The Road Ahead for WP Migrate DB Pro


From time to time we’re met with an email that includes a request for a certain feature to be considered for WP Migrate DB Pro. Much to the sender’s delight the response is usually akin to “yep, that’s currently on our development roadmap”.

We thought we’d be a little more transparent in our development process and clue you in on what that roadmap currently looks like.

Media Files

This is by far the most requested feature for WP Migrate DB Pro and will also be our very first addon plugin, but more on that later.

In a nutshell, this update will allow you to pull down the media files from your remote WordPress installation into your local environment. To accomplish this we compare the attachment posts found within your remote database to the ones in your local database and only pull updated or missing media files.

Any and all attachment files will be supported. Including but not limited to images, spreadsheets, documents, mp3 files, zip archives etc.

It should also be noted that this addon is being developed and released in stages with our first release working with pull migrations only. Support for push migrations will come at a later date.

We’re going to start beta testing the first release next week, so if you’re already a customer and interested in beta testing, send us an email.


As mentioned above, the media files functionality will be packaged into a WP Migrate DB Pro addon plugin rather than it being included in the main code.

Not everyone will care about migrating their media files, so adding this functionality to the main code base only adds unnecessary clutter and UI elements to the migration form.

Addons are extremely easy to install, we’ve added a “Addon” tab to the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin page, making it possible to download and install addons without having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

Pricing and access to addons is yet to be finalized, so keep an eye out for this.


The second most requested feature is the ability to automate or run migrations from the command line. In it’s current state, the migration process relies heavily on user input and JavaScript / AJAX, making it impossible to initiate migrations purely within PHP.

We’re definitely looking to change this and make it possible to fire off migrations using a single function call. This will allow us to create addons for scheduling automatic migrations and integrating with WP-CLI. This also opens up a lot of doors for developers, the one that comes to mind is having the ability to include a database migration in your deployment script.

In addition to crushing bugs and adding small improvements, developing the above features is going to keep us busy for a while.

As usual, please let us know your thoughts on any of the information provided above in the comments section below. Also feel free to chime in on what you think of the current roadmap and if you’d like to see anything added to it.

About the Author

Chris Aprea

Chris wrote a ton of code and helped lots of customers for Delicious Brains during his 2-year stint with us. He has since moved on to other things.