Background Processes Slow or Not Completing

WP Offload SES relies heavily on background processing, which allows long-running tasks to complete without having any negative impact on your users. If you notice issues with emails not sending, please check the below recommendations:


Cron should run at a minimum of every 5 minutes and it’s advised that a true cron job is configured. This article details the process.

Time Limits

All background processes within WP Offload SES are performed in small batches to prevent long-running tasks and reduce the chance of server time limits being reached. However, in some circumstances, a batch may run for longer than 30 seconds and it may be required to increase your PHP maximum execution time.

In your php.ini file increase the following value:

max_execution_time = 300 ; // 5 minutes

You may also need to increase your PHP memory limit if you start receiving memory exhausted errors. If you are unable to change any of these values you should contact your host.