The Most Common Questions We Get About WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload Media and WP Offload SES


Whether or not you’ve used one of our products, I bet you’ve had a question or two about at least one of them. In today’s post, I thought I’d share the answers to some of our most-asked questions in case you were curious but hadn’t thought to ask.

We field on average 885 new support tickets a month (Yes! 885 every month!) across our team of developers and myself. I studied each of those 885 tickets…just kidding. There were some questions that immediately stood out in my mind having answered them on a daily basis. I also polled our team to find out what other questions they think we get asked the most. What follows are the questions the team and I see most often in support.

I’ve organized this by product so feel free to scroll to the product you’re more curious about. And if you have a Q that I haven’t included here, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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WP Migrate DB Pro

WP Migrate DB Pro was Delicious Brains’ first product, created in 2013. It allows you to migrate your database between two WordPress installs in just one click. Looking to migrate your media files too? The Developer license and better includes access to the Media Files Addon so you can push and pull your files in the Media Library. You can also access the Theme & Plugin Files Addon so you can migrate your theme and plugin files along with your database. The Multisite Tools Addon gives your WP Migrate DB Pro migrations multisite-specific functionality. You can even run migrations from the command line with the CLI Addon.

How do active sites work in WP Migrate DB Pro?

Active sites are determined automatically. When you activate your license on a production site, it will count towards your active sites limit. After 30 days of not using WP Migrate DB Pro on that site, it will automatically no longer count towards your limit.

Development and staging sites don’t count towards your active sites limit. But how does WP Migrate DB Pro know which sites are development sites? We automatically exclude the most common URLs used by developers for staging and development sites. Do you have a development or staging site incorrectly counting towards your limit? Feel free to contact us via the Help tab in the plugin and we’ll be happy to sort this out for you.

We commonly see developers who like to set up their clients’ staging sites on a subdomain of their domain. In this case, you’ll see that the site still counts towards your limit even though it’s a development or staging site. Don’t worry, you can fix that by following our exempting domains instructions.

This will exempt all subdomains of the exempt domain. For example, if you add as your exempt domain, any subdomains such as or won’t count towards your active sites limit. Using the license on, however, will still count towards your active sites limit.

Does WP Migrate DB Pro support database merging?

We receive this question quite often from potential and existing users. Database merging is a tough problem that WP Migrate DB Pro doesn’t support. We set out to try to solve WordPress’ database merging problems a few years back with a product called Mergebot but ultimately decided to shut it down permanently because it didn’t meet our quality standards.

While WP Migrate DB Pro doesn’t support database merging, it’s still a problem many WordPress developers face ☹. Iain wrote about the issue earlier this year including digging into the problem, some workarounds and available merging solutions.

Why am I getting a 500 error?

Sometimes our users run into 500 server errors. These can show up as:

  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • Internal Server Error
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 404 or 400 message

They can be confusing because of the variations of errors that may display and combinations of error message wording. They’re all due to something going wrong on your server. Our 500 Internal Server Errors doc delves into the reasons they may occur and where to look for clues.


Sometimes, ModSecurity will interfere with the migration process because it may flag WP Migrate DB Pro’s requests as a security threat. This may show up as a 403 Forbidden, 500 Internal Server Error or even a 404 Not Found. If you suspect ModSecurity could be triggering this error, we suggest reaching out to your host to see if ModSecurity is enabled. Our ModSecurity doc goes into further details on how to handle these errors.

I’m receiving this error: “Unable to connect to the remote server, please check the connection details…(along with a 400 error of some sort)”

Security software or a firewall on the destination site can often cause these errors. If you run into this error, check with your host if there’s a firewall, ModSecurity or a rate-limiting software in place. You may have to disable security-related plugins (such as Wordfence) and/or white list your source server to avoid this error.

WP Offload Media

WP Offload Media copies files from your WordPress Media Library to cloud storage (we currently support Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces and Google Cloud Storage) and then rewrites the URLs so you can serve the media from that cloud storage provider (or from a CDN such as CloudFront). With the Assets Pull Addon (available with the Gold license or better), you can serve your sites’ assets (such as CSS, JS, fonts) from CloudFront or another CDN.

How does the media limit work in WP Offload Media?

We’ve had some users ask if the media item limit is a monthly limit, annual limit, how does it work exactly? The media limit with each WP Offload Media license is a rolling limit at any given time. For example, if you have the Gold license, you can have up to 20,000 total media items offloaded at any given time. This limit doesn’t reset. To free up more media item slots, you’ll have to remove some items from being offloaded.

We also hear confusion as to what media we’re referring to. The “media” is any media that’s in your WordPress Media Library. What about resized images? Items uploaded to your media library will count as just one item towards your limit, regardless of how many resized images are generated.

