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Alex Hardy 🎃
Alex Hardy 🎃 @alexhardy

@scott_gruber WP Migrate DB Pro isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. Messing around with SQL files and downloading assets by FTP is a pain.

Mike Hemberger
Mike Hemberger @JiveDig

Some days you have to thank God for @dliciousbrains Migrate DB Pro. Today is one of those days. #WordPress

Kuztek Solutions Inc
Kuztek Solutions Inc @kuztek

Using @dliciousbrains WP Migrate DB Pro to go live with a new site was a breeze yesterday. If you don't use it you are throwing time away.

kris @kriskbx

.@dliciousbrains I would call that a huge database. But #wpmigratedbpro is running like a charm. Good job guys, keep up the good work <3

Cyril Botnet
Cyril Botnet @MonsieurNebo

WP Migrate Pro is a life changer for any WP developer @dliciousbrains #WordPress #Workflow

Glenn McComb
Glenn McComb @lenymo

@AaronRutley I recently used Migrate DB Pro for the first time. OMG! Still can’t get used to the awesomeness.

PropTypes.objectOf N A V E E N 🇮🇳
PropTypes.objectOf N A V E E N 🇮🇳 @NaveenS16

Migration can be really beautiful with this #WordPress plugin. It seamlessly sync between local & production db's.

Derick "0xDEADC0DE" Bailey 🌈
Derick "0xDEADC0DE" Bailey 🌈 @derickbailey

+1000!!! i've used it multiple times today, to sync data between production and development :)

Robert Gillmer
Robert Gillmer @RobertFGillmer

WP Migrate DB Pro is an integral part of my workflow. Take advantage of the discount! #WCLAX

Stewart Ritchie
Stewart Ritchie @stewartritchie

Every day Migrate DB Pro. A++. Would Migrate again.

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan @MattRyan_co

I upgraded my dev process to #WPMigrateDBPro last week. Oh baby! I am SOOO happy with the upgrade. Thanks @dliciousbrains #HappyCamper

Sasha Endoh 👩‍💻🧙‍♀️
Sasha Endoh 👩‍💻🧙‍♀️ @sashmograph

Aaand migrate db pro saves the day (week? next 2 months?). So easy to set-up and works like a charm! Thanks @dliciousbrains #WP #WordPress

Alex P. Gates
Alex P. Gates @alexpgates

Big fan of WP Migrate DB Pro. It's definitely work a look if you do WordPress dev.

Nate Finch
Nate Finch @n8finch

The @dliciousbrains Multisite Tool for WPMDBPro rocks the kasbah! Migrated a network in less time that heating up a coffee. Thanks guys!

Dual Brain
Dual Brain @ThinkDualBrain

Subscribed to 100s of eblasts. Delete almost all. Only @dliciousbrains manages to have consistently interesting content. #NotJustTheName

WP Agency
WP Agency @WPAgencyUK

Migrating WordPress sites, especially multisites, is a joy with WP Migrate DB Pro. Great work @dliciousbrains

Jackie D'Elia
Jackie D'Elia @jdelia

#WPMigrateDBPro dev version is a must have for my workflow. Thanks @bradt and @dliciousbrains team for an awesome product.

ucheng @uchengwang

@dliciousbrains WP Migrate DB Pro saves my time. A LOT.

Kuztek Solutions Inc
Kuztek Solutions Inc @kuztek

We love using Migrate DB Pro, here are some great Tips for Power Users of WP Migrate DB Pro from @dliciousbrains

Joe Bacal
Joe Bacal @joe_bacal

I still get a thrill every time I pull down the entire database and uploads directory. @dliciousbrains #wordpress WP Migrate DB Pro

John Minns
John Minns @Johnogram

@dliciousbrains I love #WPMigrateDBPro ! I kinda wanna have your babies...

Tanner @tannermoushey

Finally purchased Migrate DB Pro and OH MAN IS THIS GOING TO SAVE ME A TON OF TIME! // @dliciousbrains

FameThemes @famethemes

@bradt Just renew our Dev plan, worth every cent ;)

Trisha Salas
Trisha Salas @trishacodes

WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains is worth every penny and then some!

