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Introducing the All-New Assets Pull Addon for WP Offload S3

We’re very excited to introduce you to the all-new Assets Pull addon for WP Offload S3. It’s a completely new plugin, written from scratch using a different approach, and intended… Read more

Evan Mattson

Nov 20, 2017

Assets Addon 1.2 for WP Offload S3 Released

Another awesome iteration of the Assets addon has arrived. In version 1.2, we’ve redesigned part of the UI to fix some of the things that have been irritating us. For… Read more


Jul 27, 2016

WP Offload S3 1.1 Released

Today is release day for WP Offload S3 and with it comes some new features and some changes. The free edition of the plugin has been renamed to “WP Offload… Read more

Iain Poulson

Mar 8, 2016

Assets Addon 1.1 for WP Offload S3 Released

We’ve added minification and gzip options to the Assets addon, allowing you to boost your PageSpeed score from a C to an A.


Feb 4, 2016

WP Offload S3 0.9.7 & Pro Upgrade 1.0.2 Released with 3 New Addons

We don’t usually do a blog post for a minor release, but this is a massive minor release and deserves some attention. Although we haven’t added any new features to… Read more


Oct 27, 2015