Assets Pull: Settings

Rewrite Asset URLs

This is the master switch which controls whether your enqueued assets will be rewritten or not.

Pull Domain

This is the domain which your asset URLs will be rewritten with and is the domain that you need to configure Amazon CloudFront (or your CDN of choice) to pull from your site. The domain should be entered by itself, without any scheme or URL path.


We highly recommend using a subdomain of your site’s domain for SEO. That is, if your site’s main domain is, or then we would recommend using a subdomain on the same domain, such as or

This domain should be different than the one used for your media files as they serve from different origins, and will likely have other important differences in configuration.


By default, asset URLs will use HTTPS when the request is HTTPS and regular HTTP when the request is HTTP, but you may want to force the use of HTTPS always, regardless of the request.

This may be desirable on a site using HTTP, but wishes to take full advantage of performance benefits provided by HTTP/2 for assets which require using HTTPS.

Controlling Settings with Constants

All of the above settings can be defined in your wp-config.php which will override the value saved in the database. For more information, see Settings Constants