Corey M Collins
Corey M Collins @coreymcollins

Migrate DB Pro is the coolest.

Jamie @JamieHalvorson

Big thanks to @dliciousbrains for WP Migrate DB Pro - brilliant tool and support 👏🏻👏🏻

Chance Smith
Chance Smith @Chance_Smith

Nice update to WP Migrate Pro. Thanks, @dliciousbrains. Best way to push/pull changes to database for dev/staging.

Productivity Port
Productivity Port @prodport

I have to give thanks to the support at @dliciousbrains . Answers are timely & always teach me something. Awesome product & people.

Clint Bush
Clint Bush @madebyclint

Seriously one the most essential and best tools for #WordPress #developers ever. Love the company name too!

Luca Tumedei
Luca Tumedei @lucatume

@polevaultweb Oh guys: thanks For WP Migrate DB Pro... Such a lifesaver.

Chris House
Chris House @chrishouse83

After hearing about it for a while now, I finally got a chance to work with WP Migrate DB Pro. I must say I'm IMPRESSED. It just works.

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

Speaking of multisite, just moved my first with WP Migrate DB Pro and my ❤️ for that plugin continues to grow. Seamless. SEAMLESS.

Dhali Web Design
Dhali Web Design @dhaliweb

Happily paid/upgraded WP Migrate DB Pro @dliciousbrains. Great tool and $aves us 100's of hours. Love the podcast as well @applyfilters

Rob James
Rob James @robj4mes

Shout out to @dliciousbrains - Using WP Migrate DB Pro is simply great. Being able to pull my live site to work on it locally then update.

jshez @jshez

Highly recommend @dliciousbrains WordPress plugins, their customer support is excellent.

Luke Watts 🇪🇺
Luke Watts 🇪🇺 @thisislawatts

My little shell scripts were good, but why oh why did I wait so long to get this? https://t.co/zxAFkh76nA 👌 @dliciousbrains

Simon 🇪🇺
Simon 🇪🇺 @krafit

@lukasleitsch in meinem Workflow hat sich Migrate DB Pro als DAS Tool erwiesen. Ich benutze es aber auch so oft, dass sich der Preis lohnt…

Orlando Salcedo
Orlando Salcedo @osalcedo

@cdils WP Migrate DB Pro is a beautiful thing 😃

Melissa Jean Clark
Melissa Jean Clark @melissajclark_

Just exported a WP multisite sub-site to a single install in 36 seconds! Love WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains

Jenny Beaumont
Jenny Beaumont @jennybeaumont

Have I mentioned how awesome the folks @dliciousbrains are? Well they are! <3

Justin Sainton
Justin Sainton @JS_Zao

First business purchase of the year? WP Migrate DB Pro. No brainer. Thanks, @bradt! cc: @dliciousbrains

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

I think this marks the 84th time I’ve used WP DB Migrate Pro on this project

Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes @ColoradoHughes

@bradt It's not very often I have a "How did I get by without this?" moment. #WPMigrateDBPro is one of those moments. #webdev #WordPress

... @garbnzgh

Seriously worth it to avoid some of the major headaches of local WordPress development. /ht @maxfenton for this

Chris Wharton
Chris Wharton @cdwharton

Just testing out WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains Simply Wow. So simple! So beautifully simple!

brookeneace @brooketuttle

Started using Migrate DB Pro for our muti-environment sites. So far really happy with it.

Hadorn AG Webagentur
Hadorn AG Webagentur @hadornag

So sweet to migrate a #WPMultisite with a mouseclick! Manual path corrections took 2 hrs last time. Thx #WPMigrateDBPro / @dliciousbrains!

Nate Finch
Nate Finch @n8finch

@dliciousbrains thanks for building an amazing product. migrate db pro has really impacted my work flow and stress level (for the better!).

FLOQ Design
FLOQ Design @floqdesign

Just purchased WP Migrate DB Pro from @dliciousbrains OMG such a timesaver for #WordPress development

Zach Flauaus
Zach Flauaus @zachflauaus

@YasmineEvjen I use WP Migrate DB Pro to keep the DB and media library synced. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it.

Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds @ChuckReynolds

The awesomeness of @wpcli + @dliciousbrains -> `wp migratedb profile X` knows no bounds. so nice. #wordpress

Bodie Quirk
Bodie Quirk @bodiequirk

WP Migrate DB Pro is so stinking’ amazing!! Thank you @diliciousbrains

Thomas Dahlquist
Thomas Dahlquist @thodah

MigrateDB by @dliciousbrains postpones my development of going bald by force once again! Thank you!

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains is one of the most useful WordPress plugins I've ever enjoyed.

Matt Pusateri
Matt Pusateri @mattpusateri

WP Migrate DB Pro is the best #wordpress time-saver this database-phobic designer has found. Stress level down 27%... Thx @dliciousbrains!

Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️
Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️ @ChrisFerdinandi

Migrate DB Pro is easily on my short list of must use plugins on SO MANY projects!

Eric Dye

Just renewed my WP Migrate plugin by @dliciousbrains. One of my favorite #WordPress plugins—worth every penny. :D

Jonny Vaughan
Jonny Vaughan @jonnyvaughan

Just renewed our @dliciousbrains license for WP Migrate DB Pro. Worth every penny.

daniel espinoza
daniel espinoza @growdev

Moved 8 sites last night and WP DB Migrate Pro made it so easy!

Patrick Garman
Patrick Garman @pmgarman

TIL WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains has multisite tools to export single sites out of a multisite. Awesome add-on :)

Viktor Bijlenga
Viktor Bijlenga @viktorbijlenga

@hjortureh WP migrate DB pro might be a good alternative to syncing databases. I use it an alternative to SSH sync.

Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Sᴄʜɪғғɴᴇʀ
Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Sᴄʜɪғғɴᴇʀ @davidschiffner

WP Migrate DB Pro is invaluable for working in dev>staging>production environments with #WordPress

Arden de Raaij
Arden de Raaij @ardennl

@dliciousbrains #migratedbpro <3

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace @chriswallace

Renewing my WP Migrate DB Pro dev license before @bradt realizes how much of a steal it is.

Casey Driscoll
Casey Driscoll @caseydriscoll

Seriously. It’s like the one tool I use that’s *actually* a joy to use. #thatwaseasy

Raygun @madebyraygun

Thank you @dliciousbrains, I don't know what I would have done without the multisite export feature in WP Migrate DB Pro today!

Jonny Vaughan
Jonny Vaughan @jonnyvaughan

Just renewed our @dliciousbrains license for WP Migrate DB Pro. Worth every penny.

HANS−HELGE @obstschale

Das eigene WP Netzwerk in seine Dev laden. Mit WP Migrate DB Pro so wunderbar leicht :D

Shawn Hooper
Shawn Hooper @ShawnHooper

Just tried the Media Import add-on for WP DB Migrate Pro. What a time saver. Thanks @dliciousbrains!

Jonathan Perlman
Jonathan Perlman @jpurpleman

@dliciousbrains Two major 150 site multi-site migrations done with wpmdb pro. Flawless! :)

Teodoro Lopez
Teodoro Lopez @_teolopez

Two thumbs up to the @dliciousbrains support team. Thank you!!! great product, great support!

Marcel Bootsman 🚶🏼‍♂️
Marcel Bootsman 🚶🏼‍♂️ @mbootsman

So happy with Migrate DB from @dliciousbrains. Save time exporting/importing DB and media files! You guys rock!!

PatchWorks @patchdotworks

I simply cannot recommend @dliciousbrains #WPMigrateDBPro highly enough. Few admin tools actually make me #smile when I use it. #legit

Reinier Kaper
Reinier Kaper @TheDutchCoder

WP DB Migrate Pro, Dokku, Docker, Vagrant, Scotchbox... My life is soooooo good right now :D

Kristin Falkner
Kristin Falkner @KristinCodesWP

The media files add-on for WP Migrate DB Pro is the best. So helpful when syncing local to live db. #WordPress

Brian Erickson
Brian Erickson @BrianEricksonCo

A WP migration tool which actually worked for me! @DeliciousBrains #WPMigrateDB

Bret Kruse
Bret Kruse @grettaface

WP Migrate DB Pro is legitimately one of my favorite WordPress plugins now.

