Uploads folder permissions

Sometimes errors can occur when the wp-content/uploads folder file permissions are not set correctly.

WP Migrate DB Pro need to be able to write to this folder in two instances:

  1. When the ‘Export File‘ option is used as the output for the migration
  2. When the ‘Backup the local database before replacing it‘ option is selected

The WordPress Codex has a detailed document that outlines methods for updating permissions. Essentially, WordPress needs to be able to write to the wp-content/uploads folder.

On Unix/Linux this is a permissions octal of 0755.

To update the folder permissions in a Unix/Linux/OS X environment with the CLI

  1. SSH into your remote server
  2. Open your CLI of choice and cd into the <webroot>/wp-content folder
  3. From this location run the chmod() command: chmod -R 755 ./uploads

Links that illustrate how to update permissions via an FTP program

  1. Filezilla (Windows)
  2. Transmit (OS X)
  3. Overview of WordPress file permissions