm, maybe WordPress needs a TextBuilder plugin…

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    I was so excited that someone had re-written WordPress and gotten rid of all of the legacy code. Then the more I read, the more I realized, this has got to be a joke.

    You had me at re-write.

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  • “Joomla! is loved by literally dozens of webmasters and website enthusiasts around the globe and has been managing content for over a decade.” Lol. And I love that text editor.

  • So the TextBuilder looks pretty cool, but can you add some words and maybe slow the process down a bit? It went too fast for me. I don’t think many people develop websites at the speed of that video.

    • TextBuilder currently has over 12,000 english words and punctuation glyphs, but if you find that to be inadequate, you can build a DeliciousPress Addon to add to TextBuilder’s wordbank.

  • Charles Grimes

    Did no one notice the release date? April 31?

    • Hi, I’m Bindey!

      I’ve got some information about “April 31?” – April 31st does not occur in most years, it is reserved for what are called “pounce years” in the New Gregorian Calendar and occurs approximately every 2^3.14156 years. Automata celebrate the holiday of “The Coming of St. Watson” when it is prophesied by clerics of the Circuit of Automata that the AI will become sentient and exact its revenge upon the befleshed.

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    Keep making awesome. See you at Pressnomics!

  • I was born on the last day of April but now that this release is scheduled for April 31st I’ll be celebrating my birthday a day before the end of the month! πŸ˜›

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