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Better Search Replace

As a Better Search Replace user, you've probably felt the need to preview your exact changes before they are applied or match content with regular expressions (regex). You might even be looking for an easier way to migrate your files and database at the same time.

All of this and more are possible when you upgrade to WP Migrate.

Introducing WP Migrate

WP Migrate is the leading WordPress migration plugin from Delicious Brains, the same team behind Better Search Replace.

By joining powerful find and replace functionality with easy imports, exports, and full-site migrations, WP Migrate has quickly become a fan favorite among users of Better Search Replace who are ready to take their migrations to the next level.

Preview Find & Replace Results

The ability to preview your find and replace results to see what impact they will have is a must when dealing with mission-critical data. The WP Migrate find and replace tool allows you to preview the number of tables affected by the current operation. Clicking on any table reveals a full diff of the values you'll replace and what you'll replace them with.

Preview Find & Replace

Find & Replace Content with Regular Expressions

One of the most powerful features of WP Migrate is the ability to search the database with regular expressions. Regular expressions make it possible to achieve complex string replacements, like updating the URL paths for all your images, removing a string with a specific pattern across your entire site, or replacing a shortcode in all your posts or pages while retaining the shortcode attributes.

Find & Replace Content with Regular Expressions

Migrate Entire Sites From the WordPress Dashboard

Push or pull sites with just a few clicks, and include standard, case-sensitive, and complex find and replace fields using regular expressions. With support for full-site migrations, WP Migrate handles more than just your database, with options to include theme, plugin, and media files. Prefer working in the terminal? You can save migrations with full WP‑CLI support.

Export and Import WordPress Databases

WP Migrate saves time even if you prefer to migrate sites manually, by allowing you to export your WordPress database right from the admin dashboard. All of the WP Migrate find and replace tools are available when exporting your database, so you can make the changes necessary to quickly import your database into another site.

Export and Import WordPress Databases

Migrate WordPress Sites with Confidence

Still “manually” migrating WordPress sites?

Are you exporting the database with phpMyAdmin, SequelAce, or some other database tool and then running a find & replace on the SQL file? And then you still have to use FTP to download your media, themes and plugins!

We both know that isn’t ideal.

WP Migrate fits neatly into your developer workflow, giving you seamless migrations between localhost and live.

Pull a production site down to your local machine

Push a staging site to production

Push your local site to a staging server

Our customers actually look forward to moving their WordPress sites around.




@pippinsplugins absolutely. I have it on 3 sites now and it’s a huge time saver


Webmaster Flash


@cliffseal One of my biggest is keeping my dev db synced with the live db but now there’s this


John Peterson


Just bought dev license for WP Migrate. Blown away by the amount of time put into plugin. TY @bradt!


Pippin Williamson


WP Migrate might be the most amazing thing that has happened in a really long time in the #WordPress world


Catalyst Designs


The WP Migrate plugin worked a treat! Just took ten minutes to do something that usually takes an hour! #wordpress



andrea duquette


I just used WP Migrate to recreate a complicated portfolio site locally. I'm in love.


Casey Driscoll


Seriously. It’s like the one tool I use that’s *actually* a joy to use. #thatwaseasy


Teodoro Lopez


Two thumbs up to the @dliciousbrains support team. Thank you!!! great product, great support!


Morten Rand-Hendriksen


Even though I've been using it for a long time the push/pull functionality in @dliciousbrains WP Migrate continues to impress me.


Tom McFarlin


Today, i give continued thanks to @dliciousbrains for WP Migrate and the ease at which it offers migrations from dev-to-and-from-staging



Niels 👨🏼‍🔬


Pulling single site installs into a Multisite with WP Migrate is so easy… love it!


Tom McFarlin


Renewed WP Migrate from @dliciousbrains because when things make sense, it’s weird not to do them.


Chuck Reynolds


New project includes #wordpress overhaul; one of first questions "how to sync database"... WP Migrate. done.


Lift UX


I’m not sure what we’d do without WP Migrate. We use it every day with great results. Thank you @dliciousbrains!


Alex Standiford


Side note - I should say that I've never been more grateful for Delicious Brains' WP Migrate Plugin than I am right now. HUGE DB.



Ryan Sullivan


Y'all ever considered making an anti-anxiety app @dliciousbrains? It's like waves crashing against the beach. 🌊


Mark Oppenneer

Thanks for building and maintaining such a high caliber plugin. I won't hesitate to use it for other clients in the future.


Dave Schmidt

WP Migrate is an absolute essential tool in my arsenal. Thanks goes out to YOU and the other peeps at Delicious Brains. Keep kicking ass!




@isopixel WP Migrate is the best there is. Stable and it works all the time. It’s worth every penny! (Having tried more than 10 forms and tools) 🤘🏻


Steve Ryan


Multisite: check out @dliciousbrains and WP Migrate for a WAY easier method to moving multisite installs around! We lean on it quite a bit! #essentialtools #WCPHX



Jonathan de Jong


Congratulations to the team at @dliciousbrains for their 2.0 plugin release of WP Migrate! It's a killer plugin made by nice people 💥


Jennifer Bourn

Hands down the BEST value plugin we have ever purchased. We recommend this plugin to everyone who builds and/customizes WordPress themes.


🚀🎙 Joe Casabona


Also this is the second site in as many weeks I've redesigned and pushed live using @wpmigratedbpro. Those plugins are worth their weight in gold.


Matthew Caulkins

WP Migrate is a very handy, user-friendly tool that has helped us easily revert to backups in emergencies and made it easy to keep our staging and live sites in sync during development cycles.


James Giroux


@wpmigratedbpro has just released 2.0. What a journey! This is one of those tools that has made my life as a web professional so much easier. Kudos to @bradt and the whole team @dliciousbrains.


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