What’s the Difference Between Mergebot and WP Migrate DB Pro?


Mergebot is officially launched! 🎉 And we’re pretty excited about it!


But one question that we keep getting is:

…so how is this different from WP Migrate DB Pro?

Which is a fair question.

In this article, I’ll outline what Mergebot does, how it works with WP Migrate DB Pro and how they’re different. If you still have questions, hit us up in the comments 😃

Um so, Mergebot?

If you haven’t heard, we’ve been working on a little thing called Mergebot for the better part of 18 months.

Mergebot is the solution we created to take the stressful pain out of merging database changes for WordPress sites. It allows you to record changes you make to a development copy of a site and then safely apply them to a live site without overwriting live changes (no more saying goodbye to recent orders or client changes).

How do you currently get your dev/staging database changes to production? Write a list to perform again later, script something in PHP or SQL to replay the changes? Both methods are very manual and prone to error. Mergebot takes care of this for you, recording your development changes and then it handles deployment when you are ready. It also allows for dry-run deployments on your development environment, so you can test your changes on a recent copy of your live database, to ensure the changes are applied correctly and you can deal with any conflicts up front.

How is this different from WP Migrate DB Pro?

Excellent question!

Mergebot is our solution for merging databases whereas WP Migrate DB Pro (WPMDB) is our solution for migrating databases. WP Migrate DB Pro effectively replaces the database when migrating between environments. Individually, they solve two different problems.

WPMDB is great for migrating the database when moving sites between servers, or when you are ready to launch a site and move the database from your local environment to the live server.

However, let’s say you have a client site which runs a WooCommerce shop. You are tasked with adding new pages to the site, and start with using WPMDB to pull a copy of the live database to your local copy of the site. Adding new pages means adding rows to the ‘wp_posts’ table. If you try and push that table using WPMDB to the live database, you will overwrite and lose any WooCommerce orders (which also are entries in the ‘wp_posts’ table) that have come in since. A straight replacement of the table will be disastrous.

But this is where Mergebot shines. Turn on recording and add the new pages. Then when you are ready to deploy, Mergebot will add the new entries safely to the ‘wp_posts’ table without deleting or overwriting existing records. All the new WooCommerce orders are safe and sound. job and sanity saved

How Mergebot + WP Migrate DB Pro Work Even Better Together

When using Mergebot, there are certain times in the workflow you will need to refresh your development database with the production database, such as refreshing your development database with live before you start any new development work:


We recommend using WPMDB for refreshing the development database, as Mergebot has been built to integrate seamlessly with it. For example, if you pull your production database to the development database, you won’t lose your Mergebot settings and Mergebot will ignore any database queries executed during the migration.

Do I need one to use the other?

Absolutely not! Migrating your database is essential to the Mergebot workflow, but you don’t have to use WP Migrate DB Pro to perform that migration as we know other migration tools and methods are available. Mergebot and WP Migrate DB Pro work really well together but neither is required to use the other.

Just want to improve your migrating database workflow? WP Migrate DB Pro can help.

Just want to improve your merging database workflow? Mergebot can help on its own.

We’d of course recommend using them together (it’s why we’re including a copy of WP Migrate DB Pro with any Mergebot purchase), but absolutely not required.

Did you recently purchase WPMDB and are interested in Mergebot?

Give us a shout at nom@deliciousbrains.com and we’ll hook you up with a customers-only deal.

Anything else?

We’ve tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about Mergebot and WP Migrate DB Pro but we may not have gotten them all.

Do you have another question about Mergebot or WP Migrate DB Pro? Ask away in the comments.

Have a question about whether either is a good fit for you but don’t feel like asking so publicly? Send us an email at nom@deliciousbrains.com.

P.S. Mergebot is open 🎉🎉🎉 (with limited seats)

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