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Laura Kalbag
Laura Kalbag @laurakalbag

How much time did we waste moving WordPress sites before WP Migrate? (SO much time. It’s a great plugin.)

Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson @pippinsplugins

WP Migrate might be the most amazing thing that has happened in a really long time in the #WordPress world

Tom McFarlin
Tom McFarlin @tommcfarlin

Today, i give continued thanks to @dliciousbrains for WP Migrate and the ease at which it offers migrations from dev-to-and-from-staging

Michael Schofield
Michael Schofield @schoeyfield

WP Migrate is the best plugin ever, guys. Ever.

Jenny Beaumont
Jenny Beaumont @jennybeaumont

How did I ever survive without WP Migrate before? #winning

Teodoro Lopez
Teodoro Lopez @_teolopez

Two thumbs up to the @dliciousbrains support team. Thank you!!! great product, great support!

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

The UX on WP Migrate is so dang polished, they’ve hit like every detail gracefully. Also the product is wicked awesome haha.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
Morten Rand-Hendriksen @mor10

Even though I've been using it for a long time the push/pull functionality in @dliciousbrains WP Migrate continues to impress me.

Mike Hemberger
Mike Hemberger @JiveDig

Some days you have to thank God for @dliciousbrains WP Migrate. Today is one of those days. #WordPress

Jack McConnell
Jack McConnell @jackmcconnell

So the Theme and Plugin files add-on for WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains is 😙👌 Paired with the Media add-on and I rarely have to use FTP at all now!

Ricky Lee Whittemore
Ricky Lee Whittemore @rickalee

@dliciousbrains Have I said I love you lately? Thank you for WP Migrate and the hours of my life saved.

Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis @m1ke_ellis

I know I bang on about it, but WP Migrate absolutely rocks. If you're doing serious WordPress, you need this.

Mateo Leyba
Mateo Leyba @mateomtb

WP Migrate and WP-CLI integration is the cats ass. Multisite tools coming too? Hell yes! #usethisshitdaily @dliciousbrains #wordpress

Matt Banks
Matt Banks @mattbanks

WP Migrate from @bradt is so awesome, especially with the Media Files add-on! I don’t work on any sites without it now.

carrie dils
carrie dils @cdils

Using WP Migrate to move a large marge site. Ah-mazing.

John Peterson
John Peterson @johnpetersontx

Just bought dev license for WP Migrate. Blown away by the amount of time put into plugin. TY @bradt!

Well Rounded Gent
Well Rounded Gent @wellroundedgent

Give these guys your money #wordpress #dbmigration #works

andrea duquette
andrea duquette @andreaDuquette

I just used WP Migrate to recreate a complicated portfolio site locally. I'm in love.

Tim Hunter-Davies
Tim Hunter-Davies @timskye

Early morning work is productive work. thanks to @dliciousbrains WP Migrate for just working as it should :)

curtismchale @curtismchale

@pippinsplugins absolutely. I have it on 3 sites now and it’s a huge time saver

Casey Driscoll
Casey Driscoll @caseydriscoll

Seriously. It’s like the one tool I use that’s *actually* a joy to use. #thatwaseasy

Griffin Johnston
Griffin Johnston @GriffinJohnston

@dliciousbrains Just migrated 200+ video files between installs with WP Migrate in about 10 minutes. You guys are killing it.

Matt Banks
Matt Banks @mattbanks

Damn I love WP Migrate from @bradt! Worth every single penny.

Matt @matthew_zak

If I could only pay for one plugin, it'd probably be WP Migrate. There's just nothing else in its league in terms of reliability, utility, and value.

Alex Hardy
Alex Hardy @alexhardy

@scott_gruber WP Migrate isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. Messing around with SQL files and downloading assets by FTP is a pain.

Kuztek Solutions Inc
Kuztek Solutions Inc @kuztek

Using @dliciousbrains WP Migrate to go live with a new site was a breeze yesterday. If you don't use it you are throwing time away.

kris @kriskbx

.@dliciousbrains I would call that a huge database. But #WPMigrate is running like a charm. Good job guys, keep up the good work <3

Cyril Botnet
Cyril Botnet @MonsieurNebo

WP Migrate Pro is a life changer for any WP developer @dliciousbrains #WordPress #Workflow

Glenn McComb
Glenn McComb @lenymo

@AaronRutley I recently used WP Migrate for the first time. OMG! Still can’t get used to the awesomeness.

React Hooks 🇮🇳
React Hooks 🇮🇳 @NaveenS16

Migration can be really beautiful with this #WordPress plugin. It seamlessly sync between local & production db's.

Derick “0xDEADC0DE” Bailey 🌈
Derick “0xDEADC0DE” Bailey 🌈 @derickbailey

+1000!!! i've used it multiple times today, to sync data between production and development :)

Robert Gillmer
Robert Gillmer @RobertFGillmer

WP Migrate is an integral part of my workflow. Take advantage of the discount! #WCLAX

Stewart Ritchie
Stewart Ritchie @stewartritchie

Every day WP Migrate. A++. Would Migrate again.

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan @MattRyan_co

I upgraded my dev process to #WPMigrate last week. Oh baby! I am SOOO happy with the upgrade. Thanks @dliciousbrains #HappyCamper

Sasha Endoh 👩‍💻🧙‍♀️
Sasha Endoh 👩‍💻🧙‍♀️ @sashmograph

Aaand WP Migrate saves the day (week? next 2 months?). So easy to set-up and works like a charm! Thanks @dliciousbrains #WP #WordPress

Alex P. Gates
Alex P. Gates @alexpgates

Big fan of WP Migrate. It's definitely work a look if you do WordPress dev.

Nate Finch
Nate Finch @n8finch

The @dliciousbrains Multisite Tool for WP Migrate rocks the kasbah! Migrated a network in less time that heating up a coffee. Thanks guys!

