Activating Your License

The type of license you have purchased will determine how you receive your license details.

If you have purchased an Individual license, you will receive a confirmation email which contains the license information for your copy of WP Migrate DB Pro. You can also access your license keys by visiting My Account.

If the company you work for has purchased an Organization license, the person who purchased the license within your company will need to assign a seat to your email address and send you the license key.

Once you have your license key, there are currently two ways to activate it in WP Migrate DB Pro:

Settings Tab

  • Navigate to the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin page (Tools -> Migrate DB Pro)
  • Click the Settings tab
  • In the text field under “Your License”, enter your license
  • Click Activate License

License activation screen in WP Migrate DB Pro 2.0 WP Migrate DB Pro v2.0

License activation screen v1.9 WP Migrate DB Pro v1.9

In your site’s wp-config.php

  • Open your site’s wp-config.php in your preferred text editor
  • Add the following new line of code: define( 'WPMDB_LICENCE', 'XXXXX' );
  • Replace XXXXX with your actual license key
  • Save and close the file

Per-User License Activation

For the 2.0.4 release of WP Migrate DB Pro, the way the license is applied to a WordPress site has changed. Before 2.0.4, when you activated your license on a site, it was activated globally on that site, effectively giving all site users access to the WP Migrate DB Pro features. This was not ideal if you were using the plugin on a client site, and you didn’t want them to have access to your license details or your email support details.

Since 2.0.4, when a license key is activated in the plugin, the license is applied to the site user activating the license. This allows you to use your license key on a client site without giving them access to your license. It also allows your client to purchase and activate their own license, suitable to their specific needs.