PHP Version Requirements

Up until version 1.6.x, WP Offload S3 has supported WordPress sites using a minimum of PHP 5.3+, as required by AWS PHP SDK v2.

However, a future version of WP Offload S3 will require a minimum of PHP 5.5 as it will be switching to AWS PHP SDK v3.

With over 96% of our user base currently using PHP 5.5 or later, we’re confident that it’s the right time to upgrade to AWS PHP SDK v3.

How to Upgrade PHP

If you have received a warning message from WP Offload S3 that your site is running a version of PHP that will soon no longer be supported by WP Offload S3, please upgrade your server’s version of PHP as soon as possible.

There are many hosting providers and many ways to install and configure PHP, so it is impossible for us to guide you in how to upgrade your version of PHP.

If you are with a web hosting provider who manages the server for you, please contact them and ask them to migrate your site to a server with PHP version 7 or greater.

If you have set up your own server, upgrading your version of PHP will very much depend on what operating system your server runs and how you have configured it. Please search for a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade PHP on your particular setup or engage the services of a professional server administrator to help you.

Backup First!

Regardless of where your site is hosted, please make sure to backup your site’s files and database before making any configuration or software updates. It is extremely important to verify your backups before upgrading your site’s hosting platform. A backup is worthless if you can’t restore it, so be sure to try restoring it.