WP Offload SES Settings

Send Mail Using SES

When enabled, all emails sent via WordPress will be routed through Amazon SES. We recommend waiting to turn this option on until your Amazon SES account is no longer in sandbox mode and you have completed verification for one or more email addresses or domains. If you don’t wait, you run the risk of your emails being unable to send and lost.

Enable Open Tracking

Recommended. Enabling this option will insert a transparent, 1×1 pixel image into emails sent via your site with a text/html content type. When someone views the email, this image will load from the server and log the email open. Your site should be publicly accessible to the internet in order for this to work.

Enable Click Tracking

Recommended. Enabling this option will convert all URLs in emails sent with a text/html content type to tracking URLs. Clicking one of these URLs will log the click before redirecting the user to the final destination. Like with open tracking, your site will need to be publicly accessible for this to work.

Email Sending Health Report

Enabling this will schedule a daily, weekly, or monthly health report that will give you a snapshot of the emails that have been sending through your site and any failures. On multisite, this can be enabled on the network-level and/or the subsite level. Subsites reports will only show emails sent from that particular subsite.

Health Report: Frequency

Select from a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly frequency for the health report. Daily reports will be sent the next day and cover the previous days emails. Weekly reports send out at the start of the week (this can be changed in the WordPress General Settings). Monthly reports are sent out on the first of every month.

Health Report: Recipients

Choose from Site Admins or Custom. Selecting Site Admins will send the report to all Administrators on your site, while choosing Custom will let you enter a comma-separated list of recipients. If on multisite, the Site Admins option will be sent to all Administrators for the subsite sending the email, unless it is a network-level report, in which case it will send to all Network Administrators.


Recommended. Changing this setting will select which region on AWS your site will send email through. You should select the region that is closest geographically to the server hosting your website.

WordPress Notification Email

Recommended. This overrides the [email protected] email address that WordPress uses by default when sending out emails with one of your choosing. You should set this to an email address that has been verified with Amazon SES.

WordPress Notification Name

Recommended. This overrides the default From name of “WordPress” that WordPress uses when sending out emails.

Reply To

If set, this will override the Reply To email address that is used when responding to an email sent out from the site. This address does not have to be verified with Amazon SES. Leave this blank if you want to allow other plugins to set this automatically.

Return Path

This email address is used to notify you of email bounces and complaints. The email address used in this field must be verified in Amazon SES. If this isn’t provided, bounce and complaint notifications will be sent to the email address used to send the email.

Delete Logs

Select a log duration based on the amount of emails that your site sends and how long you want to retain them for viewing in the Reports table.