WP Agency
WP Agency @WPAgencyUK

Migrating WordPress sites, especially multisites, is a joy with WP Migrate. Great work @dliciousbrains

Jackie D’Elia
Jackie D’Elia @jdelia

#WPMigrate dev version is a must have for my workflow. Thanks @bradt and @dliciousbrains team for an awesome product.

ucheng @uchengwang

@dliciousbrains WP Migrate saves my time. A LOT.

Kuztek Solutions Inc
Kuztek Solutions Inc @kuztek

We love using WP Migrate, here are some great Tips for Power Users of WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains

Joe Bacal
Joe Bacal @joe_bacal

I still get a thrill every time I pull down the entire database and uploads directory. @dliciousbrains #wordpress WP Migrate

John Minns
John Minns @Johnogram

@dliciousbrains I love #WPMigrate ! I kinda wanna have your babies...

Tanner @tannermoushey

Finally purchased WP Migrate and OH MAN IS THIS GOING TO SAVE ME A TON OF TIME! // @dliciousbrains

FameThemes @famethemes

@bradt Just renew our Dev plan, worth every cent ;)

Trisha Salas
Trisha Salas @trishacodes

WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is worth every penny and then some!

Corey M Collins
Corey M Collins @coreymcollins

WP Migrate is the coolest.

Jamie @JamieHalvorson

Big thanks to @dliciousbrains for WP Migrate - brilliant tool and support 👏🏻👏🏻

Chance Smith
Chance Smith @Chance_Smith

Nice update to WP Migrate Pro. Thanks, @dliciousbrains. Best way to push/pull changes to database for dev/staging.

Productivity Port
Productivity Port @prodport

I have to give thanks to the support at @dliciousbrains . Answers are timely & always teach me something. Awesome product & people.

Clint Bush
Clint Bush @madebyclint

Seriously one the most essential and best tools for #WordPress #developers ever. Love the company name too!

Luca Tumedei
Luca Tumedei @lucatume

@polevaultweb Oh guys: thanks For WP Migrate... Such a lifesaver.

Chris House
Chris House @chrishouse83

After hearing about it for a while now, I finally got a chance to work with WP Migrate. I must say I'm IMPRESSED. It just works.

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

Speaking of multisite, just moved my first with WP Migrate and my ❤️ for that plugin continues to grow. Seamless. SEAMLESS.

Dhali Web Design
Dhali Web Design @dhaliweb

Happily paid/upgraded WP Migrate @dliciousbrains. Great tool and $aves us 100's of hours. Love the podcast as well @applyfilters

Rob James
Rob James @robj4mes

Shout out to @dliciousbrains - Using WP Migrate is simply great. Being able to pull my live site to work on it locally then update.

Luke Watts 🇪🇺
Luke Watts 🇪🇺 @thisislawatts

My little shell scripts were good, but why oh why did I wait so long to get this? https://t.co/zxAFkh76nA 👌 @dliciousbrains

Simon 🇪🇺
Simon 🇪🇺 @krafit

@lukasleitsch in meinem Workflow hat sich WP Migrate als DAS Tool erwiesen. Ich benutze es aber auch so oft, dass sich der Preis lohnt…

Orlando Salcedo
Orlando Salcedo @osalcedo

@cdils WP Migrate is a beautiful thing 😃

Melissa Jean Clark
Melissa Jean Clark @melissajclark_

Just exported a WP multisite sub-site to a single install in 36 seconds! Love WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains

Jenny Beaumont
Jenny Beaumont @jennybeaumont

Have I mentioned how awesome the folks @dliciousbrains are? Well they are! <3

Justin Sainton
Justin Sainton @JS_Zao

First business purchase of the year? WP Migrate. No brainer. Thanks, @bradt! cc: @dliciousbrains

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

I think this marks the 84th time I’ve used WP Migrate on this project

Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes @ColoradoHughes

@bradt It's not very often I have a "How did I get by without this?" moment. #WPMigrate is one of those moments. #webdev #WordPress

… @garbnzgh

Seriously worth it to avoid some of the major headaches of local WordPress development. /ht @maxfenton for this

Chris Wharton
Chris Wharton @cdwharton

Just testing out WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains Simply Wow. So simple! So beautifully simple!

brookeneace @brooketuttle

Started using WP Migrate for our muti-environment sites. So far really happy with it.

Hadorn AG Webagentur
Hadorn AG Webagentur @hadornag

So sweet to migrate a #WPMultisite with a mouseclick! Manual path corrections took 2 hrs last time. Thx #WPMigrate / @dliciousbrains!

Nate Finch
Nate Finch @n8finch

@dliciousbrains thanks for building an amazing product. WP Migrate has really impacted my work flow and stress level (for the better!).

FLOQ Design
FLOQ Design @floqdesign

Just purchased WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains OMG such a timesaver for #WordPress development

Zach Flauaus
Zach Flauaus @zachflauaus

@YasmineEvjen I use WP Migrate to keep the DB and media library synced. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it.

Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds @ChuckReynolds

The awesomeness of @wpcli + @dliciousbrains -> `wp migratedb profile X` knows no bounds. so nice. #wordpress

Bodie Quirk
Bodie Quirk @bodiequirk

WP Migrate is so stinking’ amazing!! Thank you @diliciousbrains

Thomas Dahlquist
Thomas Dahlquist @thodah

MigrateDB by @dliciousbrains postpones my development of going bald by force once again! Thank you!

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is one of the most useful WordPress plugins I've ever enjoyed.

Matt Pusateri
Matt Pusateri @mattpusateri

WP Migrate is the best #wordpress time-saver this database-phobic designer has found. Stress level down 27%... Thx @dliciousbrains!

Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️
Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️ @ChrisFerdinandi

WP Migrate is easily on my short list of must use plugins on SO MANY projects!

