We Are Delicious Brains

We love making software for our fellow WordPress developers.

👋 We’re Delicious Brains Inc and we make super awesome products for WordPress.

Currently, that’s four WordPress plugins, Advanced Custom Fields, WP Migrate, WP Offload Media, and WP Offload SES.

Delicious Brains Inc was founded in 2012 by Brad Touesnard with the humble goal of building a profitable software company, starting with a pro version of the free WP Migrate plugin. Fast forward to the present and the business has grown to five products and a team of over 20 people across five continents.

Besides our WordPress developer-centric products, we regularly publish developer-focused WordPress content on our blog. We’re also WordPress core contributors and active members of the WordPress community. We know WordPress.

Our Talented Team

Ian's Avatar

Ian Jones

Ian is always developing software, usually with PHP and JavaScript, loves wrangling SQL to squeeze out as much performance as possible, but also enjoys tinkering with and learning new concepts from new languages.

Iain's Avatar

Iain Poulson

Iain is a product manager based in the south of England. He also runs multiple WordPress products. He helps people buy and sell WordPress businesses and writes a monthly newsletter about WordPress trends.

Matt's Avatar

Matt Shaw

Matt is a WordPress plugin developer located near Philadelphia, PA. He loves to create awesome new tools with PHP, JavaScript, and whatever else he happens to get his hands on.

Erik's Avatar

Erik Torsner

Well experienced software developer from Stockholm, Sweden with a specific taste for WordPress plugins, software quality and automations. Loves any technology that turns out to be the right solution to the problem.

Ahmed's Avatar

Ahmed Hussein

Ahmed is a software engineer from Egypt. He loves Anything that has to do with computers. A true Ravenclaw, because wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

Sanjucta's Avatar

Sanjucta Ghose

Sanjucta is a software professional from India who has coded in a host of languages including Java, PHP and JavaScript. For the past several years her focus has been on WordPress and WooCommerce development. An enthusiastic hiker and avid traveller, Sanjucta enjoys finding out more about different cultures and cuisines.

Phil's Avatar

Phil Webster

Phil is a WordPress developer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife and three kids. Before becoming a developer, he performed and toured as a professional percussionist (that's fancy for drummer). When not coding, he enjoys doing things outdoors: hiking, biking, sailing, and especially cooking.

Liam's Avatar

Liam Gladdy

Liam’s a veteran WordPress developer based in Bath, UK. He’s a fan of all things devops, gaming and coffee, but is still working on his espresso skills. Just don’t ask him to try latte art… the results are never good.

Kevin's Avatar

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman is a Sr. Product Manager at WP Engine where he is building WordPress plugins such as WP Migrate and WP Offload Media. With a background in user interface design and web development, he transitioned into product management at GiveWP and Delicious Brains before joining WP Engine in 2022. Kevin works remotely from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he lives with is wife and son.

Ross's Avatar

Ross Wintle

Ross is a software developer based in Swindon in the UK who specialises in WordPress and Laravel. He enjoys solving all kinds of complex, real world problems with code and loves helping other developers out. In a previous life he worked on aerospace systems; websites have always felt more down to earth!

Mike's Avatar

Mike Davey

Mike is an editor and writer based in Hamilton, Ontario, with an extensive background in business-to-business communications and marketing. His hobbies include reading, writing, and wrangling his four children.

Dale's Avatar

Dale Williams

Dale is a Product Designer based in Bristol, UK. He's an all-round geek who enjoys tinkering with technology, gaming, watching sci-fi shows & movies, and coffee.

We Are A Global Company


We currently aren't hiring for any positions.

Giving back to WordPress & Open Source Software

Giving back is a big part of our company culture. We know we wouldn't be where we are today as professionals or as a company without WordPress and open source software. And so we are compelled to give back in time and money.

Each member of the Delicious Brains team spends an entire day each month contributing to WordPress and other open source software. We started this in November 2014, shortly after Matt's Five for the Future appeal. As individuals, most of us had contributed to WordPress and/or open source software, but the instances were few and far between. As a company we are committed to regular contributions each month.

We have also sponsored community meetups, WordCamps, and other WordPress conferences from time-to-time.

Giving to Charity

We are a global company. Our team and customers are distributed across the world, and as global citizens, it's important for us to do our part to make the world a better place. That means helping out where we can.