DigitalOcean Spaces CDN Setup

This article assumes that you’ve already set up a DigitalOcean Spaces bucket (Space) and followed the steps within our DigitalOcean Spaces Quick Start Guide.

Your DigitalOcean Spaces bucket can be set up to also act as a CDN for no extra cost.

It does however have a couple of shortcomings at the moment, you can only have one custom subdomain per Space, and to use the free Let’s Encrypt certificates for HTTPS you need to manage the primary domain via DigitalOcean’s DNS service.

Want to use more than one custom domain with your media on DigitalOcean Spaces? Check out our guide for using KeyCDN.

However, if that’s not a concern, it’s just a few steps to enable the built in Spaces CDN and switch WP Offload Media to use it.

  1. Move Domain to DigitalOcean
  2. Enable CDN on Space
  3. Update WP Offload Media’s Settings

Move Domain to DigitalOcean

In this guide we’re going to set up our CDN to use a free Let’s Encrypt certificate, so first we need to move our domain to DigitalOcean.

If you’re not bothered about using a custom subdomain for the CDN, are providing your own HTTPS certificate, or have already moved your domain to DigitalOcean’s DNS service, please skip ahead to the Enable CDN on Space section.

Go to the “Domains” tab of the “Networking” section in the DigitalOcean Control Panel.

Here you can add your domain to the “Enter domain” box, select the project it’s part of if using projects, and then click the “Add Domain” button.

Add domain to DigitalOcean DNS

You can now see the DigitalOcean DNS name servers you need to use at your domain registrar.

Domain added to DigitalOcean DNS

Login to your domain registrar and update your domain name with the name servers that DigitalOcean gave you. DigitalOcean has an excellent guide for how to do that at a variety of popular domain registrars, but here’s what I did for, registered via Google Domains.

Set domain's nameservers to point to DigitalOcean

Please note that when moving a domain to another DNS provider, you must also re-create any DNS entries at the new provider (in this case, DigitalOcean). For example, I created an “A” record for as well as a “CNAME” for

Creating a CNAME DNS entry at DigitalOcean

Enable CDN on Space

Go to the Settings for the bucket inside your DigitalOcean account, found under the bucket’s “More” dropdown link in the Control Panel’s Spaces page.

DigitalOcean Spaces bucket settings from Spaces list

You can also access a Space’s settings while browsing its files.

DigitalOcean Spaces bucket settings from Space

Click the “Edit” button alongside the “CDN (Content Delivery Network)” setting.

DigitalOcean Spaces edit CDN option

Enable the CDN with the “Enable CDN” button.

DigitalOcean Spaces enable CDN

At this point you can optionally select an existing subdomain for the CDN, or add a new certificate and subdomain. We haven’t set up any certificates yet, so we’re going to pick “+ Add a new subdomain certificate”.

DigitalOcean Spaces add new subdomain certificate for CDN

We can now generate a certificate for the subdomain we want to use for the CDN, with DigitalOcean taking care of creating the necessary DNS entries too.

  1. Select the primary domain that is being managed with DigitalOcean’s DNS service.
  2. Select an existing subdomain or enter the new one (just the first bit of the name is needed without a “.”).
  3. Enter a simple name for the certificate in case you need to use it elsewhere in DigitalOcean.
  4. Click the “Generate Certificate and Use Subdomain” button.

DigitalOcean Spaces generate certificate for CDN subdomain

Then make sure to “Save”.

DigitalOcean Spaces save CDN option

You’re now finished with DigitalOcean’s Control Panel.

Update WP Offload Media’s Settings

Now that you have a working CDN for your Space, switch over to WP Offload Media’s settings, click the “Change” link next to the Delivery Provider name that should say “DigitalOcean Spaces”.

WP Offload Media's settings page showing DigitalOcean Spaces Delivery Provider and Change link highlighted

From the list of Delivery Providers, select “DigitalOcean Spaces CDN”, then click the Save Delivery Provider button.

Choosing DigitalOcean Spaces CDN as Delivery Provider

turn on the “Custom Domain (CNAME)” setting and enter the custom subdomain.

The “Custom Domain (CNAME)” field doesn’t take full URLs, it just needs the domain name.

Save custom subdomain setting for DigitalOcean Spaces in WP Offload Media

Once you click WP Offload Media’s “Save Changes” button your site will start using the DigitalOcean Spaces CDN for serving your media.