Delicious Brains, Advanced Custom Fields, and WP Engine Cyber Savings

By Rob Stinson

As we slide into the tail end of our first full year at WP Engine, it’s pretty awesome to look back and celebrate all the big releases! From custom post types and taxonomies in ACF to full-site export/imports between WP Migrate and Local, it’s exciting to see the improvements we’ve made helping power the way folks build with WordPress! And there’s no better way to celebrate a big year than with a BIG sale! Cyber savings are here and they’re here for a limited time! Save on your first year across a number of our products, as well as 6 months free on WP Engine hosting.

Keep reading for more details.

Up to 40% off ACF PRO

ACF 2023 Cyber Sale Banner.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) simplifies the process for developers to build comprehensive CMS solutions within WordPress, offering easily editable fields for content creators across all types of websites. ACF PRO enhances website development even further with additional fields and features such as ACF Blocks, Repeater, Flexible Content, Gallery fields, and custom Options Pages.

Offer: Get up to 40% off when you purchase ACF PRO

Dates Valid: Now through November 30, 2023

Up to 50% off WP Migrate Pro

WP Migrate 2023 Cyber Sale Banner.

WP Migrate transforms site migrations into hassle-free experiences by seamlessly integrating into your developer workflow. Deploy WP Migrate on two or more WordPress sites and effortlessly push/pull databases, media, themes, and plugins between these sites. Whether you’re moving from your local machine to development, development to staging, staging to production, or vice versa, WP Migrate streamlines the entire process.

Offer: Get up to 50% off when you purchase WP Migrate

Dates Valid: Now through November 30, 2023

Up to 44% off WP Offload Media

WP Offload Media 2023 Cyber Sale Banner.

WP Offload Media enhances your site’s speed by delivering media and asset files through Amazon CloudFront or another CDN, reducing the load on your WordPress server. This optimization directs server resources towards processing PHP and accelerating the delivery of your WordPress pages. Additionally, WP Offload Media simplifies the management of storage buckets, allowing you to effortlessly create new ones, connect to existing buckets, and seamlessly upload your entire media library with just a single click.

Offer: Get up to 44% off when you purchase WP Offload Media

Dates Valid: Now through November 30, 2023

Up to 40% off WP Offload SES

WP Offload SES 2023 Cyber Sale Banner.

WP Offload SES streamlines the sending of all site emails through Amazon SES, providing the benefits of high delivery rates and cost-effectiveness associated with Amazon SES, all with a simplified setup process. Furthermore, WP Offload SES incorporates built-in open-and-click tracking, eliminating the need for a time-consuming CloudWatch setup. WP Offload SES is perfect for eCommerce websites or any other platforms where outgoing mail is central to your site’s experience.

Offer: Get up to 40% off when you purchase WP Offload SES

Dates Valid: Now through November 30, 2023

6 Months Free on WP Engine WordPress Hosting

Clickable banner for WP Engine hosting, offering six months free.

Discover WordPress peace of mind with WP Engine’s fully-managed WordPress platform and developer solutions. Chosen by millions of brands and agencies globally, WP Engine supports and serves many of the web’s most visited websites – every day of the year!

Offer: Get six months free on annual Managed WordPress and eCommerce hosting plans. Offer is only valid for new customers and does not apply to upgrades.

Coupon Code: CyberWeekend23

Dates Valid: Now through November 30, 2023

About the Author

Rob Stinson

Rob Stinson is Lead Product Marketer for a swag of WP Engine's builder and developer tools. But don't let the term "marketer" scare you off! He's been writing code, building sites, and bootstrapping products - all in the WordPress space for about a decade. He's run his own agency, led at an enterprise/100+ team member agency, launched and sold plugin businesses, and now runs the marketing strategy for fan favorites Advanced Custom Fields, Local, WP Migrate, and more. A Southern-hemispherean, he loves nothing more than connecting and teaching folks about ways they can build better with WordPress.