Nicholas Petersen
Nicholas Petersen @lessis

Yup. wp db migrate pro. Can't leave home without it. Been using on every site for years.

Brad Frost
Brad Frost @brad_frost

I just bought WP Migrate DB Pro to help keep my local databases and live sites in sync. Looking forward to digging in

Bruce Munson
Bruce Munson @WebEndev

Just bought Migrate DB Pro and it's easy to see that it's a "must have". Saves so much time... Nice work @dliciousbrains

Jᴏꜱʜᴜᴀ Nᴇʟꜱᴏɴ
Jᴏꜱʜᴜᴀ Nᴇʟꜱᴏɴ @onemorejosh

I finally bit the bullet & bought WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains - money well spent. This is a slick plugin

Paul van Buuren
Paul van Buuren @paulvanbuuren

Belangeloze commerciële boodschap: de licentie voor WP Migrate DB Pro is verre van gratis, maar elke cent waard. https://t.co/hqZjYkDFAK

Craig Childs 🎲⚔️
Craig Childs 🎲⚔️ @_craigchilds

On another note, if you're open to using plugins; WP DB Migrate Pro is great!

Brad Miller
Brad Miller @imbradmiller

The WP Migrate DB Pro plugin is very useful and extremely handy.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
Morten Rand-Hendriksen @mor10

The sync + push/pull feature in WP Migrate DB Pro is a massive time saver. Also handles serialized data

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

@JonSEM It does more than you need, but the media files add-on for WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains is only flawless solution for this.

andrea duquette
andrea duquette @andreaDuquette

I just used WP Migrate Pro to recreate a complicated portfolio site locally. I'm in love.

curtismchale @curtismchale

Migrate DB Pro renewal came up and no questions asked I renewed it. Easily worth 10X the cost

Liz Delves
Liz Delves @LizDelves

Just used Migrate DB Pro for the first time - what a dream! Thanks @dliciousbrains

WordImpress @WordImpress

Pushing updates like a boss with Migrate DB Pro. Thanks @dliciousbrains and @bradt !

Carnoustie Creative
Carnoustie Creative @CarCreWebDesign

There are some tools that really help the heavy lifting when developing WordPress sites - WP Migrate Pro from @bradt is deffo one of them.

Kevin McKernan @ Develop Denver
Kevin McKernan @ Develop Denver @kevinmckernan

Just renewed my Migrate DB Pro license - because that was a hard decision :) cc/ @bradt

Behla Design
Behla Design @behladesign

I like and also pro versions, ACF is great too! @Byanofsky @suzette_franck @madebypaul

Nathan Tyler
Nathan Tyler @CroixHaug

@byanofsky Definitely WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains and @desktopserver

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
Morten Rand-Hendriksen @mor10

Even though I've been using it for a long time the push/pull functionality in @dliciousbrains WP Migrate DB Pro continues to impress me.

Blue Liquid Designs
Blue Liquid Designs @BlueLiquidDesig

Setting up auto deployment is made so easy with WP Migrate Database Pro. Worth every penny

Jenny Beaumont
Jenny Beaumont @jennybeaumont

How did I ever survive without WP Migrate DB Pro before? #winning

🥑+(🍞+🔥) @wonderyak

I <3 WP Migrate DB Pro.

IAlmgren @IAlmgren

WP Migrate DB made me jump with joy! Am upgrading to Pro version: Push and Pull feature is a dream! TY @mor10! #WordPress #WebDesign

Dave Smith
Dave Smith @get_dave

Huge thanks to @dliciousbrains for the amazing support today. Fantastic job. Cannot recommend enough.

Jenny Beaumont
Jenny Beaumont @jennybeaumont

Just used WP Migrate DB Pro for the first time. Mind blown. @DeliciousBrains

Josh Justice at connect.tech
Josh Justice at connect.tech @CodingItWrong

@AdamSoucie are u using wp migrate db pro for the db stuff? IT IS SO AWESOME

Chris Waters
Chris Waters @christhesoul

@retlehs Migrate DB Pro and Amazon S3 with Cloudfront by @bradt are must haves. Plus the ACF suite, Soil and Regenerate Thumbnails.

curtismchale @curtismchale

Love love love that Migrate DB Pro supports http basic auth. One of the best tools I own

Loris Grillet
Loris Grillet @loriskumo

WP Migrate Pro removes absolutely all the pain from migrating a WordPress database. I love it! https://t.co/LCKp5FIGnQ

andy brudtkuhl
andy brudtkuhl @abrudtkuhl

WP-Migrate-DB-Pro is the best thing to ever happen to #WordPress devs

Tom McFarlin
Tom McFarlin @tommcfarlin

Wp db migrate pro #ftw. worth every single cent @bradt.

