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Product Developer

We aren’t currently looking to add another developer to the team at the moment. We probably will be hiring again in late 2018 though so if you’re interested and not in a hurry, please do submit your resume and follow up later.

Hi, my name is Brad Touesnard. I’m the founder of Delicious Brains Inc. We make high quality products for WordPress.

The “we” is currently Ian JonesIain Poulson, Jeff Gould, Ashley RichGilbert Pellegrom, Matt Shaw, Peter Tasker, Liz Lockard and myself. Liz manages marketing while the others develop our products and support our customers. I wear the remaining hats.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our products are a pleasure to use, which means very few bugs and all the details are just right. We’re looking for someone who recognizes the value in this and is passionate about building an awesome product and owning the little big details. If this piques your interest, you should consider this opportunity.

I personally review all applications myself.




Location Independent

Most of our customers are located in the US, so ideally you’re in a timezone that overlaps with a US timezone. So anywhere in North/Central/South America. We won’t write you off if you’re located elsewhere though. Work from wherever you’re happiest. We’re distributed across the globe, working from our homes in Nova Scotia, California, Pennsylvania, Scotland and England.

You Choose Your Schedule

What’s your ideal schedule? Maybe you like the regular 9am-5pm schedule. Or maybe a 4-day work week is your thing. Or maybe you prefer to work 6-days per week, but less each day. Or maybe it changes week-to-week.

It really doesn’t matter as long as it’s at least 32 hours per week and you put in the time we agree upon.

You Choose Your Benefits

What’s an attractive benefits package? Well, it really depends on the person. What do you value?

Maybe a competitive salary is what you’re after. Or maybe you really value vacation time and would rather less pay and more vacation days. Maybe health coverage is important to you, or maybe you’re already covered.

Because everyone values things differently, I’m leaving this wide open. Carte blanche. I’m certain we can work out an arrangement you’ll be happy with.

Company Retreat

As a remote company, it’s important that we meet up a couple of times per year to get some face time. For these events, the company covers food/drink, flights/trains/cars, and accommodations. In the past, we’ve done company retreats in Miami and Vienna. Where will we go next?

Hiring Process

I read your application. If it’s missing any of the info I ask for below, I trash it. If it sounds like you might be a fit, I rank your application. I then sort all the ranked applications and reply to the top ones first. We have an email discussion and answer each other’s questions. If that works out, then I’ll ask you to start working part-time on our products as a member of the team. There’s no better way for you to see if you like the work and for us to see if you’re a fit.

This part-time period could be as short as 3 weeks, but certainly no longer than 12 weeks. Depends mostly on how much time you can put in daily during the trial. If everything is working out great, then you’ll be offered a full-time position.

How to Apply

Send a well written email to work @ our domain name telling me about yourself and please make sure to include all of the following:

The following items aren’t as critical to include as the above, but if you have them please include them as well:

I look forward to personally reviewing your application.

Best of luck,

Brad Touesnard
Founder & General Manager
Delicious Brains Inc.

Updated December 9, 2017