Multisite Tools Addon Changelog


  • Release Blog Post
  • New: Push/Pull single site install into/from multisite subsite
  • New: Compatibility with WP Migrate DB Pro 1.8.1
  • Bug fix: Importing a subsite with the same user_login and user_email duplicates users
  • Bug fix: Subsite selector showing on single sites for find & replace
  • Bug fix: Find & Replace removes site path on multisite media items


  • Bug Fix: Protocol replace not working when importing a single site into a subsite


  • Bug Fix: Multisite networks with > 100 sites can only select from first 100 sites for push/pull subsite


  • New: Compatibility with WP Migrate DB Pro 1.7
  • Bug Fix: Using deprecated wp_get_sites() function causes PHP Notices in WordPress >= 4.6


  • Bug Fix: Site activated plugins not migrated from subsite to single site
  • Bug Fix: Subsite tables with names resembling core tables are always selected when performing a subsite push


  • New: Compatibility with WP Migrate DB Pro 1.6
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect table selection when switching between push and pull for subsite migrations to/from single site installs


  • Bug Fix: Broken Pull Into Subsite when server returns integer as string (looking at you HHVM)


  • New: Push subsite to single site install (optionally with media)
  • New: Pull single site install into subsite (optionally with media)
  • New: Users filtered to only those required for migrated site content


  • New: Compatibility with WP Migrate DB Pro 1.5.2
  • Bug Fix: Error when clicking "View version details" in plugins list


  • New: Compatibility with WP Migrate DB Pro 1.5.1
  • Bug Fix: Non-core tables not being renamed correctly


  • Initial release.