Is WP Migrate DB Pro compliant with GDPR?

WP Migrate DB Pro doesn’t collect or store any personal data so is inherently GDPR compliant. When you activate your license key in the plugin, your site URL is sent to our server for licensing purposes. We also send some minimal data about the site install (plugin version, WordPress version, locale and PHP version) but this is stored anonymously.

WP Migrate DB Pro handles migrating databases from server to server which will of course contain personal data. We have a free Anonymization addon to help anonymize user data when exporting, pushing out, and pulling from a live database.

When it comes to migrating databases with the personal data intact, we recommend always migrating over HTTPS – we actually make HTTPS the default protocol in our connection strings for communicating between sites.

We have also updated our privacy policy for inline with the new GDPR regulation.