Debugging Browser Console Errors

The migration process makes heavy use of both AJAX and JavaScript and can sometimes report errors in your browser’s debugging console. This guide will show you how to identify these errors.

Firebug (Firefox)

  • Open Firebug (F12)
  • Click “console”
  • Ensure the “all” button is selected

Firefox Native Web Console

  • Open the Firefox tools (Ctrl + Shift + K / ⌘-Option-K)
  • Click the “web console” button
  • Click “clear” before attempting a migration


  • Open the chrome in inspector tools (F12 / ⌘-Option-J)
  • Click the “console” tab
  • If nothing appears here, please check your resources tab. You’ll see a list of all the AJAX calls, click the last one and check the “response” tab for additional information.

Below is an example of an error occurring in WP Migrate DB Pro. Firebug is open and we’re able to see additional debugging information.


Below is a similar image, but instead demonstrated in Chrome.


In both browsers you can click on the troublesome request in the console to see more information.