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Quick Tour of WP Offload S3

A screencast briefly walking through the features in WP Offload S3.


A quick look at how to install and configure the pro upgrade for WP Offload S3.

Settings Described In Detail

In this screencast we look at each of the WP Offload S3 settings and describe what they are for and the impact they can have on your site.

Assets Addon

The Assets addon will offload CSS, JS and other asset files to S3 and serve them from S3, CloudFront, or another CDN when any scripts or styles are enqueued on a site.

WooCommerce Addon

With our WooCommerce addon, you can easily upload your files to S3 when editing a product in your WordPress dashboard. And when you assign a file to a WooCommerce product, we automatically set the S3 permissions of the file to private to protect your digital files from unauthorized downloads.

Easy Digital Downloads Addon

The Easy Digital Downloads addon allows you to upload your digital files to S3, set them to private and protect them from download, all from your WordPress dashboard.

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