MicHELL SchoField-of-Blood
MicHELL SchoField-of-Blood @schoeyfield

WordPress DB Migrate Pro is the best plugin ever, guys. Ever.

Julien Melissas
Julien Melissas @JulienMelissas

Some say Migrate DB Pro is the kind of thing where you can run it, make some coffee and come back, but it's so fast I just skip the coffee.

Tim Hunter-Davies
Tim Hunter-Davies @timskye

Just renewed my WP Migrate DB Pro dev licence with @dliciousbrains / @bradt Some say pricey, I say big time saver #wordpress

Ricky Lee Whittemore
Ricky Lee Whittemore @rickalee

@dliciousbrains Have I said I love you lately? Thank you for Migrate DB Pro and the hours of my life saved.

Griffin Johnston
Griffin Johnston @GriffinJohnston

@dliciousbrains Just migrated 200+ video files between installs with Migrate DB Pro in about 10 minutes. You guys are killing it.

Buck Perley
Buck Perley @BuckPerley

Delicious Brains' WP Migrate Pro Plugin, awesome for keeping sites in sync and really superb support!

Sam Esteves
Sam Esteves @afterthefx

@dliciousbrains My first WordPress site migration as easy as 1-click no more find and replace this does all for you. #LoveMigrateDBPro

Scott Edward Carver
Scott Edward Carver @edwario

The best pro WordPress Plugins: Migrate DB Pro, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms. Spend the money, they are the best tools that exist.

Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen @bhansen522

Used WP Migrate DB Pro today to Migrate a #WordPress site. Mind = Blown

Adam Chlan
Adam Chlan @AdamChlan

WP Migrate DB Pro is worth every penny.

Mike Hale
Mike Hale @mikehale

LOVE LOVE LOVE WP Migrate DB Pro! If you could marry a plugin( and I wasn't already married) I'd marry it. #gohchat

Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher @tryfletch

Not only is WP Migrate DB Pro an awesome plugin, they provide great, intelligent support. Thx! @dliciousbrains

Jackie D'Elia
Jackie D'Elia @jdelia

Am loving my first weekend with WP Migrate DB Pro @dliciousbrains #genesiswp #WordPress

MicHELL SchoField-of-Blood
MicHELL SchoField-of-Blood @schoeyfield

Migrate DB Pro is the only premium WordPress plugin I use - because it is aaaamazing.

Laura Kalbag
Laura Kalbag @laurakalbag

How much time did we waste moving WordPress sites before WP Migrate DB Pro? (SO much time. It’s a great plugin.)

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

Man the UX on WP Migrate DB Pro is so dang polished, they’ve hit like every detail gracefully. Also the product is wicked awesome haha.

Claudio Rimann
Claudio Rimann @pandulu

Just renewed my license for Migrate DB Pro. One of those rare plugins that truly pay for themselves!

Bram Willemse
Bram Willemse @bramwillemse

WP Migrate DB Pro maakt de WordPress dev-flow helemaal af. Lekkah!

Alexandra Spalato
Alexandra Spalato @alexadark

Excellent pour dev en local + achetés y'a 2 semaines, top!

Kiko @kikodoran

@kadamwhite I use WP Migrate DB Pro. I love it.

Angela Quinton
Angela Quinton @aquinton

@bradt WP Migrate DB is pure magic. Just used the free version on a personal project & will be getting a license for work. THANK YOU.

