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Mike M
Mike M @michaelbrazell

Successfully setup a Amazon CloudFront for my CDN using @bradt & @dliciousbrains AWS and CloudFront plugins. 20 mins, start to finish.

Justin Scheetz
Justin Scheetz @JustinScheetz

Just bought the brand new "WP Offload Media" from @dliciousbrains. What an awesome piece of software—great work guys.

Ben Meredith
Ben Meredith @benUNC

I'm using Offload Media Pro by @dliciousbrains on — This thing is coded like a BEAST. A must-buy solution.

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

The WP Offload Media plugin by @dliciousbrains is a plugin of great industry. I am very happy with the results. 5 Stars

Hardly Casual
Hardly Casual @hardlycasual

We love WP Offload Media! Bought a while back, it works great!

Ulrich Pogson
Ulrich Pogson @grapplerulrich

@dliciousbrains I wish I could ❤️‍ this 1000 times

Lara Schenck
Lara Schenck @laras126

Authors of the ingenious WP Migrate @dliciousbrains are at it again with WP Offload Media. Yes please

Nick Haskins
Nick Haskins

Great plugin, great support. What a perfect little plugin. I really enjoy when I don't have to write something from scratch. Works just as intended, and friendly support to boot.


I looked everywhere for a solution that would send my media to S3 storage AND allow Amazon CloudFront to serve it, and each review I read or google result I followed said to try W3TotalCache - but W3TC only does one or the other. This plugin, however, does BOTH...

Michiel Verkoijen
Michiel Verkoijen

I've installed this plugin for basically all my WordPress sites as it allows you to completely store the actual content of your site in a separate location. It also relieves your php server from having to serve up all those PDF files and images.


Best S3 plugin available. We're using this plugin on our company blog. It's perfect!

Shawn Hooper
Shawn Hooper @ShawnHooper

(@dliciousbrains Offload Media plugin FTW)!

Gareth Thompson
Gareth Thompson @cssgareth

@MissRachilli merge assets into single files if possible. Use a cdn too, if you can. WP offload Media is good at that.

Zesty Lemon
Zesty Lemon @zestylemon

I recently installed Compress JPG & PNG Images and WP Offload Media, really impressed with performance

Phillip Konchar
Phillip Konchar

The importance for a quick loading website is growing and the use of WP offload Media has been invaluable to us for keeping load speeds down. After installing we saw a significant difference in improved sitewide bounce rate and dwell time. This is one plugin that we're definitely keeping.

Dhali Web Design
Dhali Web Design @dhaliweb

Moved several WordPress clients over to #wpoffloadmedia #awss3. Setup docs are amazing. First site took about 1 hour, the rest took 10 min. Sync/Publish was 30min, now 5min. Money well spent.

David Purdy
David Purdy

WP Offload Media is a wonderful plugin, but what really makes it worth its weight in gold is the phenomenal support - Delicious Brains is the best vendor I've had the pleasure of working with and they should be in charge of all software development everywhere.

Jackson Whelan
Jackson Whelan @jaxonwheelin

@dliciousbrains has knocked my socks off with @wpoffloadmedia Well done. Love it when something just works.

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