Eric Dye

Just renewed my WP Migrate plugin by @dliciousbrains. One of my favorite #WordPress plugins—worth every penny. :D

Jonny Vaughan
Jonny Vaughan @jonnyvaughan

Just renewed our @dliciousbrains license for WP Migrate. Worth every penny.

daniel espinoza
daniel espinoza @growdev

Moved 8 sites last night and WP Migrate made it so easy!

Patrick Garman
Patrick Garman @pmgarman

TIL WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains has multisite tools to export single sites out of a multisite. Awesome add-on :)

Viktor Bijlenga
Viktor Bijlenga @viktorbijlenga

@hjortureh WP Migrate might be a good alternative to syncing databases. I use it an alternative to SSH sync.

Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Sᴄʜɪғғɴᴇʀ
Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Sᴄʜɪғғɴᴇʀ @davidschiffner

WP Migrate is invaluable for working in dev>staging>production environments with #WordPress

Arden de Raaij
Arden de Raaij @ardennl

@dliciousbrains #migratedbpro <3

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace @chriswallace

Renewing my WP Migrate dev license before @bradt realizes how much of a steal it is.

Raygun @madebyraygun

Thank you @dliciousbrains, I don't know what I would have done without the multisite export feature in WP Migrate today!

HANS−HELGE @obstschale

Das eigene WP Netzwerk in seine Dev laden. Mit WP Migrate so wunderbar leicht :D

Shawn Hooper
Shawn Hooper @ShawnHooper

Just tried the Media Import add-on for WP Migrate. What a time saver. Thanks @dliciousbrains!

Jonathan Perlman
Jonathan Perlman @jpurpleman

@dliciousbrains Two major 150 site multi-site migrations done with WP Migrate. Flawless! :)

🚶🏼‍♂️ Marcel Bootsman
🚶🏼‍♂️ Marcel Bootsman @mbootsman

So happy with Migrate DB from @dliciousbrains. Save time exporting/importing DB and media files! You guys rock!!

PatchWorks @patchdotworks

I simply cannot recommend @dliciousbrains #WPMigrate highly enough. Few admin tools actually make me #smile when I use it. #legit

Reinier Kaper
Reinier Kaper @TheDutchCoder

WP Migrate, Dokku, Docker, Vagrant, Scotchbox... My life is soooooo good right now :D

Kristin Falkner
Kristin Falkner @KristinCodesWP

The media files add-on for WP Migrate is the best. So helpful when syncing local to live db. #WordPress

Brian Erickson
Brian Erickson @BrianEricksonCo

A WP migration tool which actually worked for me! @DeliciousBrains #WPMigrate

Bret Kruse
Bret Kruse @grettaface

WP Migrate is legitimately one of my favorite WordPress plugins now.

Nicholas Petersen
Nicholas Petersen @lessis

Yup. WP Migrate. Can't leave home without it. Been using on every site for years.

Brad Frost
Brad Frost @brad_frost

I just bought WP Migrate to help keep my local databases and live sites in sync. Looking forward to digging in

Bruce Munson
Bruce Munson @WebEndev

Just bought WP Migrate and it's easy to see that it's a "must have". Saves so much time... Nice work @dliciousbrains

Jᴏꜱʜua @onemorejosh

I finally bit the bullet & bought WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains - money well spent. This is a slick plugin

Paul van Buuren
Paul van Buuren @paulvanbuuren

Belangeloze commerciële boodschap: de licentie voor WP Migrate is verre van gratis, maar elke cent waard. https://t.co/hqZjYkDFAK

Craig Childs 🎲⚔️
Craig Childs 🎲⚔️ @_craigchilds

On another note, if you're open to using plugins; WP Migrate is great!

Brad Miller
Brad Miller @imbradmiller

The WP Migrate plugin is very useful and extremely handy.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen
Morten Rand-Hendriksen @mor10

The sync + push/pull feature in WP Migrate is a massive time saver. Also handles serialized data

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

@JonSEM It does more than you need, but the media files add-on for WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is only flawless solution for this.

curtismchale @curtismchale

WP Migrate renewal came up and no questions asked I renewed it. Easily worth 10X the cost

Liz Delves
Liz Delves @LizDelves

Just used WP Migrate for the first time - what a dream! Thanks @dliciousbrains

Impress.org @ImpressOrg

Pushing updates like a boss with WP Migrate. Thanks @dliciousbrains and @bradt !

Carnoustie Creative
Carnoustie Creative @CarCreWebDesign

There are some tools that really help the heavy lifting when developing WordPress sites - WP Migrate Pro from @bradt is deffo one of them.

Kevin McKernan
Kevin McKernan @kevinmckernan

Just renewed my WP Migrate license - because that was a hard decision :) cc/ @bradt

Behla Design
Behla Design @behladesign

I like and also pro versions, ACF is great too! @Byanofsky @suzette_franck @madebypaul

Nathan Tyler
Nathan Tyler @CroixHaug

@byanofsky Definitely WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains and @desktopserver

Blue Liquid Designs
Blue Liquid Designs @BlueLiquidDesig

Setting up auto deployment is made so easy with WP Migrate Database Pro. Worth every penny

🥑+(🍞+🔥) @wonderyak

I <3 WP Migrate.

IAlmgren @IAlmgren

WP Migrate made me jump with joy! Am upgrading to Pro version: Push and Pull feature is a dream! TY @mor10! #WordPress #WebDesign

Dave Smith
Dave Smith @get_dave

Huge thanks to @dliciousbrains for the amazing support today. Fantastic job. Cannot recommend enough.

