Sneak peek of Amazon S3 & CloudFront Pro

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As you may already know, we’re working on our second WordPress plugin product: a pro version of Amazon S3 & CloudFront.

Like WP Migrate DB Pro, this pro version will be based off of the free version. So we’ve been working hard on the free version since October 1st, getting it fixed up to be a solid foundation for the pro version. Over the last couple of months, we’ve pushed out a whopping 6 releases including a complete redesign of the UI.


Old Amazon S3 & CloudFront Screenshot


New Amazon S3 & CloudFront Screenshot - Select Bucket


We also started working on the pro version a month ago and have made excellent progress.

Here’s the full feature list we’re working on:

  • Upload existing Media Library to S3 (works with massive libraries)
  • Upload single Media Library item to S3
  • Remove single Media Library item from S3
  • Theme Assets addon to serve theme JS & CSS from S3/CF
  • Easy Digital Downloads addon to serve downloads from S3/CF
  • WooCommerce addon to serve downloads from S3/CF
  • Multisite support

Here’s a sneak peek of the upload feature:

Amazon S3 & CloudFront plugin upload progress UI

This uploader also runs a find & replace over all your posts, pages, and custom post types, updating any URLs that have been inserted into the content.

So what’s the launch date, right? Well we’re not big on setting dates around here. We’re a “finished when it’s finished” kind of shop. We’d rather have it done a bit later and right than hit some arbitrary deadline. But if I were to guess, I’d say launch is 2-3 months out.

For those wondering about a beta, we’re not planning on having a public beta. We already have a select few who are working closely with us. Plus, we’re applying the rigorous testing process that we’ve employed for testing WP Migrate DB Pro releases so we’re confident we’ll be able to weed out most of the bugs before release.

As for pricing, we’re still figuring out the details, but it’s looking like the tiers will be based mostly on the size of your Media Library. So if you have a Media Library with 40,000 items, you’d pay more for a license than if you only have 500 items.

To receive more news about the plugin, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.

About the Author

Brad Touesnard

As founder of Delicious Brains Inc., Brad wears many hats; from coding and design, to marketing and partnerships. Before starting Delicious Brains, Brad was a busy freelance web developer, specializing in front-end development.

  • WOO HOO! Stop emailing and keep working on it 🙂

  • Yeah, this pretty awesome. I was wondering what pro features there would be. Uploading an existing library is priceless. #Kudos

  • Marc Avila

    This looks great. It is also very timely as we are getting ready to roll out our new website soon so look forward to being able to use it.

  • Great stuff, looking forward to adding this to our toolbox, alongside Migrate DB Pro

  • pmgarman

    I’m curious about the media library size pricing model. I’m assuming this is totally standalone and does not need any third party service outside of S3 and the license validation… any insights into why you are going this route vs the X sites license?

    • Great question Patrick. We considered the usual “X sites” pricing tiers, but it doesn’t seem fair. For example, let’s say one customer has a site with 40,000 attachments and another customer has a few sites with 500 attachments each. Doesn’t seem fair that the customer with a few small sites should pay more than the customer with one large site.

      • pmgarman

        I can appreciate that, but at the same time it feels like an artificial limit placed on a product that would (I assume) work for a library of any size without that limit from the license? WP Migrate DB Pro as an example works great on small sites and (assuming the server doesn’t timeout and you have time to spare…) on large sites – as a developer a license that was based on the size of the database would be a poke in the eye (a site I manage servers for has a database growing at ~250MB/week right now).

        Will this impact how you’d handle licenses for multiple sites? Maybe an developer/agency license with unlimited attachments or will it be a “you have X attachments for unlimited sites.” Where I can use my 500 on 10 small sites, or 40,000 attachments on one massive site.

        Also might cause some headaches for planning what license to buy. Maybe even unknowing users who end up hitting the limit and their media stops moving over to S3?

        Just thoughts on the model, pros and cons both way but of course running many sites I’m just hoping at the end of the day the licensing doesn’t cause headaches in trying to use what looks like an awesome product 🙂

        • I currently use the free version of the product on a few sites and it works well, but reading this I had the exact same questions as pmgarman. We manage 300+ sites for clients with media folders ranging from 40mb in size to more than 10gb. It’s your plugin and you’re free to charge what you will – and conversations about pricing service and plugins for WP abound on the web. But pmgarman makes a good point. To charge an annual license fee for product updates and to charge a volume fee on top of that doesn’t make much sense. Even amazon itself only takes one bite at the apple for storage.