All of WP Offload Media’s licenses can be used across unlimited sites as we’ve found this way to be fairer for our users. It means a user with multiple small sites doesn’t suffer and a giant website with many media items pays appropriately.

What if I notice a development or staging site counting towards my media limit in WP Offload Media?

While we whitelist common TLDs for development and staging sites, we sometimes hear from customers who are using a custom or uncommon TLD for a dev or staging site that’s incorrectly counting towards their limit. If this happens, please reach out via the Support tab in the plugin and we can get that fixed up for you 🙂

Is WP Offload Media compatible with X plugin?

Understandably, many people want to know if WP Offload Media is going to work with plugins they already have set up. We’ve tested WP Offload Media with some plugins which we’ve listed in our compatibility doc. There are also some plugins listed that we’ve heard are compatible but we haven’t tested ourselves. With so many plugins out there, it’s difficult for us to say if WP Offload Media will certainly be compatible or not.

My images are offloaded with WP Offload Media but they aren’t showing via a CDN

Hang tight, it can take at least a few minutes for a CDN distribution to deploy and for DNS changes to take effect. If you’ve finished your cup of coffee and find you’re still waiting, check out the appropriate guide to make sure your DNS entries are correct:

When I upload new media it offloads just fine, but why is the bulk offloader stuck at 1%?

If you go to “Tools” => “Site Health” in the dashboard and wait 30 seconds for all the tests to run, is there anything “critical” that needs fixing?

There’s a couple of tests in that “Site Health” page that relate to the background jobs that WP Offload Media uses for its bulk offload, download and removal tools. In particular the “Loopback requests” and “Scheduled events” tests need to be passing, otherwise many plugins will have issues.

WP Offload SES

We launched WP Offload SES earlier this year after dealing with the frustration of sending emails for WordPress sites. WP Offload SES will take over sending emails for your WordPress site and instead send them using your Amazon SES account.

Can I create an email as part of a campaign and send it using WP Offload SES?

WP Offload SES currently sends all WordPress transactional emails using the native wp_mail() function. It doesn’t have any functionality for creating email subscriber lists and sending out campaigns and/or newsletters. Want to send email campaigns? We’ve tested WP Offload SES with Icegram and The Newsletter Plugin to make sure they work well together. We also reviewed some popular email newsletter solutions for WordPress and how they stack up against Mailchimp and Drip.

Can I view a specific email sent with WP Offload SES?

Yes! We recently released WP Offload SES 1.3 which introduced the Activity tab. Within the Activity tab, you can view a specific email you sent, analyze engagement, manually resend emails and more.

How does WP Offload SES handle delivery failures?

All Amazon SES accounts have a max send rate. If you attempt to send more emails per second than your account rate allows, Amazon SES will return an error and refuse to send the email. This can result in dropped emails. WP Offload SES’ email queue system obeys your Amazon SES send rate. If you run into a failed send, our queue system will automatically retry those emails and keep track of failures.

Can I use one AWS account for multiple client websites?

We don’t recommend using one AWS account for multiple clients for a couple reasons. For one, they’ll all be using the same send rate limit. This means if multiple clients are sending emails at the same time, you’re that much more likely to run into errors and dropped emails as I mentioned above. It also introduces a security issue where one client could send email as another client.

For the reasons above, we recommend having each client sign up for their own Amazon SES account.

And The #1 Question We Get Is…

What’s with the name, “Delicious Brains”!?

Funny story, it’s a Simpsons reference. It’s pretty obscure, but Homer utters it in the episode where he thinks he has leprosy. Have you seen it?

Wrapping Up

We hear many different questions throughout the day and it’s impossible to capture them all in one article. In most cases, hopefully, it’s smooth sailing using our products but you may run into some more technical questions that we didn’t answer here. Many technical issues are unique to the individual circumstances so knowing the specifics helps our team dig into the issue.

We’re excited to be able to help resolve issues but we understand you’d like to get back to business as quickly as possible. Regardless of how technical your question is, these tips can help you get your issue resolved quicker if you find yourself scratching your head:

  • If you haven’t already, check out the docs for the appropriate product (WP Migrate DB Pro, WP Offload Media, WP Offload SES)
  • Can’t find the answer in our docs? Give us a holla. Each of our products’ licences come with access to support from our developers and we’re happy to help. You can contact us via the Help/Support tab within the plugin or at the email listed in the Support section of My Account.
  • It’s extremely helpful for our developers to be able to see your debugging information when troubleshooting. If you’re writing in via email, you can find and download the Diagnostic Info & Error Log from the Help/Support tab. Attaching this to the email outlining your issue will help speed things along for you. If you contact us directly from the Help/Support tab, this information will automatically be included so no need for the extra step of downloading it.

Do you have any questions about our products that we didn’t cover? What’s your troubleshooting process? Let us know in the comments.