Why Upgrade?

WP SES vs WP Offload SES

So you're already using the free WP SES plugin and wondering why you should upgrade to WP Offload SES? One of the main reasons people upgrade is peace of mind. With an active license, you can email us for help any time. We don’t provide email support to those without an active license. An upgrade will also get you some important features that are not included in the free WP SES plugin…

Features Missing From the Free Plugin

Technical support

If you run into difficulty with WP Offload SES, you can easily submit an email support request via the Support tab inside the plugin. We don't provide technical support for the free plugin, so this is a big deal. Any active license will get you a prompt reply via email, but the Gold license or better will get you PriorityExpert™ email support which guarantees that the first response you get from us is from a developer.

Technical support Technical support

Open & click reporting

It's important to be able to measure the engagement of your site emails. Are people actually opening certain emails? Are they clicking links? With that information, you can try to update an email's subject line and see if the open rate improves. Or update the email copy and see if more people click on the links. With WP Offload SES, you can access all of this instantly, from your WordPress dashboard. Although the free plugin tracks opens and clicks, it does not have reporting.

Reporting of open and click metrics

Robust email queuing

Every Amazon SES account has a max send rate. If you try to send more emails per second than your account rate, Amazon SES will return an error and refuse to send the email which could result in dropped emails if not handled properly. WP Offload SES is aware of your SES account's send rate and will stay within the limit, but in the event of a failed send (e.g. a networking issue) the robust queue system will retry sending those emails and keep track of failures. The free plugin will just report an error when you hit your send limit or if an email fails to send.

Robust email queuing

Work talk: WP Offload SES from @dliciousbrains is slick as hell.

Brian J. Link

Brian J. Link

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Open & click tracking

Log every email sent

Verify senders from your WordPress dashboard

Multisite compatible

Technical support

Open & click reporting

Robust email queuing

Configurable templates (Coming Soon)

WP Offload SES automatically replaces every plain text email it sends with an email that includes both the original plain text version and an HTML version of the email. But currently there's no way to customize the header and footer of these emails. Configurable templates will allow you to create your own template with a custom header, footer, sidebar, or whatever other elements you'd like to include in each plain text email.

Handling bounces & complaints (Coming Soon)

By default with SES, bounces and complaints are sent to you by email and that's all. There is no report in the AWS console of exactly which emails have bounced or received a complaint, nor is there a way to handle them. We're planning to show which emails have bounced as part of the WP Offload SES reports so you can clean up your email address list periodically. We also plan to have actions/filters you can hook into with code to automatically handle bounces and complaints.

Reputation monitoring (Coming Soon)

The AWS console allows you to review statistics about your reputation and do some reputation management. We're planning to pull this data into your WordPress dashboard so you can manage it without needing to login to AWS.

Search for any email sent (Coming Soon)

Amazon SES doesn't log every email sent, let alone allow you to search for a sent email. Although WP Offload SES is currently logging every email sent to the database, there's currently no interface to browse or search those emails. We plan to build that interface soon so that you can look up all the emails sent to a given email address for example.

Resend any email (Coming Soon)

Let's say that one of your users accidentally deleted a message that was sent to them. In the future you'll be able to look up that email in the WP Offload SES log and resend it in just a few clicks. No more copying and pasting the content of the email you think they need because Amazon SES is missing such a critical feature.

Unsubscribe from site emails (Coming Soon)

The ability for a user to unsubscribe from site emails is a significant feature missing from WordPress. For email addresses that have hard bounced for example, it doesn't make sense to continue sending them emails, so we can automatically unsubscribe them from future site emails. In the future you'll have the option to include an unsubscribe link in the footer of your site emails to satisfy your users' need to unsubscribe and better comply with ever-tightening privacy regulations.