Missing table error notice

WP Offload Media will display an error notice if any of its required custom tables are missing from the database.

One or more required database tables are missing, please check the Diagnostic Info in the Support tab for details.

The error is displayed on all tabs of WP Offload Media’s settings page. There is also a section in the diagnostic info found in the Support tab with additional details.

What Does This Error Mean?

WP Offload Media uses a custom database table with the name as3cf_items to keep track of all offloaded media items. The plugin doesn’t work properly if the table isn’t in place. On a standard WordPress site there should be one as3cf_items table, and on a WordPress multisite installation there is supposed to be one table per subsite. The table(s) are created when the plugin is first activated, upgraded, or when new sites are added to a multisite installation.

If you see this error, check the Diagnostic Info on the Support tab.

Understanding the Diagnostic Info

Scroll down to the section called Custom tables to find additional info about the status of the items table. Please note: since ‘wp_’ is the default database table prefix, we’re using that in the below examples but you might have a different table prefix.

On both a standard WordPress site as well as a WordPress multisite installation, the diagnostic info text box will contain one single line if there are no problems found with the items table:

 Custom tables:
 wp_as3cf_items: Ok


When the items table is missing on a standard WordPress site, the below message is displayed in the diagnostic info text box:

 Custom tables:
 wp_as3cf_items: Missing

On a WordPress multisite installation there can be a very large number of missing items tables. The diagnostic info will only show detailed information about the five first missing tables. The output may look something like this:

 Custom tables:
 wp_as3cf_items: Missing
 wp_2_as3cf_items: Missing
 wp_3_as3cf_items: Missing

How to Fix the Issue

The easiest way to fix this issue is to remove the as3cf_schema_version row from the options database table. This will trigger the plugin to attempt to recreate the table on the next page refresh.

For a multisite install, please remove the as3cf_schema_version record from the options table associated with the subsite that is missing the as3cf_items table. For example, if wp_5_as3cf_items is missing, remove the as3cf_schema_version record from the wp_5_options table.

To see the effect in the Diagnostic Info immediately, it’s also recommended to remove the as3cf_db_init_status transient from the database.

If This Doesn’t Fix the Problem

If removing the as3cf_schema_version setting doesn’t help, there’s an underlying issue that must be resolved. Please check the MySQL error logs on your server to get more details about the problem.

You may find errors detailing why the custom table could not be created. For example, permissions, or maybe other errors that show more extensive problems with the database that may coincidentally be stopping WP Offload Media’s custom table from being created too.