Jenny Beaumont
Jenny Beaumont @jennybeaumont

Just used WP Migrate for the first time. Mind blown. @DeliciousBrains

Josh Justice ✌️🛤🐹⚛️📱
Josh Justice ✌️🛤🐹⚛️📱 @CodingItWrong

@AdamSoucie are u using WP Migrate for the db stuff? IT IS SO AWESOME

Chris Waters
Chris Waters @christhesoul

@retlehs WP Migrate and Amazon S3 with Cloudfront by @bradt are must haves. Plus the ACF suite, Soil and Regenerate Thumbnails.

curtismchale @curtismchale

Love love love that WP Migrate supports http basic auth. One of the best tools I own

Loris Grillet
Loris Grillet @loriskumo

WP Migrate Pro removes absolutely all the pain from migrating a WordPress database. I love it! https://t.co/LCKp5FIGnQ

andy brudtkuhl
andy brudtkuhl @abrudtkuhl

WP Migrate is the best thing to ever happen to #WordPress devs

Tom McFarlin
Tom McFarlin @tommcfarlin

WP Migrate #ftw. worth every single cent @bradt.

Julien Melissas
Julien Melissas @JulienMelissas

Some say WP Migrate is the kind of thing where you can run it, make some coffee and come back, but it's so fast I just skip the coffee.

Tim Hunter-Davies
Tim Hunter-Davies @timskye

Just renewed my WP Migrate dev licence with @dliciousbrains / @bradt Some say pricey, I say big time saver #wordpress

Buck Perley
Buck Perley @BuckPerley

Delicious Brains' WP Migrate Pro Plugin, awesome for keeping sites in sync and really superb support!

Sam Esteves
Sam Esteves @afterthefx

@dliciousbrains My first WordPress site migration as easy as 1-click no more find and replace this does all for you. #LoveWPMigrate

Scott Edward Carver
Scott Edward Carver @edwario

The best pro WordPress Plugins: WP Migrate, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms. Spend the money, they are the best tools that exist.

Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen @bhansen522

Used WP Migrate today to Migrate a #WordPress site. Mind = Blown

Adam Chlan
Adam Chlan @AdamChlan

WP Migrate is worth every penny.

Mike Hale
Mike Hale @mikehale

LOVE LOVE LOVE WP Migrate! If you could marry a plugin( and I wasn't already married) I'd marry it. #gohchat

Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher @tryfletch

Not only is WP Migrate an awesome plugin, they provide great, intelligent support. Thx! @dliciousbrains

Jackie D’Elia
Jackie D’Elia @jdelia

Am loving my first weekend with WP Migrate @dliciousbrains #genesiswp #WordPress

Michael Schofield
Michael Schofield @schoeyfield

WP Migrate is the only premium WordPress plugin I use - because it is aaaamazing.

Claudio Rimann
Claudio Rimann @pandulu

Just renewed my license for WP Migrate. One of those rare plugins that truly pay for themselves!

Bram Willemse
Bram Willemse @bramwillemse

WP Migrate maakt de WordPress dev-flow helemaal af. Lekkah!

Alexandra Spalato
Alexandra Spalato @alexadark

Excellent pour dev en local + achetés y'a 2 semaines, top!

Kiko @kikodoran

@kadamwhite I use WP Migrate. I love it.

Angela Quinton
Angela Quinton @aquinton

@bradt WP Migrate is pure magic. Just used the free version on a personal project & will be getting a license for work. THANK YOU.

Scott Dunham
Scott Dunham @DunhamScott

WP Migrate is a simple solution for syncing DB and media from a live site to a development environment. #wcsea

James Greig
James Greig @j_greig

Just migrated a huge WordPress database in under two minutes thanks to WP Migrate. Super smart.

Jonathan Perlman
Jonathan Perlman @jpurpleman

Great support from the guys over at WP Migrate. Can't wait for more great things to come. @bradt & @chrisaprea

Niek de Greef
Niek de Greef @niekdegreef

36 mins to set up copy of large site locally to test updates, with migrateDB, super easy, saving hours thanks to @bradt , amazed every time!

Josh Pollock
Josh Pollock @Josh412

WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is a wonderful thing.

Sang-Min Yoon
Sang-Min Yoon @smy315

Used WP Migrate for the first time today. Lived up to all the hype. Def one of the best #WordPress plugins.

Chris Witham
Chris Witham @cehwitham

It's a great tool. Worth the money.

Bourn Creative
Bourn Creative @BournCreative

Just added this plugin to our workflow - it's amazing & worth every penny!

Brian Bourn
Brian Bourn @brianbourn

So WP Migrate is pretty awesome. #justsaying

Kathy Darling
Kathy Darling @Kathy_Darling

@bradleypotter i always use @deliciousbrains WP Migrate when migrating. saves me a lot of headaches

Grant McCall
Grant McCall @grantmccall

@dliciousbrains Thanks for an awesome plugin, it's cut a lot of headaches with syncing a database with multiple remote WP developers.

Jeremy DESVAUX @jdmweb

Pretty solid this WP Migrate #plugin. Makes you save substantial amount of time over time

Kasper Baagø
Kasper Baagø @kasperbaago

@jonasdonbaek der findes kun et og det er - verdens mest tidsbesparende plugin! :D #wp #dbmigrate

Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace @chriswallace

Things I renew without thinking twice: EDD extensions, VaultPress, WP Migrate and Gravity Forms.

ΞLLIOTT @elliottrichmond

I've used it twice today on some rather large sites and it's not even lunchtime :D

Grant Palin
Grant Palin @grantpalin

Renewed for WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains / @bradt. It still works, pricey renewal, but just too useful to go without. Worth it!

Jonathan de Jong
Jonathan de Jong @jonathan_dejong

Just fell in love with WP Migrate, thank you @bradt! Now I'll spend the weekend in candyclouds and rainbows

Phil Morrow
Phil Morrow @philmorrow

Been hearing about WP Migrate for a while now, finally gave it a go today. Why didn't I start using this sooner?! Game-changer!!

