Verify and update WooCommerce downloadable products

WP Offload Media includes a tool that goes through all your WooCommerce products with downloadable files. It marks all downloadable files as private in the bucket. It also replaces shortcodes created by previous versions of this plugin with proper URLs.

If you have existing products where you are unsure about the private/public status of the offloaded file this tool checks and updates all of them at once.

How do I use this tool?

Whenever you have WooCommerce installed and activated this tool should be visible on the right hand side of the main settings page:

Verify and update WooCommerce downloadable products tool shown in sidebar

To run the tool simply click the “Verify and update” button. If you have a lot of downloadable products the tool might need a few minutes to complete.

If the tool gets stuck in the process, you probably have issues with background processing on your site. See our Background Processes Slow or Not Completing doc on how to resolve it.

If you have deactivated or uninstalled WooCommerce but still need to run this tool, you can add a define to your wp-config.php to ensure the tool is always displayed:

define( 'AS3CF_SHOW_WOOCOMMERCE_TOOL', true );

You can also ensure that the tool is never displayed if for instance you want to protect against accidentally changing a manual setup. Use the same define but set the value to false:

define( 'AS3CF_SHOW_WOOCOMMERCE_TOOL', false );
When using a multisite install of WordPress where WooCommerce is only activated on individual subsites you will need to use the define to force WP Offload Media to show the tool.

What this tool will do

This tool will check every downloadable file on all of your WooCommerce products and variations and do two things:

  1. If the product file is offloaded, the tool will make the file private in the bucket if it is currently set to public

  2. If it is a shortcode created by an older version of WP Offload Media, it will replace it with a local URL. Note: It will not replace shortcodes created with the official WooCommerce Amazon S3 extension.

Since version 2.5 of WP Offload Media the default behaviour is to store the WooCommerce product file URLs as a local URL to your media library. When the file is requested from a customer, the URL is rewritten automatically to a signed remote URL that allows the download from the bucket.