Tim Hunter-Davies
Tim Hunter-Davies @timskye

Early morning work is productive work. thanks to @dliciousbrains WP Migrate DB Pro for just working as it should :)

Mateo Leyba
Mateo Leyba @mateomtb

Wp migrate db pro and the CLI add on is the cats ass. Multisite tools coming too? Hell yes! #usethisshitdaily @dliciousbrains #wordpress

Scott Dunham
Scott Dunham @DunhamScott

WP Migrate DB Pro is a simple solution for syncing DB and media from a live site to a development environment. #wcsea

James Greig
James Greig @j_greig

Just migrated a huge WordPress database in under two minutes thanks to WP Migrate DB Pro. Super smart.

Jonathan Perlman
Jonathan Perlman @jpurpleman

Great support from the guys over at WP Migrate DB Pro. Can't wait for more great things to come. @bradt & @chrisaprea

Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis @m1ke_ellis

I know I bang on about it, but Migrate DB Pro absolutely rocks. If you're doing serious WordPress, you need this.

Niek de Greef
Niek de Greef @niekdegreef

36 mins to set up copy of large site locally to test updates, with migrateDB, super easy, saving hours thanks to @bradt , amazed every time!

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains is a wonderful thing.

Sang-Min Yoon
Sang-Min Yoon @smy315

Used WP Migrate DB Pro for the first time today. Lived up to all the hype. Def one of the best #WordPress plugins.

Chris Witham
Chris Witham @cehwitham

It's a great tool. Worth the money.

Bourn Creative
Bourn Creative @BournCreative

Just added this plugin to our workflow - it's amazing & worth every penny!

Brian Bourn
Brian Bourn @brianbourn

So WP DB Migrate Pro is pretty awesome. #justsaying

Kathy Darling
Kathy Darling @Kathy_Darling

@bradleypotter i always use @deliciousbrains wp db migrate pro when migrating. saves me a lot of headaches

Grant McCall
Grant McCall @grantmccall

@dliciousbrains Thanks for an awesome plugin, it's cut a lot of headaches with syncing a database with multiple remote WP developers.

Jeremy DESVAUX @jdmweb

Pretty solid this migrate db pro #plugin. Makes you save substantial amount of time over time

Kasper Baagø
Kasper Baagø @kasperbaago

@jonasdonbaek der findes kun et og det er - verdens mest tidsbesparende plugin! :D #wp #dbmigrate

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace @chriswallace

Things I renew without thinking twice: EDD extensions, VaultPress, Migrate DB Pro and Gravity Forms.

ΞLLIOTT @elliottrichmond

I've used it twice today on some rather large sites and it's not even lunchtime :D

Grant Palin
Grant Palin @grantpalin

Renewed for WP Migrate DB Pro by @dliciousbrains / @bradt. It still works, pricey renewal, but just too useful to go without. Worth it!

Jonathan de Jong
Jonathan de Jong @jonathan_dejong

Just fell in love with WP Migrate DB Pro, thank you @bradt! Now I'll spend the weekend in candyclouds and rainbows

Phil Morrow
Phil Morrow @philmorrow

Been hearing about Migrate DB Pro for a while now, finally gave it a go today. Why didn't I start using this sooner?! Game-changer!!

Eric Wagner
Eric Wagner @ericcwagner

Within a few hours WP Migrate DB Pro has paid for itself! A brilliant tool! Thanks @bradt @chrisprea #wordpress

Galen Gidman
Galen Gidman @galengidman

I love WP Migrate DB Pro. Makes life so much easier.

Boxy Studio
Boxy Studio @BoxyStudio

WOW. WP Migrate DB Pro has made our local/live development a breeze. What a brilliant plugin. Worth every penny.

Kristian Primdal
Kristian Primdal @KprimdalDK

Har lige fornyet min licens til WP DB PRO, et plugin jeg bruge flere gang i ugen -

Manoz 🦕 🎃
Manoz 🦕 🎃 @Manoz

WP Migrate DB Pro. Un chouette outil de migration de bdd #MeetupWPLyon

Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson @pippinsplugins

Attention to details like this is one more reason why WP Migrate DB Pro from @bradt is amazing

Danita Burkett Zanrè
Danita Burkett Zanrè @danitaz

If one of your hats working at home is to manage WordPress websites for customers, WP Migrate DB Pro is a must...