Eric Wagner
Eric Wagner @ericcwagner

Within a few hours WP Migrate has paid for itself! A brilliant tool! Thanks @bradt @chrisprea #wordpress

Galen Gidman
Galen Gidman @galengidman

I love WP Migrate. Makes life so much easier.

Boxy Studio
Boxy Studio @BoxyStudio

WOW. WP Migrate has made our local/live development a breeze. What a brilliant plugin. Worth every penny.

Kristian Primdal
Kristian Primdal @KprimdalDK

Har lige fornyet min licens til WP Migrate, et plugin jeg bruge flere gang i ugen -

Manoz 🦕
Manoz 🦕 @Manoz

WP Migrate. Un chouette outil de migration de bdd #MeetupWPLyon

Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson @pippinsplugins

Attention to details like this is one more reason why WP Migrate from @bradt is amazing

Danita Burkett Zanrè
Danita Burkett Zanrè @danitaz

If one of your hats working at home is to manage WordPress websites for customers, WP Migrate is a must...

Platførm @madebyplatform

WP Migrate is so useful, not sure what I'd do without it these days. #WordPress

Seth Rubenstein 🌹
Seth Rubenstein 🌹 @sethrubenstein

Prepping for big migration from WPE to Siteground for some of my freelance clients. WP Migrate making it super simple.

Adam Pickering
Adam Pickering @adampickering_

Really loving the ease of use of the WP Migrate plugin, that @bradt created, love the UI & how fast it works!

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

WP Migrate has earned it’s keep time and time again for me by working with problematic, struggling servers

Desmond Weindorf
Desmond Weindorf @DesmondWeindorf

Confirmed: WP Migrate is totally worth it. My WordPress workflow now has some sanity to it. @dliciousbrains

Jonny Vaughan
Jonny Vaughan @jonnyvaughan

Impressed with @dliciousbrains WP Migrate. Sync local to remote WP database in seconds. Saves me faffing with SQL exports/imports.

David Decker
David Decker @deckerweb

Very impressed by WP Migrate, awesome helper tool! My last few migrations were so fast b/c of it :)

Webmaster Flash
Webmaster Flash @alancrissey

@cliffseal One of my biggest is keeping my dev db synced with the live db but now there’s this

Catalyst Designs
Catalyst Designs @DesignsCatalyst

The WP Migrate plugin worked a treat! Just took ten minutes to do something that usually takes an hour! #wordpress

Larry Fischer
Larry Fischer @larry_fischer

.@chriscoyier WP Migrate has been a huge timesaver for our team. Happy to hear them sponsor @ShopTalkShow

haizdesign @haizdesign

Just used #WPMigrate for the fastest sync of remote and local #wordpress sites yet!

Niki Brown
Niki Brown @nikibrown

I'm kinda in love with WP Migrate. #WordPress

Chris Smith
Chris Smith @iamchrissmith

WP Migrate is THE way to go to move a #WP site! Freakin' awesome

Steve Farrugia
Steve Farrugia @stevesydney

This is a great tool for wordpress dev / staging / production environments

Mannie Schumpert
Mannie Schumpert @mannieschumpert

Oh my gosh, I finally used WP Migrate for the first time. I could kiss you, @bradt

Jeff @jeffr0

Used WP Migrate from @bradt to migrate a live DB to local install and it worked out great. Nice job.

Enrique Chavez 👊
Enrique Chavez 👊 @Tmeister

I’m in love with WP Migrate to push the WP db from local to staging environments. Just 2 clicks and you are done

Ben Everard
Ben Everard @_beneverard

So we’ve been using WP Migrate in the office for a couple of weeks now, fantastic tool, well worth the $100.

Richard Sweeney
Richard Sweeney @richardsweeney

How the #?Ä! did I ever survive before WP Migrate?!!! SUCH an excellent, indespensible plugin.

Henry Roberts
Henry Roberts @instadesign

I think WP Migrate may be the best $59 I have ever spent. Will be upgrading v soon. Thank you so much!

Jimmy Smutek
Jimmy Smutek @smutek

Thanks @dliciousbrains! WP Migrate, best $99 ever spent - purchase paid for itself in about 20 mins this morning. #badass

Philip J.A Benton
Philip J.A Benton @philipbenton

Mix @deployhq with WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains and you have a fantastic #WordPress deployment setup.

Spout Creative
Spout Creative @spoutcreative

WP Migrate Pro is the best plugin. Saves so much time! Highly recommend for WordPress devs. #wordpress

Claudio Rimann
Claudio Rimann @pandulu

Just bought @bradt's WP Migrate 30 min ago and it already payed for itself.

James Kemp
James Kemp @jamesckemp

WP Migrate Pro is great #wordpress

Brad Williams
Brad Williams @williamsba

Nice shoutout for WP Migrate at #wcbalt. Love that plugin for syncing content between WordPress sites

Brian Heitz
Brian Heitz @bheitz

1st time using WP Migrate. Pushed local db to prod. 5 minutes & 2 minor tweaks later, I'm this is guy -->http://t.co/LYWh0syfTa.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Dave Clements 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Dave Clements 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @daclements

That should be a short article: 1. Install WP Migrate. 2. Migrate 3. Drink a cold one

Kevin Leary
Kevin Leary @kevinlearynet

#WordPress environment bliss: @wpengine staging & production git deployment + @bradt's WP Migrate push/pull DB syncing

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan @ryandonsullivan

I just used the push/pull option from WP Migrate and it was like

Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer @benpalmer

Why haven't i been using WP Migrate for the past three years? Brilliant.

We Are Sweet
We Are Sweet @sweetwebdesign

Used WP Migrate for the first time today. Amazing!!

RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io – faxzero.com
RESIST (202) 224-3121- resistbot.io – faxzero.com @gdtrble

Bigs ups to @dliciousbrains & @chrisaprea for being awesome helpful humans - (Buy this guy's stuff y'all!)


