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Assets Addon Changelog


  • This addon has been deprecated. If a security issue is identified we will release a fix. We don’t intend to push out any other releases. Eventually we’ll stop security releases as well. Please replace this addon with the new Assets Pull addon.
  • Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
  • Bug fix: Assets status stuck on "Scanning..."
  • Bug fix: Inconsistent handling of directory separators on Windows servers breaks filtering
  • Bug fix: Plugins row notices look ugly when showing connection error
  • Bug fix: Save notices disappear on settings page
  • Bug fix: Improper use of jQuery.attr logged to browser console
  • Bug fix: "More info" links can be broken across two lines


  • Bug fix: Asset URLs not rewritten when site URL contains port number


  • Bug fix: Some assets not detected when WordPress installed in a subdirectory
  • Bug fix: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()


  • Improvement: Reduced number of database queries on front-end requests
  • Improvement: Upload all plugin assets to S3, not just active plugins
  • Improvement: Allow expires time to be filtered for private assets using the as3cf_assets_expires filter
  • Bug fix: Background jobs sometimes process multiple times


  • Improvement: Include deactivated plugins when offloading to S3
  • Bug fix: Slow load times on installs with a large amount of assets


  • Bug fix: Slow load times when assets are being uploaded to S3
  • Bug fix: Duplicate database queries on front-end page requests


  • Blog post with screenshots
  • New: Live progress bar of scanning, uploading and purging
  • New: Option to exclude files from minify
  • New: Option to force HTTPS
  • New: `as3cf_get_asset` filter that takes local URL and returns offloaded version if available
  • Improvement: "Scan" and "Purge" buttons easier to find (now in sidebar)
  • Improvement: Restrict scanning and uploading of core files to wp-admin and wp-includes by default
  • Improvement: Reduced auto-scanning of core files to every 30 minutes by default
  • Improvement: Reduced auto-scanning of mu-plugins files to every 15 minutes by default
  • Improvement: Scan and upload core, plugin and theme files on successful upgrade
  • Improvement: Quicker uploading with less resources by using background batch jobs
  • Improvement: "Scan" and "Purge" buttons use AJAX instead of a page reload
  • Improvement: Better descriptions of why assets are not being served with links to documentation
  • Bug fix: Scanning starts when toggled on rather than when settings saved
  • Bug fix: Failure saving large file queue on some database configurations
  • Bug fix: Undefined index: s3_info error when plugin removed during scan
  • Bug fix: Extra space in displayed scan and purge webhook URLs


  • Improvement: When Assets fails to upload a file after 3 attempts a notice is shown


  • Bug fix: Processing uploads cron job schedule dropped on Multisite installs
  • Bug fix: Uploads failing when bucket, in a non standard region, is defined as a constant
  • Bug fix: Minify files not fired if shutdown hook not reached
  • Bug fix: Next scan time blank after turning on automatic scanning


  • New: Gzip option
  • New: Minify option
  • New: as3cf_assets_ignore_file filter to exclude files from scanning
  • New: as3cf_assets_file_url filter to modify enqueued URL output
  • Improvement: woff2 added to default extensions
  • Improvement: Assets tab options updated with links to documentation
  • Bug fix: Assets sometimes using absolute server path instead of site URL
  • Bug fix: Assets not purging from S3 when more than 1,000 items require deletion


  • Improvement: Supply correct Cache-Control headers to S3
  • Improvement: Update View in S3 console link to open bucket in the current prefix
  • Bug fix: PHP fatal error on PHP versions less than 5.4
  • Bug fix: Modified files not updating on S3
  • Bug fix: Child theme assets not served from S3
  • Bug fix: Relative URLs within asset files sometimes result in 404 errors when Object Versioning is enabled


  • Improvement: Disable path option when input blank
  • Bug fix: PHP fatal error when attempting to scan directories with incorrect permissions


  • Initial Release