WP-CLI Command – Setting subcommand

The setting CLI subcommand provides an interface to get and update several WP Migrate DB Pro settings from the CLI.

wp migratedb setting <action> <setting_name> <value>


    Can either be get or update
    Name of setting to update or get
    Available settings: push | pull | connection-key | license
    *Note: Only push, pull and license can be changed. The connection-key value can only be reset in the UI.
    Value of the new setting, if using the update action


Set the license key to the given value. The license key is validated before being saved:

wp migratedb setting update license xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

Output the current license key – xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:

wp migratedb setting get license

Set the pull permission to ‘on’:

wp migratedb setting update pull on

Output the current value of the pull permission setting – on:

wp migratedb setting get pull