Preview of the WooCommerce Addon for Amazon S3 and CloudFront Pro


Over the last couple of months we have been working hard on the Pro version of our Amazon S3 and CloudFront plugin, as well as developing a couple of addons that will add some specific functionality to other plugins. Today I would like to give you a quick tour of our upcoming WooCommerce addon for Amazon S3 and CloudFront Pro.

There are currently a couple of ways to store and use downloadable product files on S3 with WooCommerce. One of those is our free Amazon S3 and CloudFront plugin which works very simply out of the box, however, the uploaded files are public on S3. Another method is the official WooCommerce addon that does the job. But using this addon means you have to manually upload files to S3 and then craft a shortcode to use instead of the file URL for the product file.

Our addon will integrate with both WooCommerce and our S3 plugin to give you a seamless experience of uploading files to S3 and selecting files to use for a downloadable product. Take a look…

Feature List

  • Allows you to store your downloadable product files in an S3 bucket and serve the files from there
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and the WordPress media manager
  • Sets S3 permission to private for files used for products
  • Works with files added using the existing WooCommerce S3 addon

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  • Patrick

    Loving it already!

  • guy

    Fantastic, really looking forward to this! Have you managed to figure out the pricing model in a bit more detail yet btw?

    • It has just been released 🙂

      • guy

        Wow! Great! Fantastic! No way I can afford it! Will continue to use the manual method! Thanks!

        • After discussing with the team and looking at some other plugins with a similar value proposition we realized our prices are high and have cut them all in half and bumped up the limits significantly. The cost may still be too high for you, but I just wanted to say thanks for helping us come to this realization.

          • guy

            Hi Brad,

            Thanks, and yes that looks a lot more reasonable than before, although I would personally prefer to be able to purchase credits.

            Still, this could now be a consideration, really nice that you listened, and there I thought I was just having a little rant!

            It would be even nicer if there could be further discounts or bundles offered to holders of the WP Migrate Pro licence, where I have already paid $200 for one of your products I almost feel the cost should be slashed even further.

            Anyway, it certainly is more appealing now, so thanks again.


  • I’m really keen to see this go live. I use WP-Rocket and I’m thinking it might be easy to integrate with it as the CDN functionality is proving to be a bit of hassle.

    Are you running a beta test yet or is it not quite their yet? I would be keen to help test.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Phill Coxon

    Looks awesome – can’t wait for it.

  • Miguel Migge Annefalk

    Can’t wait to support you guys for the fantastic work you’re doing:-) “thumbs-up”!

  • Dave

    best plugin EVERRRR

  • Zdenek

    Can’t wait for this! Need it badly.

  • Robert

    When i will be able buy this together with function move existing media libaries to s3? Please if possible email me answer. Thanks

  • Great work! Look forward to seeing it’s release!

  • Mike C

    Iain, in the near future, I’m going to have a commercial website that will offer hours and hours of long play video content for purchase. I haven’t yet started using WooCommerce, but it seems Woo+S3 is the best combination. 1) Is there any size limitation for the files you can upload through your plugin that copies the file to S3? You also mention CloudFront 2) Do you imply that we can use cloudfront in addition to S3 for serving our downloadable products? It seems I read some place that if you use CloudFront, it’s not as secure as using S3 alone. Is there any truth to that?

  • The video shows how to connect to S3 but we have upgraded to Cloudfront. How is that done so that we can provide faster download links? And can we keep the files private with Cloudfront?

  • พลากร สอนสร้างเว็บ

    Hi, I have a question

    When I use this add on does it offload bandwidth to amazon directly or still consume my server bandwidth ?

    • The files are served from Amazon, so server bandwidth isn’t used.

      • พลากร สอนสร้างเว็บ

        Hi, I just figure it out. Thank You.