Screencast: Pulling Live Data Into Your Local Development Environment using WP Migrate DB Pro



Let’s take a look at the most common use case for Migrate DB Pro.

We have local install of WordPress and remote live install of WordPress and they get out of sync. And so you want your development environment to be up-to-date with the live environment.

So here, I have already installed Migrate DB Pro. So I go to Tools, Migrate DB Pro, and then I select Pull.

I’m prompted for the connection information. So then I have to go to my live site, go to WP Migrate DB Pro, and go to Settings.Accept pull requests, turn that on. Copy the connection info, paste it in, and then I’m connected.

And now I can simply run a migration…

So it looks like we’re finishing up here. So it has taken just about two and a half minutes to migrate about twenty four megabytes of data and imported into the local database.

So if we take a look at our dashboards again, you can see that they match up. And that’s how easy it is to use Migrate DB Pro.
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