          • pmgarman

            I don’t think there is going to end up being two separate fees, it will likely all be under one license and I’m sure there will be an option of some sort for multiple sites – just a matter of knowing what that is and if the release is a few months out then pricing is also likely not set in stone or maybe not even totally decided on yet.

          • sure. it might be worth getting some feedback from the community about a proper licensing model. If one is going to price something on perceived value, it might be helpful to have an idea of what value might be to people using the product.

        • Interesting. I don’t see how a limit on Media Library size is any more “artificial” than a limit of “X sites”. Maybe I’m missing something?

          We’re still discussing how we’re going to handle licenses for multiple sites.

          We won’t be stopping media from moving to S3 when the license limit is reached. That’s a feature of the free plugin, so we won’t be disabling that. Only pro plugin features would be disabled. You’d get an email when you’re close to your limit asking to upgrade. When you exceed your limit, the pro plugin and pro addons would disable themselves. Once the license is upgraded or the number of Media Library items decreases to under the limit, then the pro plugin + addons would automatically start working again.

          And yes, there will only be one license fee, not two.

          • pmgarman

            Maybe artificial is a bad word to use to describe it, I can see the benefits looking at this type of licensing at the single site level. My typical work does not really ever involve just doing things at a higher level across multiple sites or multisite networks – so I’m looking at it from that side of things which you guys are still sorting out how licensing will work. So I’ll just sit back and wait to hear what comes of that side of licensing once you do announce it.

            For the “artificial” thing – I think what it comes down to is that this is just change. As you said below the larger the library the larger the value (totally valid), and those with larger libraries who use it more may also need more support (maybe valid?), so a larger license can totally make sense. This just is different than almost every other license where if you buy a license for a site you can use it on that licensed site as much as you want and not have to upgrade your license as your site grows. Coming from an e-commerce background I compare in my head to having licenses on plugins that vary in price based on the number of orders you process monthly – or something similar. Happy to chat about it any time maybe not on blog post comments if you wanted 🙂

          • If you to a per attachments license you will lose A LOT of potential clients and existing clients… someone will fill the demand to replace your product on the market. A license per wordpress installation is standard and will generate you enough income to make your efforts profitable. Or you could release it on CodeCanyon and tap into the existing market for less profit per sale but you’ll probably be featured and make more sales over the loss in individual sale profit. Also price is a factor.. if you charge to much per license you will also increase your risk for sustainable profitability. It’s a balancing act… proceed with caution is my best advice.

          • Jason

            because a file limit is much more likely to be reached than a pricing that goes “1 site, 5 sites, 20 sites, unlimited sites” either way the pricing should have an “unlimited” option, ONE of the sites i am putting on my network has over 40k images…on a network that i plan on hosting well more than 100 sites… so.. ill hit my image max at two sites??? seems silly.

          • Jason

            ah, didn’t see that before… yeah $1200 a month… i think ill still stick with w3 total cache, especially with multisite. solid plugin though.

          • Hi Jason, I Just wanted to clarify: our licenses actually renew yearly, not monthly. Also, you don’t have to renew to keep using the plugin, just if you want updates and email support and we offer a 30% discount if you renew before your license expires.

          • Jason

            but i still don’t understand what i benefit from vs w3 total cache? Both upload to amazon s3 automatically. total cache actually goes further and uploads core files and other files to s3. also total cache already works with multisite with the option to lock settings in for all sites or allow individual setup.. so i can use my amazon s3 account or allow each site to use their own. So i am not really sure what benefit i get from $1200 more per year than i pay now…

          • Jason

            also seems a bit much since both free caching plugins for wordpress w3total and wp super…. connect to s3 and upload media files… so really what is your advantage if all you really need is to host the files in the cloud instead of on your server? what does $300 get me over a free cache plugin?

      • I realize I’m a little late to the party here.

        Just to preface, I love the free version of this plugin AND Migrate DB Pro. I use Migrate DB Pro every day, and it’s fantastic. You guys have made my life 100 percent easier.

