SSL Errors

SSLRead() return error on OS X

If you’re using OS X as a local development environment and receiving an “SSLRead() return error -9806” error when trying a migration, it’s likely that the SSL version compiled with your version of cURL is not compatible with the remote server.

More information and a fix for the issue can be found here:

Recompiling the version of cURL used by PHP to use OpenSSL instead of SecureTransport (as shown in the accepted answer) should resolve the issue completely.

If you are using Laravel Valet as your development environment, you may have luck following the instructions in this Github issue.

If you’re receiving the same error but have verified that your local machine is already using OpenSSL, make sure that the OpenSSL version on your local machine is as close to the version on the remote machine as possible.

Alternatively, you can edit the connection information to force the migration to run over HTTP, which can be helpful as a temporary workaround if there is no sensitive data being transferred.