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Mike M
Mike M @michaelbrazell

Successfully setup a Amazon CloudFront for my CDN using @bradt & @dliciousbrains AWS and CloudFront plugins. 20 mins, start to finish.

Justin Scheetz
Justin Scheetz @JustinScheetz

Just bought the brand new "WP Offload S3" from @dliciousbrains. What an awesome piece of software—great work guys.

Ben Meredith
Ben Meredith @benUNC

I'm using Offload S3 Pro by @dliciousbrains on — This thing is coded like a BEAST. A must-buy solution.

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

The WP Offload S3 plugin by @dliciousbrains is a plugin of great industry. I am very happy with the results. 5 Stars

Hardly Casual
Hardly Casual @hardlycasual

We love WP Offload S3! Bought a while back, it works great!

Ulrich Pogson
Ulrich Pogson @grapplerulrich

@dliciousbrains I wish I could ❤️‍ this 1000 times

Lara Schenck
Lara Schenck @laras126

Authors of the ingenious WP Migrate DB Pro @dliciousbrains are at it again with WP Offload S3. Yes please

Nick Haskins
Nick Haskins @

Great plugin, great support. What a perfect little plugin. I really enjoy when I don't have to write something from scratch. Works just as intended, and friendly support to boot.

MattyLB @

I looked everywhere for a solution that would send my media to S3 storage AND allow Amazon CloudFront to serve it, and each review I read or google result I followed said to try W3TotalCache - but W3TC only does one or the other. This plugin, however, does BOTH...

Michiel Verkoijen
Michiel Verkoijen @

I've installed this plugin for basically all my WordPress sites as it allows you to completely store the actual content of your site in a separate location. It also relieves your php server from having to serve up all those PDF files and images.

Scott @

Best S3 plugin available. We're using this plugin on our company blog. It's perfect!

Shawn Hooper
Shawn Hooper @ShawnHooper

(@dliciousbrains S3 Offload plugin FTW)!

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