        I’ve also implemented the free version of this plugin on a client site with a very large number of attachments, and I’m looking at implementing on another client site in the coming weeks. I’m planning on recommending that they upgrade to the pro version when it comes out.

        That being said, it’s going to be very difficult for me to do that if there’s a licensing limit based on the number of attachments on the site. I’m going to have a hard time convincing them that they have to pay more because people upload a lot of stuff to the site.

        This non-standard pricing structure will also also make it difficult for me to license a developer subscription and offer it to my clients as a benefit of sticking with me (as opposed to Joe Blow down the street). I’ll have to police their attachments and cut them off at a certain level or risk endangering all my other clients.

        This will make my life 100 percent harder, which disinclines me from recommending this particular product or implementing it on client sites.

        Again, you guys are fantastic, and your work is amazing. Thanks for developing awesome stuff!

  • Jason Johnson

    Looking great, can’t wait for the ability to upload the existing media library to S3/CF.

  • soyguille

    Multisite support simply grate !! , I am impatient to try it with Lunar – sakura woo commerce plug

  • Alex Hochberger

    Excited for this. It’s such a clean interface. We’d be primarily using on new sites, so the “existing Media Upload” is less of an issue, but neat nonetheless. If pricing is reasonable, I don’t see an issue, especially of the “Media Volume Size” is primarily for existing libraries and not going to cause images to stop migrating once a limit is reached.

    I.e. if my license covers 1000 images, and I exceed that, I’m okay with “no updates until you upgrade the license” so we remember to upgrade. I’m not okay with “my site stops working until I upgrade the license.” 🙂

    Main concern I have would be to relocate the local CSS/Javascript files to an appropriate S3 bucket. I currently use 3 S3 Buckets/CloudFront Domains: images, css, and js, with the files moved accordingly and referenced accordingly. If it’s not difficult, I’d like to be able to designate CSS/Javascript buckets/cloudfront separate from the Media ones.

    • Hah, yea, we’re obviously not going to take your site offline. 🙂

      Good point about the separate bucket. It’s now on our radar.

      • Alex Hochberger

        Nothing is obvious in the world of WordPress. 🙂 Just don’t break any functionality when we clip the limit (still let the authors upload images), and find a reasonable way to enforce us to upgrade.

        I’m excited for this. I had this plugin setup when we moved a site from -> When we did the upload, everything magically moved to S3. Big performance increase.

        We’re very happy, it is much lower headache than messing with the Caching systems (that are much more complex), and gets us a nice speed boost for virtually no cost.

        A reasonable fee for inexpensively migrating CSS/JS files, and other “pro features” in the manner you did this way would be much appreciated.

        Once I have my Amazon credentials in your system via the other plugin, excited to have Amazon tools at our disposal.

  • Ashish

    What additional features will it provide compared to the free W3 Total Cache

  • Corey Ellis

    Will either the pro of free version work on multisite?

    • Free already works on multisite. Pro will also work on multisite and we do have plans to add some nice multisite features, like the ability to tweak the settings for each subsite.

  • Clifford P

    If the free plugin handles unlimited new/future uploads (e.g. start with zero, end in 10,000 files after 1 year), the pricing model seems to be geared only toward uploading existing/past items.

    As such, why not sell “upload existing items credits” if you’re set on that pricing model?

    Your plugin does a one-time work of uploading file to S3, rewriting all content to new source, and is done.

    If it’s $1 per 1,000 uploads, I may only want to spend $20 at this time so I could choose to do 20,000 of my 40,000 this month and do the rest 3 months later.

    However, this still feels like arbitrary/artificial limitations. We all understand wanting to monetize, but if all the code is ran by our own servers, just let us run it as many times as we want to.

    If there’s something your servers do in the middle (which I don’t believe there is), then there would be more justification for your proposed pricing model.

    Just some thoughts from someone who is rooting for you. 🙂

    • I’m not a fan of a credit-based system. Wrote a bit about that kind of thing here:

      I certainly don’t think it’s arbitrary as it directly relates to usage and reliance on the plugin. The larger your Media Library, the more you use our plugin and rely on it, the more value you get out of it.