Also dieses WP Migrate ist echt jeden Pennie wert! ;-)

Paul Ruescher
Paul Ruescher @paulruescher

Advanced custom fields and WP Migrate. best plugins ever.

Sacha Greif
Sacha Greif @SachaGreif

WP Migrate makes using WordPress about 57% less painful. It should be built into the core product, really

Simon Davies
Simon Davies @simond_86

This might be the most helpful plugin ever made for WordPress thanks to the guys at @dliciousbrains #wordpress

Laura Kalbag
Laura Kalbag @laurakalbag

@bradt I’m actually a little bit hysterical right now. I love the progress indicator, it works so well. I hope it makes you lots of $$$s :)

Jon Brown
Jon Brown @jb510

OMG! I love WP Migrate for #WordPress. This week alone it must have saved me 10 hours. Most amazing, it just works! // TY @bradt

Mike Ott
Mike Ott @mikeyott

WP Migrate Pro by @bradt is one of the best things to ever happen to WordPress. Worth every dollar.

Jonathan Nicol
Jonathan Nicol @mrjnicol

I just used @bradt's WP Migrate for the first time. Migrating databases between local & production is going to be so much faster now.

540 Online Ventures
540 Online Ventures @Online540

(WPWP Migrate) and @lifeinthegrid (Duplicator) we now have a robust Design and Deployment workflow :-)

ΞLLIOTT @elliottrichmond

WP Migrate is pretty freakin awesome! I think you've perfected my workflow #WordPress

Raygun @madebyraygun

Just realized I could use find & replace to change individual WP options when using @bradt's WP Migrate. Sweet deal!

Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins @moxy

This was love at first sight for me. It's the best plugin I have ever seen: WP Migrate

Robby Matthews
Robby Matthews @robbymatthews

Do you develop sites using WP? you NEED this…

Timothy Wood
Timothy Wood @codearachnid

I <3 when domain transitions go smoothly! #WordPress can't make it any easier to quickly migrate especially with @bradt's WP Migrate

Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher @rgbjoy

I have to tweet this every year. This is one of the greatest WP plugins ever made made by @bradt

Terry Sutton
Terry Sutton @saltcod

Just sync'd another WordPress site in about 10s with @bradt's impossibly good WP Migrate. You need to buy this.

Jon Christopher
Jon Christopher @jchristopher

Been testing the latest from @bradt, WP Migrate, and it is _stellar_. Really dig it, very polished. #WordPress

Trevor Green
Trevor Green

Not only does WP Migrate fill a glaring hole in my WordPress development. The support staff go out of their way to make sure that their plugin works, even when you are the one that broke it. Not just an essential plugin, an excellent company to buy from.

John McAlester
John McAlester

I had a need to sign up for WP Migrate again this week and I just wanted to send a note to let you know how amazing the plugin is. I had a client who decided to change their domain on Friday afternoon for a project that was, of course, due on Monday. Classic. I knew that WP Migrate was the right tool though so I signed up, downloaded, made a few clicks, hit the new URL and bam! there was the site on the new domain. Everything in place and working perfectly. You've really filled a need with this plugin and I wanted to say thanks for making it so awesome. You saved my weekend! Again!

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan @ryandonsullivan

This is my first tweet since my unofficial Twitter retirement and I wanna use it to express my love and appreciation for @dliciousbrains and their amazing WP Migrate plugin. Please give them all of your money. Thank you.

Robert Wilkins
Robert Wilkins @rwilk

It's an awesome plugin. Such a useful tool.

Pippin Williamson
Pippin Williamson @pippinsplugins

If you have not tried WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains, just get it. Amazing.

Joe Casabona 🎄
Joe Casabona 🎄 @jcasabona

Yes - This is the best money you'll spend if you move any sites around - from server to server or local/staging to production.

Lauren Pittenger
Lauren Pittenger @laurenpittenger

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is so super handy and saves so much time. Pull, do the work, push it back up. Magic.

Dave Schmidt
Dave Schmidt

WP Migrate is an absolute essential tool in my arsenal. Thanks goes out to YOU and the other peeps at Delicious Brains. Keep kicking ass!

Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson @wpmark

Just extracted a site out of a #WordPress multisite and into a single install including all media, plugins and themes using the excellent @dliciousbrains WP Migrate with multisite, themes & plugin and media add-ons. Brilliant plugins and highly recommended.


I wanted to take a moment on behalf of James and I to thank you and your team for the excellent work on WP Migrate. It's one of the few plugins we've worked with over the years that's consistently and reliably been a pleasure to use.

Christopher Frazier
Christopher Frazier

Delicious Brains represents the best of what the WP community is about in that you provide an incredible, well-designed product that shows you understand WP developers and the work that we do. Delicious Brains is simply one of the best developers in the WP ecosystem. Period.

Tom McFarlin
Tom McFarlin @tommcfarlin

Renewed WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains because when things make sense, it’s weird not to do them.

Joe Casabona 🎙
Joe Casabona 🎙 @jcasabona

WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is straight 💵. Saves so. much. time.

Mike Hemberger
Mike Hemberger @JiveDig

I already love WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains, and recently we’ve been using extensively to import/export between multisite and single install and I have to say, it’s been flawless. 💯

Nicolas Bazinet
Nicolas Bazinet @CaptnBaz

This will take a while. Better get some ☕️ (thank you @dliciousbrains for this awesome plugin)

Clifton Griffin
Clifton Griffin @clifgriffin

Confession: When @dliciousbrains announced their themes and plugins add-on I privately pooh-poohed it. "Real developers use git and a quality CI/CD tool", I said. Well, that was until I realized I could use it for support and clone down a user's site without FTP access. #godmode

Richard Radermacher
Richard Radermacher @radermacher_io

WP Migrate by @DeliciousBrains is what you are looking for. I used it many times so sync data and assets between different environments (eg. local <> staging). Notice: they launched a kind of laravel forge for wordpress sites

Matt Whiteley
Matt Whiteley @whiteleydesigns

Not sure why I didn't start using @dliciousbrains WP Migrate sooner...amazing.

