Defining the S3 Bucket

When you have installed WP Offload S3 and connected your AWS account, you will need to select an S3 bucket to store your offloaded media. You can do this in the settings of the plugin by choosing from a list of buckets you have access to, or by entering the bucket name manually.

If you are looking to remove the manual process of selecting the bucket then you can define the bucket in your wp-config.php file using this constant:

define( 'AS3CF_BUCKET', 'mybucket');

This is particulary helpful for automatic deployments of the plugin to new sites, or when you want to remove the ability for users to change it by mistake.

You can also define the location of any new buckets created in the settings with this constant:

define( 'AS3CF_REGION', 'eu-west-1');

This is helpful when you want to select non standard locations when creating buckets.

Assets Addon

You can also define the bucket used by the Assets addon using the constant:

define( 'AS3CF_ASSETS_BUCKET', 'myassetsbucket');

If you have defined the AS3CF_REGION, this will also apply the location to buckets created via the “Assets” tab.