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Best Ways to Encrypt Passwords, Keys, & More with PHP in 2022

A few years ago I attended Laracon EU where Marcus Bointon gave a great talk on Crypto in PHP 7.2. I left the talk having a much greater appreciation for…


Sep 29, 2021

How We Built Full Composer Support For Our Premium WordPress Plugins

Composer is the dependency manager of choice for PHP. It allows you to declare a list of project dependencies and will install and update them directly from the command line,…


Feb 27, 2018

WP Offload S3 1.5 Released: Copy Between Buckets & More

Today is once again release day for WP Offload S3 ‎🎉 and with it comes some new features and improvements. We’ve merged compatibility addons into the core plugin, added support…


Jul 11, 2017

The WordPress Developer’s Guide to ES2015 (ES6)

The WordPress developer community is currently abuzz with JavaScript talk, specifically around which JavaScript framework to use in WordPress core. Regardless of which framework is chosen, it’s clear that WordPress…


Jun 13, 2017

WP Offload S3 1.4 Released

Today is release day for WP Offload S3 and with it comes some new features and some changes. It’s been just over two months since we released version 1.3, but…


Mar 14, 2017

Finding Bottlenecks in WordPress Code

A few months back Iain wrote about how our team pushes each other to be better developers, which included insights into how we improve code quality using tools such as…


Nov 15, 2016

WP Offload S3 1.2 Released

After nearly 6 months of development I’m pleased to announce the release of WP Offload S3 1.2. For now you’ll need to download it from My Account. Updates through the…


Oct 4, 2016

Assets Addon 1.1 for WP Offload S3 Released

We’ve added minification and gzip options to the Assets addon, allowing you to boost your PageSpeed score from a C to an A.


Feb 4, 2016

How to do Background Processing in WordPress Plugins and Themes

As WordPress sites become increasingly more complex, so do the tasks that they need to perform which can often be resource intensive or time consuming. I’m talking specifically about tasks…


Jan 19, 2016