Platførm @madebyplatform

Migrate DB Pro is so useful, not sure what I'd do without it these days. #WordPress

Seth Rubenstein 🌹
Seth Rubenstein 🌹 @sethrubenstein

Prepping for big migration from WPE to Siteground for some of my freelance clients. WP Migrate DB Pro making it super simple.

Adam Pickering
Adam Pickering @adampickering_

Really loving the ease of use of the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin, that @bradt created, love the UI & how fast it works!

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

WP Migrate DB Pro has earned it’s keep time and time again for me by working with problematic, struggling servers

Matt Banks
Matt Banks @mattbanks

WP Migrate DB Pro from @bradt is so awesome, especially with the Media Files add-on! I don’t work on any sites without it now.

Desmond Weindorf
Desmond Weindorf @DesmondWeindorf

Confirmed: WP Migrate DB Pro is totally worth it. My WordPress workflow now has some sanity to it. @dliciousbrains

Jonny Vaughan
Jonny Vaughan @jonnyvaughan

Impressed with @dliciousbrains WP Migrate DB Pro. Sync local to remote WP database in seconds. Saves me faffing with SQL exports/imports.

David Decker
David Decker @deckerweb

Very impressed by WP Migrate DB Pro, awesome helper tool! My last few migrations were so fast b/c of it :)

Well Rounded Gent
Well Rounded Gent @wellroundedgent

Give these guys your money #wordpress #dbmigration #works

carrie dils
carrie dils @cdils

Using Migrate DB Pro to move a large marge site. Ah-mazing.

Webmaster Flash
Webmaster Flash @alancrissey

@cliffseal One of my biggest is keeping my dev db synced with the live db but now there’s this

Catalyst Designs
Catalyst Designs @DesignsCatalyst

The wp migrate db pro plugin worked a treat! Just took ten minutes to do something that usually takes an hour! #wordpress

Larry Fischer
Larry Fischer @larry_fischer

.@chriscoyier WP Migrate DB Pro has been a huge timesaver for our team. Happy to hear them sponsor @ShopTalkShow

haizdesign @haizdesign

Just used #WPMigrateDBPro for the fastest sync of remote and local #wordpress sites yet!

Niki Brown
Niki Brown @nikibrown

I'm kinda in love with WP migrate db pro. #WordPress

Chris Smith
Chris Smith @iamchrissmith

WP Migration DB Pro is THE way to go to move a #WP site! Freakin' awesome

Steve Farrugia
Steve Farrugia @stevesydney

This is a great tool for wordpress dev / staging / production environments

Mannie Schumpert
Mannie Schumpert @mannieschumpert

Oh my gosh, I finally used WP Migrate DB Pro for the first time. I could kiss you, @bradt

Jeff @jeffr0

Used WP Migrate DB from @bradt to migrate a live DB to local install and it worked out great. Nice job.

Enrique Chavez 👊
Enrique Chavez 👊 @Tmeister

I’m in love with Migrate DB Pro to push the WP db from local to staging environments. Just 2 clicks and you are done

Ben Everard
Ben Everard @_beneverard

So we’ve been using WP Migrate DB Pro in the office for a couple of weeks now, fantastic tool, well worth the $100.

John Peterson
John Peterson @johnpetersontx

Just bought dev license for WP Migrate DB Pro. Blown away by the amount of time put into plugin. TY @bradt!

Richard Sweeney
Richard Sweeney @richardsweeney

How the #?Ä! did I ever survive before WP Migrate DB Pro?!!! SUCH an excellent, indespensible plugin.

Henry Roberts
Henry Roberts @instadesign

I think WP Migrate DB Pro may be the best $59 I have ever spent. Will be upgrading v soon. Thank you so much!

Jimmy Smutek
Jimmy Smutek @smutek

Thanks @dliciousbrains! WP Migrate DB Pro, best $99 ever spent - purchase paid for itself in about 20 mins this morning. #badass

Philip Benton
Philip Benton @philipbenton

Mix @deployhq with WP Migrate DB Pro from @dliciousbrains and you have a fantastic #WordPress deployment setup.

Spout Creative
Spout Creative @spoutcreative

WP Migrate Pro is the best plugin. Saves so much time! Highly recommend for WordPress devs. #wordpress

Claudio Rimann
Claudio Rimann @pandulu

Just bought @bradt's Migrate DB Pro 30 min ago and it already payed for itself.

