Troubleshooting Guide


Do you have WordPress debugging turned on? There should be line in your wp-config.php file containing the following: define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); If debugging is not on, you are flying blind. In fact, if a fatal error occurs in WordPress, you will just get a blank white screen with no details as to why it’s happening.

Latest version of WP Migrate DB Pro

Ensure both the local and remote websites are running the latest version of WP Migrate DB Pro. Having different versions of the plugin installed at either end may produce errors and/or unexpected behaviour.

Update WordPress Core, Themes & Plugins

Ensure both the local and remote websites are running the latest version of WordPress and that your plugins and themes have all been updated to the latest version.

Checking the Diagnostic Info & Error Log for errors

We log errors for certain processes in the “Diagnostic Info & Error Log”. This is found on the “Help” tab on the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin page. Check this log as it may contain an error that you’re familiar with and know how to fix yourself.

Checking your PHP/Apache error logs

It’s possible that you may find more hints as to why our plugin is failing in your PHP or Apache error logs. You may need to contact your host to access these logs, if so, ensure that you request the “error” logs instead of the “access” logs.

Checking your browser’s debug console for errors

Occasionally error messages will be hidden away in your browsers debugging console. See the Debugging Browser Console Errors doc for an in-depth guide on how to check your browser’s console for errors.

Is the remote website working?

The migration process accesses the remote site by sending POST requests to the remote site’s admin-ajax.php file. You should be access this script in your browser by navigating to: (replacing with your actual domain name).

When the page loads you should see a single “0” as the page content, this signifies that the script is working correctly. See a working example of this here.

If the page is blank, has different output or redirects to another page there could be a theme or plugin conflict, you might want to disable all plugins (except WP Migrate DB Pro) and revert back to the default theme and try again. You may also want to enable Compatibility Mode.

If you’re using a maintenance mode plugin, please ensure it does not block access to the admin-ajax.php page as this will prevent the migration from working correctly.


If you have ‘WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL’ defined then this will block migration requests. See the WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL doc for the fix.