Matt Whiteley
Matt Whiteley @whiteleydesigns

For sure. I've used WP Migrate for years, only recently started using PRO and realized how much time I've been wasting. 🤦‍♂️

Lift UX
Lift UX @liftux

I’m not sure what we’d do without WP Migrate. We use it every day with great results. Thank you @dliciousbrains!

Peter Shilling
Peter Shilling @PShilling

Watching WP Migrate is so pretty #WordPress #geek

Loris Grillet
Loris Grillet @loriskumo

WP Migrate qui rend la migration de DB aussi facile qu'on l'a toujours souhaité

Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds @ChuckReynolds

New project includes #wordpress overhaul; one of first questions "how to sync database"... WP Migrate. done.

Niels 👨🏼‍🔬
Niels 👨🏼‍🔬 @nielsvr

Pulling single site installs into a Multisite with WP Migrate is so easy… love it!

Alex Standiford
Alex Standiford @AlexStandiford

Side note - I should say that I've never been more grateful for Delicious Brains' WP Migrate Plugin than I am right now. HUGE DB.

John Locke
John Locke @Lockedown_

WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains is coming in very handy today. Without it, I'd be dead.

Raymond Brigleb
Raymond Brigleb @brigleb

The fantastic #WordPress tools by @wp_acf and @dliciousbrains make my work easier/better every single day. #wortheverypenny

Jacob Wayne Smith
Jacob Wayne Smith @j8ke

I should shot out @dliciousbrains WP Migrate Pro is making this much, much easier.

Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. 🌎🎙🚀
Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. 🌎🎙🚀 @wfryer

Good commercial plugin for WordPress site migration: WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains via #WPOKC #WebDesign

Mason James
Mason James @masonjames

Just migrated 20 individual sites into a multisite with WP Migrate by @dliciousbrains and it was the most painless process ever. #impressed

Juan Cabrera
Juan Cabrera


Mary Walker
Mary Walker

You guys are the greatest. I seldom have to migrate a client any more, but when I do, I turn to your plugin.

Chris Hampson
Chris Hampson

Just installed your plugin on a test site and I'm super impressed. You are doing God's work.

Clifton Griffin
Clifton Griffin @clifgriffin

The Themes and Plugins add-on for WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains is pure genius. So many use cases I didn't think of when they released it. Mainly: 1) Staging sites 2) Plugin support Saves me time every week.

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan @ryandonsullivan

Y'all ever considered making an anti-anxiety app @dliciousbrains? It's like waves crashing against the beach. 🌊

billmx @billmx

@isopixel WP Migrate is the best there is. Stable and it works all the time. It’s worth every penny! (Having tried more than 10 forms and tools) 🤘🏻

Steve Ryan
Steve Ryan @SteveRyan_ASU

Multisite: check out @dliciousbrains and WP Migrate for a WAY easier method to moving multisite installs around! We lean on it quite a bit! #essentialtools #WCPHX

Mark Oppenneer
Mark Oppenneer

Thanks for building and maintaining such a high caliber plugin. I won't hesitate to use it for other clients in the future.


Finally, I went back to the first thing I looked at, WP Migrate. I had passed it up as for a dev license it is pricey. But my god, it’s good. Slick as a goose fat sandwich in a pool of bacon lard. It’ll save me hours in creating staging sites and moving them live and back again.

Nate Finch
Nate Finch

After joining our company, one of my first requests was a license for our agency for WP Migrate. And we've been using it ever since. The devs on our team have been like 🤯🤯🤯🤯. Migrations used to be a chore. Now, all our devs can migrate sites with ease.

Tim Köck
Tim Köck

I made use of the media, theme and plugin and multisite migration features yesterday. FANTASTIC! Makes life much easier and so good to have. You guys have done a great job!

Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan @ryandonsullivan

@wpmigratedbpro is the McLaren of WordPress software. Genuinely can't imagine life before it and hope to never know life after it.

Jordan Cauley
Jordan Cauley @jdcauley

WP Migrate for life

Andy Warren
Andy Warren @iAmAndyWarren

Ever tried @wpmigratedbpro by @dliciousbrains? I use it frequently for a couple large multisites. Works great to move the database and media library from install to install.

Thomas Dubois
Thomas Dubois @thomasfromwood

@dliciousbrains i want officially to marry you ! I'm already using db sync but i've discovered recently the theme sync with files/folders exceptions + sync plugins + find & replace on multisites... I love you so much ! Impossible to not use you if i'm developing with #wordpress

commercegurus @commercegurus

Avoided a lot of pain of having to suck a subsite out of a multisite instance in WP thanks once again to @dliciousbrains

Caspar Green
Caspar Green @i_Caspar

Migrate DB is one of the Dev tools I depend on regularly. Saves a buttload of time and aggravation! Cheers!

Chance @chancethedev

Can you pass along my sincere gratitude for creating one of the most useful plugins in the WP ecosystem? Truly one of the easiest checks i write each year to re-up that subscription.

Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis @m1ke_ellis

What's great about @dliciousbrains' WP Migrate is a) how incredibly solid it is and b) those little green progress bars when you choose to "show tables" :-)

Ian Nuttall
Ian Nuttall @iannuttall

Massive thanks to @polevaultweb, @dliciousbrains and @wpmigratedbpro for this This will save me hundreds of hours migrating 2k+ HTML sites to WP. 🙏

John Hawkins
John Hawkins

WP Migrate is, hands down, the most useful plugin I use. The amount of time it saves me is immeasurable. So, while I don't love paying bills, this is one that I pay happily.

carrie dils
carrie dils @cdils

I love @dliciousbrains. WP Migrate is by far one of the best tools in my webdev belt.

