WP Offload S3 0.9.7 & Pro Upgrade 1.0.2 Released with 3 New Addons

By Brad Touesnard, Founder & CEO

We don’t usually do a blog post for a minor release, but this is a massive minor release and deserves some attention. Although we haven’t added any new features to warrant a major version bump, we’ve still done a lot to improve the product, fixing bugs, improving compatibility with third-party plugins, etc. Check out the changelogs for exactly what’s been done:

Compatibility Addons

Although we’ve greatly improved compatibility with most third-party plugins, there are some third-party plugins that need some further integration. We’ve been getting lots of support requests about this since we launched.

In the last release, we started adding integration code into our core plugin. The advantage was that it would just work. No need to install an addon. But we soon realized that this wasn’t scalable. Some integrations would require quite a lot of code. We realized that putting third-party plugin integration code into addons would be better for a few of reasons:

  • Keep the pro upgrade code lean
  • Show a commitment to working with certain third-party plugins
  • Make complex integrations available only with higher priced licenses

We’ve been getting lots of support requests concerning compatibility with the WPML, Enable Media Replace, and Meta Slider plugins. They are all very popular, so we decided to build addons for these plugins during this release.

WPML Addon

Integrates WP Offload S3 with the WPML plugin and the WPML Media module. Adds support for translating attachments that have been uploaded to S3.

Meta Slider Addon

Adds support for using images that have been removed from the server in your slider. It also rewrites the URLs for slide images to S3.

Enable Media Replace Addon

Adds support for the “just replacing the file” option when the original has been removed from the server. It also supports finding and replacing S3 URL links in your content when you choose the “Replace the file, use new file name and update all links” option. This was previously part of the pro upgrade plugin, so if you rely on the integration you will now need to install the addon.

Addon Availability

If you already have a Gold license or better, you already have access to all of these new addons. Otherwise, you should check our pricing page to see which addons are included with your license. We don’t sell addons separately.

More Addons Coming

We do plan to add more compatibility addons soon. We’ve been getting quite a few support requests for NextGen Gallery compatibility, so we’ll be working on that shortly. Obviously we can’t build an addon for every third-party plugin out there, so we are encouraging plugin developers to integrate their plugin with WP Offload S3 themselves.

About the Author

Brad Touesnard Founder & CEO

As founder of Delicious Brains Inc, Brad has worn many hats. He now spends most of his time managing the product teams and growing the business. Before starting this company, Brad was a freelance web developer, specializing in front-end development.