WP Migrate DB Pro 1.5 & Multisite Tools Addon 1.0 Released

We’re very excited to announce the release of WP Migrate DB Pro 1.5 and the all-new Multisite Tools addon. We’ve already cheated a little by giving you a video preview of the Multisite Tools addon in action, but there’s some other new stuff that I’d like to show you as well.

Delay Between Requests

Delay Between Requests slider control

Some web hosts run Denial of Service (DoS) software to protect against attackers who send a barrage of simultaneous requests to the server at once in an effort to take it down. Sometimes that software incorrectly identifies WP Migrate DB Pro’s requests as malicious and blocks future requests. The fix is to slow down the migration, adding a delay between each of the requests. The Delay Between Requests slider allows you to do just that.

WP-CLI Export Subcommand

We’ve added a WP-CLI export command to the core plugin.

wp migratedb export <output-file> [--find=<strings>] [--replace=<strings>] [--include-tables=<tables>] [--exclude-post-types=<post-types>] [--skip-replace-guids] [--exclude-spam] [--gzip-file] [--include-transients] [--subsite=<blog-id|subsite-url>] [--prefix=<new-table-prefix>]

You will still need our CLI addon to run a push/pull from the CLI, but to run an export you only need the core plugin. See our documentation for more details.

Quick Copy “Find” to “Replace”

Copy Find to Replace Animation

Often times you need to copy the Find value over to the Replace value and edit it. We’ve made the arrow a button so it’s now only one click to do this. A convenient little enhancement. Hat tip to Jonathan Perlman for requesting this feature.

Hardened Security

We’ve spent quite a lot of time tightening up security in this release. We’ve greatly reduced the data passed through each HTTP request. We’ve also audited all our input variables and made sure they are all sanitized before being used.

Multisite Tools Add-on

Mutlisite Tools Options

This first release of the Multisite Tools addon has the ability to export a subsite from a multisite install as an SQL file that is ready to be imported as a single site. We are planning to support other types of multisite migrations, so check out our documentation for more on that as well as details on how it works. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to watch the following video where Ian guides you through using it.

All customers with an active Developer license or better can install and activate the new Multisite Tools addon from the Addons tab within the plugin (after updating WP Migrate DB Pro to 1.5). You can also download the zip from there or login to My Account and download the zip there.

Change Logs

Update not showing in your dashboard?

If the update isn’t showing in your dashboard right away, you can click the “Check Again” button on the Updates page and it will clear the cached update check and force it to check our server for new updates.

Updates page in the WordPress dashboard

What’s Next?

We have some minor fixes to take care of that didn’t make it into 1.5, then we’re going to get started on 1.6 which will be a big UI update. The 1.5 release did balloon on us and took much longer than it should have. We’ve recognized this and will be much more disciplined about limiting the scope of all major releases going forward so that we can push one out every 3-4 months.

About the Author

Brad Touesnard

As founder of Delicious Brains Inc., Brad wears many hats; from coding and design, to marketing and partnerships. Before starting Delicious Brains, Brad was a busy freelance web developer, specializing in front-end development.

  • Casey Driscoll

    You guys are the best! I had completely forgot updates were part of the license, so delayed or not it was a pleasant surprise (You mean they’ll update an already great tool?!?!).


  • @bradt This is awesome! I am so excited about this. I have two questions:
    1 – Can I Pull from my local machine using this feature?
    2 – I am assuming that I can’t Push from the single site local dev back into the multisite environment

  • smutek

    You guys are like mad scientist witch doctors. Wow! Keep up the awesome! 🙂

  • What’s the use-case for the WP-CLI Export Subcommand? I have never worked with the CLI addon but the command seems to export an SQL file. Can I just import that via `mysql -u username -ppassword databasename < filename.sql` on my target installation?

    • Yes, spot on. Just be sure to use the –find and –replace options to replicate the find/replace rules you would normally setup in the UI.

  • Great work. The update is great. I like the new copy’n’paste option to the find and replace field. This might seem small but is a nice detail feature. I like it 🙂

  • Multisite addon: does it export only the users + usermeta that were assigned to the specific subsite or the full table with everybody on the network?

    • In this first version all users are kept in the users tables, but the site specific usermeta records are filtered to records for the exported subsite only.

      • Thanks. Looking forward to the user filtering, at which point I’ll hit the buy button. Definitely blog about it when it lands so I don’t miss it.

      • Heya. 4 months later – what’s the latest update on this Multisite addon feature?

      • I’m also interested in knowing roadmap info for getting wp-cli based “single site -> subsite” import functionality.