Preview of the WooCommerce Addon for Amazon S3 and CloudFront Pro


Over the last couple of months we have been working hard on the Pro version of our Amazon S3 and CloudFront plugin, as well as developing a couple of addons that will add some specific functionality to other plugins. Today I would like to give you a quick tour of our upcoming WooCommerce addon for Amazon S3 and CloudFront Pro.

There are currently a couple of ways to store and use downloadable product files on S3 with WooCommerce. One of those is our free Amazon S3 and CloudFront plugin which works very simply out of the box, however, the uploaded files are public on S3. Another method is the official WooCommerce addon that does the job. But using this addon means you have to manually upload files to S3 and then craft a shortcode to use instead of the file URL for the product file.

Our addon will integrate with both WooCommerce and our S3 plugin to give you a seamless experience of uploading files to S3 and selecting files to use for a downloadable product. Take a look…

Feature List

  • Allows you to store your downloadable product files in an S3 bucket and serve the files from there
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and the WordPress media manager
  • Sets S3 permission to private for files used for products
  • Works with files added using the existing WooCommerce S3 addon

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About the Author

Iain Poulson

Iain is a WordPress and PHP developer from England. He builds free and premium plugins, as well as occasionally blogging about WordPress. Moonlights as a PhpStorm evangelist.