Folder Permission Errors

Migration errors can occur when folder permissions are not set correctly. Depending on the type of migration, one or more directories are involved.

Push and Pull Permissions

When pushing or pulling files, the destination site requires the corresponding folder for each included stage to be writable.

Note that constants defined in wp-config.php may alter these locations.

  • Media Uploadswp-content/uploads
  • Themeswp-content/themes
  • Pluginswp-content/plugins
  • Must-Use Pluginswp-content/mu-plugins
  • Other Fileswp-content

If any errors related to folder permissions are detected, the panel displays the error and is not selectable.

For new profiles, the migration still runs, but it will skip any stages that are in an error state.

For saved profiles, the migration runs and skips any stages that are in an error state while preserving the profile configuration. This allows those stages to be included again after the writability issues have been resolved.

Export and Backup Permissions

When performing an export or backup, the file is written to the uploads directory, typically located in wp-content/uploads.

Fixing Folder Permissions Errors

To update folder permissions, see the WordPress documentation on Changing File Permissions.

Updating Permissions in Macos, Unix, or Linux From the Cli

  1. SSH into your remote server.
  2. cd into the wp-content directory.
  3. Run the command chmod -R 755 ./uploads.

More Information

For an in-depth look at WordPress filesystem permissions, see the Smashing Magazine article WordPress Permissions – How To Set Up Proper Filesystems And Ownerships.

Known Limitations by Hosting Provider