James Kemp
James Kemp @jamesckemp

WP Migrate Pro is great #wordpress

Matt Banks
Matt Banks @mattbanks

Damn I love WP DB Migrate Pro from @bradt! Worth every single penny.

Brad Williams
Brad Williams @williamsba

Nice shoutout for WP Migrate DB Pro at #wcbalt. Love that plugin for syncing content between WordPress sites

Brian Heitz
Brian Heitz @bheitz

1st time using WP Migrate DB Pro. Pushed local db to prod. 5 minutes & 2 minor tweaks later, I'm this is guy -->http://t.co/LYWh0syfTa.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Dave Clements 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Dave Clements 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @daclements

That should be a short article: 1. Install WP Migrate DB Pro. 2. Migrate 3. Drink a cold one

Kevin Leary
Kevin Leary @kevinlearynet

#WordPress environment bliss: @wpengine staging & production git deployment + @bradt's WP Migrate DB Pro push/pull DB syncing

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan @ryandonsullivan

I just used the push/pull option from WP Migrate DB Pro and it was like

Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer @benpalmer

Why haven't i been using WP DB Migrate Pro for the past three years? Brilliant.

We Are Sweet
We Are Sweet @sweetwebdesign

Used WP Migrate DB Pro for the first time today. Amazing!!

RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io - faxzero.com
RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io - faxzero.com @gdtrble

Bigs ups to @dliciousbrains & @chrisaprea for being awesome helpful humans - (Buy this guy's stuff y'all!)


Also dieses WP Migrate DB Pro ist echt jeden Pennie wert! ;-)

Paul Ruescher
Paul Ruescher @paulruescher

Advanced custom fields and migrate db pro. best plugins ever.

Sacha Greif
Sacha Greif @SachaGreif

WP Migrate DB Pro makes using WordPress about 57% less painful. It should be built into the core product, really

Simon Davies
Simon Davies @simond_86

This might be the most helpful plugin ever made for WordPress thanks to the guys at @dliciousbrains #wordpess

Laura Kalbag
Laura Kalbag @laurakalbag

@bradt I’m actually a little bit hysterical right now. I love the progress indicator, it works so well. I hope it makes you lots of $$$s :)

Jon Brown
Jon Brown @jb510

OMG! I love Migrate DB Pro for #WordPress. This week alone it must have saved me 10 hours. Most amazing, it just works! // TY @bradt

Mike Ott
Mike Ott @mikeyott

WP Migrate Pro by @bradt is one of the best things to ever happen to WordPress. Worth every dollar.

Jonathan Nicol
Jonathan Nicol @mrjnicol

I just used @bradt's WP Migrate DB Pro for the first time. Migrating databases between local & production is going to be so much faster now.

540 Online Ventures
540 Online Ventures @Online540

(WPMigrate DB Pro) and @lifeinthegrid (Duplicator) we now have a robust Design and Deployment workflow :-)

ΞLLIOTT @elliottrichmond

WP Migrate DB is pretty freakin awesome! I think you've perfected my workflow #WordPress

Raygun @madebyraygun

Just realized I could use find & replace to change individual WP options when using @bradt's WP Migrate DB Pro. Sweet deal!

Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins @moxy

This was love at first sight for me. It's the best plugin I have ever seen: WP Migrate DB Pro

Robby Matthews
Robby Matthews @robbymatthews

Do you develop sites using WP? you NEED this…

Timothy Wood
Timothy Wood @codearachnid

I <3 when domain transitions go smoothly! #WordPress can't make it any easier to quickly migrate especially with @bradt's WP Migrate DB

Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher @rgbjoy

I have to tweet this every year. This is one of the greatest WP plugins ever made made by @bradt

Terry Sutton
Terry Sutton @saltcod

Just sync'd another WordPress site in about 10s with @bradt's impossibly good Migrate DB Pro You need to buy this.

curtismchale @curtismchale

@pippinsplugins absolutely. I have it on 3 sites now and it’s a huge time saver

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

Been testing the latest from @bradt, WP Migrate DB Pro, and it is _stellar_. Really dig it, very polished. #WordPress

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