Screencast: Pushing Local Development Data to a Staging Environment with WP Migrate DB Pro



So, I have two different environments here. I’ve got my development environment in this tab, and a staging environment in this tab.

Usually a staging environment is where… somewhere out on the web, where your clients can go take a look at their website. Whereas your development copy is something local, it’s probably not viewable by the public.

So, I want to update the staging environment with the data that I’ve been working on in my development environment.

And as you can see here, there is quite a difference between the two. There’s new posts, I’ve got some plugins enabled on my local copy. There’s Varnish here, there’s SES stats here. And these are not available, currently not activated, in the staging environment.

So, let’s do a push.

So if we go to the development environment and go to Tools, Migrate DB Pro. And then we want to do a push, so we select push.

And now we need connection info, so let’s go to staging environment and go to Tools, Migrate DB Pro. And go to Settings and copy.

And then let’s go back to our development environment and paste. And so there, we’re connected. And we’ve already been pre-populated, so we can go ahead and push.

And it looks like everything’s finishing up here, and there we go. Migration has been pushed to staging.

So if we switch of to staging and we check our dashboard. And we see that numbers have changed. Varnish is now showing up, SES Stats is showing up, and we’re all refreshed.

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