Media Files addon 1.1 released: Now supporting push

By Brad Touesnard, Founder & CEO

We’ve just released version 1.1 of the Media Files addon for WP Migrate DB Pro. The most notable change is the addition of push support. Now when running a push migration, you can send your media files as well as your database. For a complete description of how the Media Files addon works, see our documentation.

Accompanying the Media Files addon release, we’ve also posted version 1.3.2 of WP Migrate DB Pro, containing mostly bug fixes. Full change logs for each are below.

Media Files addon 1.1 Change Log

  • New: Push media files! You now have the option of pushing your media files from one location to another
  • Improvement: Better error handling, more information when an error occurs
  • Improvement: Create the required media directories if they don’t already exist
  • Bug fix: Undefined index error occurs when a remote media file is missing
  • Bug fix: Resized images were not being included in the migration
  • Bug fix: Media Files not downloading when wpmdb_temporary_prefix filter used

WP Migrate DB Pro 1.3.2 Change Log

  • New: Update notices now show up in the WP Migrate DB Pro UI as well as the WordPress Plugins page
  • Improvement: Better error handling when an AJAX request error occurs
  • Bug fix: Inconsistently styled warning messages
  • Bug fix: Videos on the help tab give insecure content warnings over SSL
  • Bug fix: Custom temporary table prefixes were breaking the migration
  • Bug fix: Consecutive exports were not producing an export file
  • Bug fix: MySQL duplicate key error on tables that included primary keys of 0
  • Bug fix: Find & replace fields switched incorrectly for saved profiles
  • Bug fix: Display issue caused by unchecking the “Save as file to your computer” option
  • Bug fix: Internet Explorer not correctly detected

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