Activating Your License

After purchasing WP Offload SES you will receive a confirmation email containing a license key. You can also access your license keys by visiting My Account.

Once you have downloaded and installed WP Offload SES, you can activate your license in the following ways:

Setup Wizard

  • Navigate to Settings > Offload SES to display the Setup Wizard. If you have already configured the plugin before, you can click “Launch Setup Wizard” at the bottom of the General settings page.
  • Enter your license key the text field at the bottom of the first page of the Setup Wizard.
  • Click “Get Started”

Settings Page

  • Navigate to Settings -> Offload SES, and click the “License” tab.
  • Enter your license key into the text field
  • Click “Activate License”


  • Open your site’s wp-config.php file in your preferred text editor
  • Add the following new line of code before the line that starts with “That’s all, stop editing!”: define( ‘WPOSES_LICENCE’, 'XXXXX' );
  • Replace XXXXX with your actual license key
  • Save and close the file