      As for “artificial”, as I said above, I’m stumped by this. How is this limit any more artificial than an “X sites” limit?

      • Clifford P

        Call it what you want, but I think we might be thinking along the same lines. You’re coming from “what if 1 site has 40,000 files” and I’m coming from “what if I have 10 sites with 100 files and 1 site with 39,000 files”. I’m talking more about spreading the cost of 40,000 across all my sites vs paying for the 1,000 file tier x 10 sites and the 50,000 tier for the 11th site = 60,000 files paid for vs needing 40,000 files.
        (Ultimately, if pricing is extremely attractive, spending the 60,000 files wouldn’t be much of a concern anyway.)

        Devs gotta eat too, right? You’re not going to make everyone happy — X sites, X files processed, unlimited use, whatever you end up with will make some feel they got extra value and others feel they should save a few bucks.

        Kudos on finally releasing such features publicly. Many will consider it a very valuable part of their setup. I wish you the best.

      • Jamie Roberts

        My concern is that a lot of my clients have libraries with old media in that’s not used anywhere (we think) as the sites have been through a couple of dodgy iterations before we got hold of them and some of them are huge sprawling beasts with images being directly linked from all over the place.

        I know that cleaning up the media library/site structure is not really your problem, and it’s something that’s on a list of jobs to be done anyway, once everything above it on the hit list gets done, with the client’s budget meaning there’s a question of, ‘well it’s working, why spend time doing that’.

        So it’s a job that’d need to be done before going ahead with the pro version to keep the cost down, making it doubly expensive for the client because they have to pay to sort their media out first.

  • How would someone determine how many images are in the wp-content/uploads folder without going through each file and counting? Would you loose sales?

    • We would show that number clearly somewhere in the plugin settings. You can also get it from the Media Library section of any WordPress dashboard.

  • solidangleoy

    Looks really good! Consider adding support for rebuilding all images (there are several plugins for that, or etc.) as it’s I think it’s a hugely useful feature needed by many.

  • Joel Stickney


    1. Would this be a file limit + site limit, and does multisite count as one “site” or does each subsite count as one site?

    2. After you reach the limit “only pro plugin features would be disabled.” Here’s the list of pro features.

    • Upload existing Media Library to S3 (works with massive libraries): Okay, the site will work just fine even if this is deleted.

    • Upload single Media Library item to S3: Still works.

    • Remove single Media Library item from S3: No issue there.

    • Theme Assets addon to serve theme JS & CSS from S3/CF: If this is disabled, the site crashes right down.

    • Easy Digital Downloads addon to serve downloads from S3/CF: No more downloads or existing content or no more new uploads?

    • WooCommerce addon to serve downloads from S3/CF: No more downloads of existing content or no more new uploads?

    • Multisite support: I have no idea what multisite support implies, but I’m guessing if it was disabled the multisite install would cease to function (at least some of the subsites anyway).

    • 1. Yes, the license will be tied to 1 site (plus dev/staging environments) and have a Media Library size limit on that. Yes, multisite counts as 1 site.

      2. Yes, at the moment we’re thinking we’ll disable pro features but not the addons. Multisite support just means that we test on multisite and if you request email support for multisite, we’re equipped to help you resolve the problem. That won’t be affected by reaching the Media Library limit.

  • Joel Stickney

    Oh, and last question:

    3. Is it or would it ever be possible to upload directly to Amazon S3 negating the need to upload to the server first, then upload, then delete off of server. One step instead of three would be incredibly ideal for efficiencies sake. Your non-pro version states: “Uploading files directly to your S3 account is not currently supported by this plugin.”

    That seems to imply it might be possible with a future version of the plugin (or the pro plugin, perhaps?).

    • Last time I looked, this wasn’t possible, but that was a long time ago. Need to take another look.

      • Joel Stickney

        Out of curiosity, did you find anything? 🙂

  • Chris Williams

    Looking good – can we get setting of metadata on object creation ( when moved into S3 ) please, so we can define the various metatdata for caching, mostly Cache-Control.

    • dbrains

      I’ve added to our private Github issues.

  • Saul Cozens

    This plug-in look like it will be exactly what I need and I’l get buying the Pro version when it is release. But I’m impatient and I want to use it on one of my sites NOW!. I’d use the free version but I need to migrate an existing media library of about 8500 images.

