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Syncing WordPress Database Changes Between Environments: How We Handle Merging in 2021

Database synchronization is a problem that still gets raised almost every month in the local WordPress communities I’m part of – “if I am making changes to my local site,…


Jul 13, 2021

The Ultimate Developer’s Guide to the WordPress Database

Here at Delicious Brains we eat, drink and sleep databases. However, we believe that any developer working with WordPress should have some level of knowledge about the database that sits…


Jun 3, 2020

Creating a Custom Table with PHP in WordPress

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a custom table in WordPress or why you would ever want or need to? WordPress comes with many different ways to…

Evan Mattson

Sep 12, 2017

Managing Custom Tables in WordPress

Once upon a time I tried to build a theme and plugin store into the WordPress dashboard. Kind of like iTunes for WordPress. I called it WP App Store. Long…


Sep 8, 2015

Remotely Backup Your WordPress Database and Media with WP Migrate DB Pro CLI

Keeping regular backups of your WordPress installs is arguably one of the most important things you should be doing after you launch a site. In fact, if you search for…


Jun 3, 2015

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WordPress XML Export/Import vs. WP Migrate DB Pro

We’ve been asked this question a few times now, “Why should I invest in WP Migrate DB Pro when WordPress itself has a readily available export feature.” It’s a great…


Jul 2, 2013

Level Up

WP Migrate DB Pro: Change the table prefix on migration?

Sebastian Green asks a great question in the comments of my last blog post: “Improvement: Message to warn the user that the table prefixes differ between installs and instructions to…


May 28, 2013