Usage Tracking

As of version 1.8.2, WP Migrate DB Pro has an optional setting for securely sharing data about your usage of WP Migrate DB Pro. This data helps us to prioritize new feature development and gives us an idea of how customers (like you!) are using the plugin.

The only personally identifiable information logged is customer license key, local file paths and the URLs used in a migration. The rest of the data collected is in regard to which settings are used during a migration.

Below is an actual JSON sample of which settings are tracked.

    "_created": 1537972346200,
    "cli": false,
    "licence_key": "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx",
    "local-home_url": "",
    "local-is_multisite": false,
    "local-is_subdomain_install": false,
    "local-prefix": "wp_",
    "local-site_url": "",
    "local-subsite_count": 0,
    "local_timestamp": 1537972346200,
    "profile-action": "push",
    "profile-backup_option": "backup_only_with_prefix",
    "profile-create_new_profile": "",
    "profile-exclude_transients": true,
    "profile-gzip_file": true,
    "profile-import_find_replace": true,
    "profile-media_files": true,
    "profile-media_migration_option": "compare-remove",
    "profile-replace_guids": true,
    "profile-replace_new": {
        "1": "//",
        "2": "/path/to/something"
    "profile-replace_old": {
        "1": "//",
        "2": "/path/to/something/else"
    "profile-save_computer": true,
    "profile-save_migration_profile": true,
    "profile-save_migration_profile_option": false,
    "profile-table_migrate_option": "migrate_only_with_prefix",
    "remote-home_url": "",
    "remote-is_multisite": false,
    "remote-is_subdomain_install": false,
    "remote-prefix": "wp_",
    "remote-site_url": "",
    "remote-subsite_count": 0,
    "setting-allow_pull": true,
    "setting-allow_push": true,
    "setting-allow_tracking": true,
    "setting-compatibility_plugin_installed": true,
    "setting-compatibility_plugin_version": "1.1",
    "setting-delay_between_requests": 0,
    "setting-licence": "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx",
    "setting-max_request": 1048576,
    "setting-pause_before_finalize": false,
    "setting-prog_tables_hidden": true,
    "setting-verify_ssl": false,
    "setting-whitelist_plugins": [],
    "userID": "555",
    "wp-migrate-db-pro-active": true,
    "wp-migrate-db-pro-media-files-active": true,
    "wp-migrate-db-pro-media-files-version": "1.4.10",
    "wp-migrate-db-pro-version": "1.8.2"

Usage tracking is completely optional but if you want to help shape the future of the plugin, you can opt-in by toggling ‘Securely Share Data’ to “on” under Advanced Settings in your plugin’s Settings tab.