WP-CLI Command – Setting subcommand

The setting CLI subcommand provides an interface to get and update several WP Migrate DB Pro settings from the CLI.

wp migratedb setting <action> <setting_name> <value>


    Can either be get or update
    Name of setting to update or get
    Available settings: push | pull | connection-key | license
    *Note: Only push, pull and license can be changed. The connection-key value can only be reset in the UI.
    Value of the new setting, if using the update action


Set the pull permission to ‘on’:

wp migratedb setting update pull on

Output the current value of the pull permission setting:

wp migratedb setting get pull

Output the current value of the Connection String secret key:

wp migratedb setting get connection-key

Since WP Migrate DB Pro 2.0.4 and the inclusion of per-user license activation, the license setting requires you to specify a user. This can be achieved by making use of the WP-CLI --user global parameter

Set the license key to the given value. The license key is validated before being saved.

wp migratedb setting update license xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx --user=1

Output the current license key

wp migratedb setting get license --user=1