Full-Site Exports

WP Migrate can export your entire WordPress site including the database and files necessary to fully replicate the site in a new environment. You can even customize the export to include only the database or certain files as needed.

What Can Be Exported?

The following parts of your WordPress site can be included when customizing your export.

  • Database
  • Media Uploads
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Must-Use Plugins
  • Other Files (in the wp-content directory)
  • WordPress Core Files

Creating a New Export

To begin a new export, go to the Migrate tab and select the Export action.

New full-site export action

Exporting the Database Only

To export the database as a SQL dump file, run the export with only the “Database” panel checked. WP Migrate Pro can then import the SQL file into a new environment.

Full-site export profile with database only

Exporting a Full Site

To export a full site as a ZIP archive, check at least one panel in addition to the “Database” panel before running the export. The ZIP archive bundles the selected components into a single compressed file that is automatically downloaded upon completion.

Full-site export profile with database and files included

Learn more about the available options when including media files or theme and plugin files in a migration.

WordPress Core Files

Including WordPress core files in an export is helpful when you want to preserve the version of WordPress that is installed on your site. This includes wp-config.php which may contain details that are necessary for the site to function in a new environment.

When the “WordPress Core Files” panel is selected, the following files are included in the export.


Multisite Exports

WP Migrate can export a multisite network or an individual subsite from within the network. Network exports are available to all users, while subsite exports require a qualifying license of WP Migrate Pro.

It is recommended that WordPress core files be included when exporting a multisite network to ensure that the necessary constants defined in wp-config.php are included in the archive.

Exporting for Local Development

If you need to work on the exported site in a local development environment, consider importing to Local to get your site up and running in minutes.