Advanced Custom Fields Integration

This integration introduces compatibility with our Advanced Custom Fields and Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugins, and the third party Advanced Custom Fields: Image Crop Addon plugin.

The integration makes sure that any URLs for offloaded media used in the instructions, default value or placeholder for a field are properly rewritten to local URLs when editing field groups, and rewritten to remote URLs when displayed in the WordPress admin area.

When a user enters values for defined ACF fields in the post or page editor, the same URL rewriting happens to ensure that local URLs are safely saved in the database, but remote URLs used in the admin area and front end of the site.

The integration also adds support for cropping images that have been removed from the server. The integration doesn’t support cropping of ACF image fields that do not have the setting ‘Save cropped image in media library’ enabled. This means the cropped image isn’t created as an attachment, and not uploaded to the bucket in the first place.