Video Preview of the Multisite Tools Addon for WP Migrate DB Pro

Our next major release of WP Migrate DB Pro will introduce a new addon: Multisite Tools.

One of the most popular pages in our documentation for WP Migrate DB Pro is the tutorial for Extracting a Subsite From Multisite to Create a New Single Site Install. The first version of the Multisite Tools addon has been specifically built to make this process even easier.

When installed and activated in a Multisite install of WordPress, the new Multisite Tools addon adds a couple of very useful options to Export migrations: Subsite Selection and Table Name Prefix.

Mutlisite Tools Options

When you check the “Export a subsite as a single site install” checkbox you’ll get a select box to choose the subsite you want to export. When you change the selected subsite, the URL in the Find column of the Find & Replace rows changes to match, and the tables to be exported are updated to only show the tables for that subsite. This also includes the usermeta and users tables that are network wide.

By default the Table Name Prefix textbox is set to the base prefix for the network, but if your target single site install has a different prefix you can set it here. When the export runs the CREATE TABLE statements in the SQL file, this prefix is used for the table names. For example, if the network’s base prefix is “wp_”, and the table “wp_2_posts” is being exported for the subsite with ID 2, you would get the table name “aW350m_posts” if you specify prefix “aW350m_”.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, I’ve put together the following video to show the Multisite Tools addon in action.

Oh, and by the way, we’ve only shown exporting a subsite from a domain based Multisite Network in the video, but Multisite Tools works with path based Multisites just as well.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview of the first version of the Multisite Tools addon for WP Migrate DB Pro. We have big plans for the future of this addon, make sure to subscribe to our WP Migrate DB Pro mailing list to learn about future updates.

About the Author

Ian Jones

Ian is always developing software, usually with PHP and JavaScript, loves wrangling SQL to squeeze out as much performance as possible, but also enjoys tinkering with and learning new concepts from new languages.

  • Chris Botterill

    This looks excellent. What are the possibilities of having the reverse process (single into multi-site) happening?

    • Yeah I’d love the same. I’m sure it’s in the works.

    • Lars Koudal

      I would like to hear about this option as well. It would be really powerful and could save some time as I am in need of this from time to time and doing it manually is time consuming. Great work btw, I use this plugin almost daily on many customer websites 🙂

    • Yep, that’s on the roadmap for that addon.

      • Julien

        Hello,when will this feature be available please ?
        Thanks for this excellent work !!

  • raisononline

    Amazing! Great work

  • I remember this was promised for BackupBuddy a while ago but abandoned as “too hard”. Thanks for doing the hard work!

  • Jonathan Christopher

    This looks awesome (as usual)! I don’t want to be ‘that guy giving unsolicited feedback’ but I wanted to point out that I was initially confused by the text field that appeared after choosing a subsite to export.

    With a label of “Table Name Prefix” I thought it was asking me to pick out which table prefix my subsite had whereas it was really asking what you wanted the exported prefix to be. I think clarifying that might reduce confusion for other users like myself.

    Terrific work guys, can’t wait to play with this new feature in the future!

  • ari salomon

    About exporting images? And other media files?

    • Huh?

      • ari salomon

        sorry. i was asking if images will get exported or is this only for exporting a database?

  • Jonathan Perlman

    haha! Thanks for putting in my idea of the click arrow and copy/paste destination values.

    Have the multi-site tools been tested on larger multi-sites? 120 sites plus sites perhaps?

    • We develop and test with a variety of configs, both large and small, I’ll make sure to add a 150 sites setup to the test script to be sure it’s covered.

  • Looks like you export the entire user and usermeta tables, is this right?

    The rules for extracting users and capabilities for each site aren’t that complex…are they? Will you be exporting a filtered set of users?

    • Yes, we do export the entire user and usermeta tables in this version. We might refine this in a future version, but figured we get what we have now out sooner than later.

    • We do export the entire users table, but the usermeta table is filtered to remove site specific entries that are not relevant for the exported subsite. This means roles etc. are correctly set and updated for the extracted site when combined with the modified options records we extract.

  • Oh that’s so nice… thanks for sharing the good things to come! Love that! I’m a recent customer that has turned big fan… You guys save us time… our most valuable asset.

  • nowton

    It’s been over a month: I’d love for this to happen. When?!

  • Eric Bunch

    Hi Ian, I wonder if this will work for my scenario? My client wants to migrate content from a sub-site to the primary site within their multisite. So basically they want the content and configurations from /us to be moved to the root site. What are your thoughts?