    Do you have any tips on doing a manual migration of existing libraries? Any scripts or SQL that will help? Any things to watch out for?

    • juddi

      I tested the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and it worked wonderful. It just updates everyhthing and then AmS3 plugin replaces the urls everywhere 🙂

      • Saul Cozens

        juddi – I’m not sure what you’re saying here. Do you mean that I can bulk upload all existing images to S3 simply by installing the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and running that? Does that upload the existing full size images to S3 too or just the thumbnails?

        • Hey Saul, that’s exactly what Juddi saying. All you have to do is set up the

          Amazon S3 & CloudFront plugin, then install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and regenerate your entire library. It will take a while, but you’ll get them all uploaded to S3 with no fuss and no muss (full size images are uploaded to S3 as well). You’ll need to make sure that you update the URLs in your posts. I’d recommend using Blue Velvet Update URLs.

  • Scott Foster

    Definitely looking forward to this plugin, but I am also confused on the pay by library size model. What if it was broken into “feature” tiers. So baseline plugin does the basic uploading to s3 and rewriting and “x” speed. Then 2nd tier has the advanced features and unlocks “nitro” upload speed, which would be more attractive to those with larger libraries anyway…..either way, slick plugin.

  • hknightx

    So.. About the multisite feature, will it still be a network wide only plugin- or could it be activated per sub-site and each sub-site could have it’s own S3 bucket that sub-site admin can setup? I notice that I cannot set up this plugin per sub-site… did I miss something or is it made that way?

  • God

    Any ideas on when this may be ready, i have much work to to!! he

  • When will this be available. I’m running a Multisite in Multi-network mode (via multi network plugin) and your free version of Amazon S3 doesn’t work on my additional networks. I’ve been looking for a solution.. my whole setup is on Amazon Beanstalk with S3 so I don’t get why it’s not working??

  • Any update??

  • Jack Voorheis

    I could use this. Let me know as soon as it is done. I will need for several of my sites.

  • Ross Fisher

    Why not just a set price as there are no running costs on your end or monthly/yearly update/support subscriptions? X items in media Library doesn’t make much sense if you don’t have to host an API or service.

  • asd

    Is there any option, let say, I dont want to use AWS S3 anymore, and want to revert and put all media files back to my wordpress folder?

    • Yes! That will indeed be a feature of the Pro version 🙂

      • asd

        Can’t wait. Any timeline?

  • anthon1

    Feature request. I’m not sure if this is the place, but I’d love for there to be an option to delay transferring my image files to the s3 bucket until after my server has had a chance to generate the various sizes I need. Your plugin works great, but everything goes to s3 without the site being able to create multiple sizes.

  • Jason

    i am using the non pro version and whenever i upload a large file from my front end plugin, it doesnt ever go to amazon. small files under 20mb work fine though… any tips?

  • Paul Frame

    We are needing this to get our site onto elastic beanstalk. 4 months ago you estimated 2-3 months. Getting any closer? Also… I’m curious about any licensing decisions. My site currently has 100,000 images and we are adding ~6000 per month. The price point may be a large deciding factor on how we handle this.

  • looks awesome.

  • abubin

    this has been in development for quite some time already. Any news on when will it be ready? Also if you don’t mind me adding. Please add the feature to check for existing file during upload of images. Have an option when similar files are found to either overwrite or rename or skip. Thanks and can’t wait for this to be released….ready pro subsriber here….. 🙂

  • David Stover

    I was excited to see this plugin coming along, but the pricing model is out of whack. I can’t justify spending the amount that you are charging based on how many images I am storing. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to model the amount differently than x number of sites, that is great, but your fees are too high to be logical. I am use to paying $199 or $299 for a developer’s license and paying annual fees for support, but this is akin to paying per post. Good luck, I wish you well, but I will not be using the product under this pricing model.

  • Jason

    will multisite support mean that each individual site can add their own credentials and use their own s3 accounts? i dont think it is really a great idea to host eveyones images on my s3 bucket in the situation that i will be using this.

  • Jason

    what does this do that w3 total cache or wp super cache doesn’t? (they also allow theme uploading and other core files)