Screencast: Feature Walkthrough of WP Migrate DB Pro



Let’s take a look at all the options in Migrate DB Pro.

We have the option here to export a file. By default we’re prompted to save it to our computer and it’s compressed but we can turn those off. If we turn off the save prompt, it will just save it to the server in the uploads folder.

We have find and replace options just like the free plugin here, but we can also add more which is not available in the free plugin, and we can remove them.

We have option to select which tables exactly we want to migrate, if that’s something we want to do. We can just migrate the posts tables for instance.

We have advanced options, this is the same as the free plugin here. The ability to replace the GUIDs, and there’s a note here about why you may or may not want to do that. And we can exclude spam comments if we don’t care about spam comments. We can exclude post revisions as well.

And then we can save all these settings as a profile, so that next time we want to do this same kind of migration, we don’t have to go through all this stuff. It’s especially handy if we have a bunch of other replaces or we’re selecting very specific tables that we want to migrate.

The other option here is to pull and so if we enter connection details here we can get a better idea of the options available. It’s basically the same options as before, you’ll notice here that the find and replace has been pre-populated, so we don’t have to actually enter what’s going to be replaced.

We also have the option here to back up the database, so before the migration is done, it’ll backup the database locally into the uploads folder. This is really handy if you’re not sure if there’s some stuff that you might want to keep locally or whatever.

And then there’s push option which is pretty much the same as pull as far as the options go. Obviously you’re doing the opposite, you’re pushing the data instead of pulling it.

And if we take a look at the settings tab here, we have the option to accept pull requests, we have the option to accept push
requests, then you have the connection info here, and the ability to reset the API key. And there’s the license information here, where you can enter your license key and then activate it. And this will give you access to update the plugin.

If you take a look at the help that here, we’ve got some email support information and gives you some information about the license you currently have. Then we have some videos and some diagnostic and error logging, which is really handy if you’re having trouble with the plugin. You should really just copy this into your support request and uh… it will definitely help us help you.

And that’s it, that’s the plugin.

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