BuddyBoss Integration

This integration introduces compatibility with the BuddyBoss Platform plugin.

BuddyBoss Platform makes it easy to sell memberships, courses, and build online communities. The BuddyBoss integration for WP Offload Media handles the offloading of user-generated content that is uploaded by BuddyBoss users.

Offloaded File Types

Once a cloud storage provider is configured, the following file types can be offloaded.

Custom Upload Directories

BuddyBoss stores all of its media within custom upload directories. While the contents of these directories are not visible within the WordPress Media Library, you can browse these files directly by navigating to the wp-content/uploads directory and drilling down into the subdirectories of the following file types.

BuddyBoss File Type Storage Location
User avatars uploads/avatars/{USER ID}
User cover images uploads/buddypress/members/{USER ID}/cover-image
Group avatars uploads/group-avatars/{GROUP ID}
Group cover images uploads/buddypress/groups/{GROUP ID}/cover-image
Photos uploads/bb_medias/{YYYY}/{MM}
Videos uploads/bb_videos/{YYYY}/{MM}
Documents uploads/bb_documents/{YYYY}/{MM}

Rewriting URLs

Whenever any of the above files are requested within member profiles, social groups, activity feeds, or discussion forums, WP Offload Media will rewrite the file URL, effectively replacing it with the remote URL of the file served from your cloud storage provider.

All integrations are part of the core WP Offload Media plugin and are available to all license holders.