Active Sites Limit

Each WP Migrate license tier has a different number of Active Sites available, as defined on the pricing page. All Individual licenses, except the Premier license, have a specific limit to the number of Active Sites. Premier is the only Individual license that has unlimited Active Sites. All Organization licenses also have unlimited Active Sites.

Any time you activate your license on a new production site it counts toward your license’s Active Sites limit. After 30 days of not using WP Migrate on that site, it will no longer count as active and will automatically free up a slot in your limit.

Development (dev) and staging sites do not count toward your limit. For example, activating your license on will count as one site of your limit, but activating on,,, etc. will not count toward your limit.

What’s considered “use”?

Whenever you run a migration on a production site, it counts as use.

Detecting Dev and Staging Sites

We detect the most common URLs used by developers for dev and staging sites and automatically exclude those from counting toward your site limit. We also automatically exclude staging site domains used by web hosting companies.

If somehow we flagged one of your dev or staging sites as a production site and counted it toward your limit, simply contact us from the Help tab inside the WP Migrate plugin and we’ll be happy to correct the error and prevent it from happening in the future.

Exempting Domains

Some developers like to set their clients up on a subdomain of their domain. You can define your domain as exempt from counting toward your site limit on the View Activations page of your license within My Account.

For example, let’s say you’re an agency called Foo Interactive ( You set up client staging sites on subdomains (e.g. To exclude any subdomains, you simply visit My Account, click View Activations under your WP Migrate DB Pro license, and edit the Exempt Domain setting at the top of the page, entering “”.

Subdirectories (e.g. are also excluded from counting toward your site limit.


Have a question about active sites and how it could work for you? Contact us through the chat button on this page or via