Andy Warren
Andy Warren @iAmAndyWarren

This is one of probably 3-4 plugins that go on every single site I build and/or manage.

Michael ______2m______ Egan
Michael ______2m______ Egan @michaelegan

After mucking around with phpMyAdmin for a decade I finally found a problem too time-consuming to solve the importy, find & replace way. WP Migrate works exactly as advertised and now I can do something else today.

Alexander Tegelid
Alexander Tegelid

I just wanted to thank you for this product. I can't even begin to count the amount of hours and hassle you've saved me. Thanks!

Anna Cantrell 🖤
Anna Cantrell 🖤 @amcantrell

WP Migrate might be the most used and under appreciated tool I use.

Douglas Bowman
Douglas Bowman

Thanks for your continued work on WP Migrate. It's such a critical component of moving content around between sites, and played an especially important role in our recent transition from one web host to another, then to another server on the same host. Also great in maintaining dev and staging servers, and pushing/pulling content back and forth.

WhaleSongServices @WhaleSongAus

Yep. Mind-blown. For those that understand database migration & the general WordPress development "back & forth", my sincere thanks & gratitude to @dliciousbrains for a simply *exceptional* tool. #WPMigrate - Days into hours, hours into minutes.

Linz Darlington
Linz Darlington

We run a couple of different Wordpress sites, and WP Migrate has hugely helped us keep them up-to-date between live and staging - thank you!

Mike Hale
Mike Hale @mikehale

Have you tried WP Migrate for that? Best money I've ever spent for a plugin. Handles database, theme/plugins, media.

Caspar Green
Caspar Green

WP Migrate is awesome. I love it. Over the years it has probably saved me weeks, if not months, of production time.

dominic da costa
dominic da costa @dominic_pedro

Big shoutout to @dliciousbrains for their WP Migrate. Its worth EVERY PENNY!

Matthew Caulkins
Matthew Caulkins

WP Migrate is a very handy, user-friendly tool that has helped us easily revert to backups in emergencies and made it easy to keep our staging and live sites in sync during development cycles.

Kenny Tran
Kenny Tran @kennytranco

Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try @wpmigratedbpro, blown away at how easy it is to push/pull database, media and theme files. The license fee will probably pay itself off with the time saved on this current project alone.

Jonathan de Jong
Jonathan de Jong @jonathan_dejong

Congratulations to the team at @dliciousbrains for their 2.0 plugin release of WP Migrate! It's a killer plugin made by nice people 💥

James Giroux
James Giroux @jamesgiroux

@wpmigratedbpro has just released 2.0. What a journey! This is one of those tools that has made my life as a web professional so much easier. Kudos to @bradt and the whole team @dliciousbrains.

Jennifer Bourn
Jennifer Bourn

Hands down the BEST value plugin we have ever purchased. We recommend this plugin to everyone who builds and/customizes WordPress themes.

Ryan Don Sullivan ⤴️
Ryan Don Sullivan ⤴️ @ryandonsullivan

I always struggle when someone asks me if I "love" a piece of software. I don't get emotionally attached to tools so I explain what I like about it and why I pay for it. @wpmigratedbpro is the exception. I love that plugin with all my heart.

Ryan Don Sullivan ⤴️
Ryan Don Sullivan ⤴️ @ryandonsullivan

I'll say it right now. If my @wpmigratedbpro license ever expires I'm out of the game for good.

Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess @delarge

@dliciousbrains last thing on a Friday, WP Migrate just pulled down 576 tables and 19,000 (1.5 GB of) files from a huge multisite without batting an eyelid - thank you!

🚀🎙 Joe Casabona
🚀🎙 Joe Casabona @jcasabona

Also this is the second site in as many weeks I've redesigned and pushed live using @wpmigratedbpro. Those plugins are worth their weight in gold.

Dave Barr
Dave Barr @barrd

@wpmigratedbpro Been using it all day and believe me it's been the *best thing* about my day. Thanks to all involved, the obvious hard work put in is appreciated! 🙌

Ryan Don Sullivan ⤴️
Ryan Don Sullivan ⤴️ @ryandonsullivan

Love you long time WP Migrate!!

Jack McConnell
Jack McConnell @jackmcconnell

I think WP Migrate might just be one of the best plugins I’ve ever bought.

Mark Dingman
Mark Dingman @MRDingman

WP Migrate might be the best #WORDPRESS plugin available. #EASYBUTTON

Eric Amundson
Eric Amundson @sewmyheadon

WP Migrate makes it drop-dead simple to keep #WordPress databases in sync! WP zombies get 20% off at #wpsea

Phil Rae
Phil Rae @iamphilrae

Trying out WP Migrate. Makes moving DBs from development to production a breeze. So worth the cost.

Laura Kalbag
Laura Kalbag @LauraKalbag

I think I might be late to this, but IT'S THE WORDPRESS PLUGIN WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! WP Migrate.

Howard Steele
Howard Steele @swebsitebuilder

The plugin is one-of-a-kind, well built, well coded, user-friendly, and definitely efficient. It comes with an impressive array of constantly refining features, yet stands out particularly for the thorough replacement of a WP site remotely.

Alan Lewis
Alan Lewis @Zen_Moments

Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing plugin. I was subscribed at developer level for 1 year and WP Migrate helped me move a complex tri-lingual multi-site quite flawlessly. I let the subscription lapse at the end of that year, but I've just resubscribed with a basic subscription - I moved a site today - firstly manually copying over the wp-content folder to the new site, then using WP Migrate to copy over the database. It went flawlessly and impressed my client. So often when migrating a site there are issues that need fixing, and broken this and that, but it went through without a hitch.

Fix the photo
Fix the photo @fixthephoto

You can't find a decent alternative to WP Migrate on the market nowadays. Since the pro version of the plugin allows you to move your site remotely, this option is way better than its competitors.

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